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Libru Lontra / The Otter Book

The Progenitor Kristang Dictionary

The Libru Lontra or Otter Book consolidates the Kristang language as it is spoken in the present time in 2024 in the Republic of Singapore, updating it for modern, revitalised and psychoemotionally healthy and functional use. It supersedes the Kodrah Kristang Online Dictionary, which was last updated in 2020.

This is always an ever-expanding work, especially since all Kristang speakers to create new words and/or recognise new words created by other speakers of Kristang. Hence, please drop me an email at if you have a word or spelling or meaning not listed here or in any of the existing lexicographical material.
LASt UPDATED 13 paskras 2024

How words are organised

Words are organised in alphabetical order using their most common orthographic form as it appears in Merlionsman material, with words with multiple common orthographic forms being listed under each common orthographic form. Each word is presented in Kristang in bold font, followed by its pronunciation in [square brackets] (gradually being added), word class, a simple gloss in English and the works it appears in in abbreviated form, also in [square brackets]. Separate headwords are given for proper names derived from common names (e.g. splanada for any esplanade or promenade, Splanada for Esplanade MRT station (CC3)). Word class abbreviations are listed below.

ad. adjetibu / palskripsang. adjective and/or adverb.
aff. palganchu. affix.
byd. tempu ultra. beyond-meta tense-mood-aspect / fourth tense-mood-aspect.
col. tempu konkizu. colonised tense-mood-aspect / thirteenth tense-mood-aspect.
conj. konjuntibu. conjunction.
cur. tempu atiming. current tense-mood-aspect / seventh tense-mood-aspect.
decol. tempu reivindi. decolonising tense-mood-aspect / fifteenth tense-mood-aspect.

det. palabanda. determiner.
ely. tempu elisi. elysial tense-mood-aspect / twelfth tense-mood-aspect.

excl. palgritu. exclamation or interjection.
ftd. tempu destinu. fated tense-mood-aspect / eighth tense-mood-aspect.

fut. tempu futura. future tense-mood-aspect / second tense-mood-aspect.

indg. tempu biranenzu. reindigenised tense-mood-aspect / fourteenth tense-mood-aspect

haf. tempu vinduru. hereafter tense-mood-aspect / sixth tense-mood-aspect.

heav. tempu seulestu. celestial tense-mood-aspect / tenth tense-mood-aspect.

hell. tempu infernu infernal tense-mood-aspect / ninth tense-mood-aspect.

krio. tempu krioluzi. creolising tense-mood-aspect / sixteenth tense-mood-aspect.

n. palnomi. noun.
neg. baletoza. negator.

q. palguntu. question word.

prep. palabanda. preposition.
pmo. tempu akuah. primordial tense-mood-aspect / fifth tense-mood-aspect.

prog. tempu agora. present / progressive tense-mood-aspect / third tense-mood-aspect.
pron. pronomi. pronoun.

purg. tempu purgatoriu. purgatorial tense-mood-aspect / eleventh tense-mood-aspect.

pst. tempu pasadu. past tense-mood-aspect / first tense-mood-aspect.

siu. palganchu. S.I. unit prefix or suffix.
tma. hentakasa. tense-mood-aspect particle.

v. palaksang. verb.

#c10. nanamba. cardinal number, base-10.
#c12. lusembra. cardinal number, base-12.

#c16. diseides. cardinal number, base-16.

#o10. nanamba. ordinal number, base-10.

#o12. lusembra. ordinal number, base-12.

#o16. diseides. ordinal number, base-16.

1sg. bista riska ungguanza. first-person singular.

1pl. bista riska dosdosu. first-person plural.

2sg. bista sipila ungguanza. second-person singular.

2pl. bista sipila dosdosu. second-person plural.

3sg. bista spasu ungguanza. third-person singular.

3pl. bista spasu dosdosu. third-person plural.
4sg. bista tempu 
ungguanza. fourth-person singular.
4pl. bista tempu 
dosdosu. fourth-person plural.

5sg. bista fortuna ungguanza. fifth-person singular.

5pl. bista fortuna dosdosu. fifth-person plural.

6sg. bista emagu ungguanza. sixth-person singular.

6pl. bista emagu dosdosu. sixth-person plural.

7sg. bista forsa ungguanza. seventh-person singular.

7pl. bista forsa dosdosu. seventh-person plural.
8sg. bista propisi ungguanza. eighth-person singular.
8pl. bista propisi 
dosdosu. eighth-person plural.

9sg. bista dodobra ungguanza. ninth-person singular.

9pl. bista dodobra dosdosu. ninth-person plural.

10sg. bista ozimandang ungguanza. tenth-person singular.

10pl. bista ozimandang dosdosu. tenth-person plural.

11sg. bista aguenta ungguanza. eleventh-person singular.

11pl. bista aguenta dosdosu. eleventh-person plural.
12sg. bista kontrontru ungguanza. twelfth-person singular.
12pl. bista kontrontru 
dosdosu. twelfth-person plural.

13sg. bista pindura ungguanza. thirteenth-person singular.

13pl. bista pindura dosdosu. thirteenth-person plural.

14sg. bista mandelonza ungguanza. fourteenth-person singular.

14pl. bista mandelonza dosdosu. fourteenth-person plural.

15sg. bista repostu ungguanza. fifteenth-person singular.

15pl. bista repostu dosdosu. fifteenth-person plural.
16sg. bista kombrundung ungguanza. sixteenth-person singular.
16pl. bista kombrundung 
dosdosu. sixteenth-person plural.

Abbreviations for other works where headwords can be found are listed below:

B&DS. A Dictionary of Kristang, by Alan Norman Baxter & Patrick de Silva (2004).
CBSD. Commemorative Bahasa Serani Dictionary, by Joan Margaret Marbeck (2012).

DAC. D'Albuquerque's Children, by Margaret Sarkissian (2000).

JKK(-ii). Jardinggu Kodrah Kristang (2017-2019, 2022-present).
JMCC. Jardinggu Merlionsman Coaching & Consulting (2022-present).
KBKV. Kabesakevlar / Kevlarhead (2022-present).

KMM. Kristang MRT map (2022).

KP. Kristang Phrasebook, by Joan Margaret Marbeck (2004).

KPT. Pristang Periodic Table (2022).

MPMC. My People, My Country by Bernard Sta Maria (1982).
-ngs. credit unknown, please contact if creator/originator.
OB-nnn. Orange Book Chapter nnn (2022-present).

OBFRM. Orange Book Front Matter (2022-present).
PC-ii. Personal communication with another Kristang speaker.

S&Z1. The Eurasian Heritage Dictionary, by Valerie Scully & Catherine Zuzarte, 1st ed. (2004).

S&Z2. The Eurasian Heritage Dictionary, by Valerie Scully & Catherine Zuzarte, 2nd ed. (2017).

TsCp-nnn. Tigri sa Chang, poem nnn (2023-present).

UA. Ungua Adansa, by Joan Margaret Marbeck (1995).

-d. derived from that work.

Beneath each letter name are the International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciations generally associated with it in backward slashes. As Kristang is polynomic, the pronunciation of each written letter depends on its place in the word, the person's family and place of origin, and their preferred writing conventions. Data for the IPA is primarily based on Baxter 1988, Hancock 2009 and Pillai, Chan & Baxter 2015, as well as 2016 and 2023 fieldwork related to Kodrah Kristang.

a / adra
/a/ or /ə/

abadah. v. to habitualise [JMCC].
abadang. ad. habitual [JMCC].
abafa. n. snare, trap [OB186].

abafah. n. to ensnare [OB186].
abakati. n. avocado [JKK].

abamintu, abimintu. n. 1. furniture 2. tool [B&DS].
Abaminteru. n. Archetype 247 in the Osura Pesuasang, Resourcer [OB213].

abana. n. fan [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

abanah, abenah. v. to fan [B&DS, S&Z1].

abelya. n. bee [S&Z1].

Abelyanti. n. Archetype 475 in the Osura Pesuasang, Swarmer [OB484].

abenida, avenida. n. avenue [OB014].

Abenida Seseidu, Avenida Seseidu. n. Sixth Avenue (DT7) [KMM].

aberteng. n. the element of francium (atomic number 87) [KPT].

abentra. n. adventure [JKK].

abentrador. n. adventurer [JKK].

abertu, abetu. ad. open [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

abertura. n. opening, gap [B&DS].
. n. migrant (gender neutral) [JMCC].

abifadera. n. migrant (female) [JMCC].
abifador. n. migrant (male) [JMCC].
abifah, avifah
. v. to migrate [JMCC].
abifamintu. n. migration [JMCC].

abizu. n. invitation [S&Z1].

abizah. v. invite [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

abizu, abiza. n. invitation [B&DS, S&Z1].

aboh, abok. n. grandparent [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

aboh banda femi. n. maternal grandparent [B&DS].

aboh banda machu. n. paternal grandparent [B&DS].
abralmah. v. to let others move within one’s own psyche as if it were their own [OB043].

abrasah, abasah, abresah. v. to hug, cuddle, embrace [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Abrasah Largumbes. n. Stage 11 in the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Greatest Embrace [OB240].
abrasang. n. embrace [OB038].
Abrasang Fortuna. n. Stage 15 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Embrace of Destiny [OB038].
Abrasang Fundeza. n. Hectatetracontatetrad 7 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Embrace of the Deep [OB453].
Abrastamenza. n. the end of the fifteenth mundansa of humanity (31 January 2023 CE) [JMCC].
abrisu, abriseu. ad. heavy (weather only) [S&Z1].

abrih. v. 1. to open, to unlock. 2. to switch on. 3. to bloom. 4. to start, to open [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Abrih Aza. n. Stage 34 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Spreading of Wings [OB047].
abridor. n. opener [S&Z1].
Abridor. n. Archetype 282 in the Osura Pesuasang, Unsealer [OB268].
Abrih Porporta. n. Stage 71 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Opening of the Gates [OB460].
absumi, absiumi. ad. devouring (out of jealousy, envy) 

absumih. v. to devour, to consume, to connect any point in the universe to the void, the sunken place, one’s inner hell [OB043].
abuador. n. pilot (male) [JKK].

abuadora. n. pilot (female) [JKK].

abuadorang. n. pilot (gender neutral) [JKK-d].

abuadu. ad. mischevious, badly behaved [B&DS].

abuah. v. to fly [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Abuanonsu. n. Archetype 450 in the Osura Pesuasang, Autopilot [OB481].

Abundanti. n. Archetype 467 in the Osura Pesuasang, Munificer [OB483].

aburadu. n/ad. 1. patient (in a hospital) 2. very sick [B&DS, JKK].
Achaderu. n. Archetype 346 in the Osura Pesuasang, Inheritor [OB356].

achah. v. 1. to get, to receive 2. to manage to [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Achamintu Destinu. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 9 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Retrieval of Destiny [JMCC].

achar. n. achar [B&DS, S&Z1].

adatah, adaptah. v. to adapt [S&Z1].
Adavenjang. n. Archetype 320 in the Osura Pesuasang, Polymath [OB272].
adeka, adeta. n. adaptation [OB033].
adeus, adios. excl. goodbye (lit. for/to God) (formal farewell) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

adi. n. duck [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
aditung. n/ad. apudessive (grammatical case) [OB266].

adjetibu, adjectivu. n. adjective [CBSD].

adoi. excl. oh my / yikes / ouch / oh my gosh [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

adoradu. adorable [B&DS].
adorah. to adore, to worship [B&DS, S&Z1].

adorasang. n. adoration, worship [B&DS, S&Z1].

adotah, adoptah. v. to adopt [S&Z1].

adra. n. 1. the letter A/a. 2. A / La on the Western chromatic scale [OBo18, OB036].

adra basu. n. A flat on the Western chromatic scale [OB036].

adra riba. n. A sharp on the Western chromatic scale [OB036].
adrazang. n. alphabet, writing system [OB018].

adreh, ardeh. ad. 1. spicy 2. pungent [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

adukasang. n. 1. education 2. upbringing [B&DS, CBSD].

adultu. n. adult [S&Z1].

adverbu. n. adverb [CBSD].
aeroportu, aeroporta. n. airport [CBSD, S&Z1].
Aeroportu Chengal, Aeroporta Chengal. n. Changi Airport (CG2/TE32/CR1) [KMM].
aeza, ieza. n/ad. transient, transience [JMCC].

Afamosa. n. Archetype 190 in the Osura Pesuasang, Scenestealer [OB181].
afesang. n. affection [B&DS].

afiang. n. opium [B&DS].
afingganda. n/ad. inevitable, inevitability [OB184].

afisi, afeisi, afesang. ad/n. affinity, romantic orientation [OB031].

afisi miu. ad/n. demiromantic (person) (afisi / romantic orientation) [OB031].

afisi sinza. ad/n. grayromantic (person) (afisi / romantic orientation) [OB031].

aformah, afomah. v. to match [B&DS].

aforsah, forsah. v. to force, to compel [B&DS].

afotu. ad. bold, forward [B&DS].

afrada. ad. discouraged [OB195-d].

afradah. v. to discourage [OB195].

afradamintu. n. discouragement [OB195-d].

Afrontah Makara. n. Stage 27 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Challenge of the Makara [OB040].

afrontah. v. 1. to challenge, to confront. 2. to match [B&DS].
afrontasang. n. challenge, confrontation, resistance [OB184].

aga. n. estimate, guess [S&Z1].

agah, agak. v. to estimate, to guess [CBSD, S&Z1].

agar-agar. n. agar-agar [CBSD, S&Z1].
agora. ad/n. 1. now. 2. The present [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

agrabadu. ad. 1. annoying 2. lazy [JKK, S&Z1].

agrabah. v. 1. to annoy, to disturb 2. to laze, to be lazy 3. to be paralysed, to be unable to move [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Agregador. n. Archetype 443 in the Osura Pesuasang, Assembler [OB424].

agu. n. 1. water. 2. liquid [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Agu di Bida. n. Duodecad 8 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Water of Life [OB403].

Agu di Pedra. n. Stage 206 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Water from the Rock [OB202].

Agu Krismatra. n. Stage 36 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dreaming Waters [OB047].
agu kuspi. n. spray fountain [JKK].
agu mizadu. n. spray fountain [JKK].

aguada, aguadu. ad. 1. watery 2. liquid [B&D, S&Z1].

agudu. ad. 1. acute (angle, triangle etc.). 2. keen, shrewd 2. sharp, pointed, piercing [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
aguenta. n. resilience, resistance 

aguentah, guentah. v. to bear, to endure, to tolerate, to resist, to withstand [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

aguentastal. n. The element of gadolinium (atomic number 64) [KPT].

agula, argula. n. 1. needle. 2. hand of a clock. 3. pointer. [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

agulinya, argulinya. n. earrings, earring [CBSD, S&Z1].

agungonstal. n. The element of tennessine (atomic number 93) [KPT].

agurestu, aguresta. ad. watery, weak [B&DS].
agutulu. n. reservoir [JKK].

Agutulu Pandan. n. Pandan Reservoir (JE7) [KMM].

Agutulu Tambor. n. Bedok Reservoir (DT30) [KMM].
aguvensa. n. impermeability [OB034].
aiedi. ad/n/v. to restore, to edify, restoration, edification, restorative, edifying [OB194].
aieli. n/ad. reflex (geometry, trigonometry) [OB263].

aigi. n. green (road name, as in Buangkok Green) [OB014].
Aigi Iludi. n. Stage 358 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Elusive Grove [OB377].

ainansa. ad/n. Hainanese (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].
aindang. n/ad. ablative (grammatical case) [OB266].
aindel. n. infinity [OB403-d].
Aindeleru. n. Archetype 449 in the Osura Pesuasang, Infiniteer [OB481].
aindelu. ad. infinite [OB403].
ainos. n. aevum of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB016].

aiyoh. excl. oh god, sigh [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

aising. n. icing [S&Z1].

ajienda. n. flood [DAC].
Ajiendador. n. Archetype 141 in the Osura Pesuasang, Floodwatcher [OB154].

ajudamintu. n. aid, assistance, help, support [B&DS].

ajudasang. n. aid, assistance, help, support [B&DS].
ajuderang. n/ad. adjacent (geometry, trigonometry) [OB263].

ajudu, ajuda. n. aid, assistance, help, support [B&DS].
ajundelya. ad. logarithm base 2 [OB258].
ajundenza. ad. squared (exponentiated to the power of 2) [OB258].

ajundra. n. (space-time) dimension [OB021].
Ajundra Alabanda. n. Stage 318 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dimensions Of It All [OB304].
Ajundra Krismatra. n. Stage 92 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Dimension [OB140].
ajundusku. ad. square root of [OB258].

ajusta. n. adjustment, refinement [OB033].

Ajustador. n. Archetype 170 in the Osura Pesuasang, Maximiser [OB177].

ajustadu. ad. adjusted [OB185].

akekauzu, akeh kauzu. conj. because of that, therefore [B&DS].

akeli, akeh. det. that, those [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
akiang. ad/n. Hakka (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC]

akili. ad/n. transgender male (person) (jenta / gender) [OB031].

akiura. n/ad. type of xamandra and/or ego-pattern (Type II) in the Osura Pesuasang [OB029].
akleh, atkleh, akledeh, atkledeh. v. to take off, to undress, to disrobe [JMCC].

akontisimentu. n. event, encounter [CBSD].

akri-dosi. ad. sweet and sour, bitter sweet [CBSD].

aksang. n. action, gesture [B&DS].

aksara. ad/n. Javanese (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].
akti(t)-. aff. siu. atto- / 10^-18 [OBo15].

aktor. n. actor, actress [JKK].

akuah. ad. ancient [S&Z1].
Akuah sa Fogu. n. Stage 332 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Fire of the Ancients [OB370].

alabanda. over there at an indeterminate location [B&DS].

Alabanda. n. Stage 72 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Farthest Shore [OB137].
Alabanda Intresmiu. n. Stage 492 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Place Over There In Between [OB498].
Alabanda Kadafogu. n. Stage 140 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, That Place of All Fires [OB472].
Alabanda Krismatra. n. Stage 377 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Everywhere [OB382].

Alabanda sa Soloh. n. Stage 192 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Valley Beyond [OB182].

alabrada. n. labyrinth [OB137].

Alabrada. n. Stage 71 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Labyrinth [OB137].

alamak. excl. an expression of surprise, Mother of God [S&Z1].

alameda. n. walk (road name, as in Nanyang Walk) [OB014].

alamortinah. v. to (over)compartmentalise, to run away from trauma [OB189].
alantra. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the otter) (formal farewell in Singapore) [OB028].

albi. n. 1. plant, shrub. 2. tree [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Albiferu. n. Tampines (EW2/DT32) [KMM].

Albiferu Lesti. n. Tampines East (DT33) [KMM].

Albiferu Notri. n. Tampines North (CR6) [KMM].

Albiferu Westi. n. Tampines West (DT31) [KMM].

Alebah. Hong Kah (JS4) [KMM].

alebemstal. n. The element of terbium (atomic number 65) [KPT].

alebadang. n. entertainer (gender neutral) [JKK-d].

alebador. n. entertainer (male) [JKK].

alebadora. n. entertainer (female) [JKK].

alebadu. ad. puzzled [B&DS].

alebah, alebrah. v. 1. to entertain. 2. to treat. 3. to serve [B&DS, S&Z1].

alebamezi. n. television [JKK].
alebru, alebrua. n. busker (gender neutral) [JKK-ngs]

alegra. n. enjoyment [S&Z1].

alegrah. v. to enjoy oneself, to be glad, to rejoice [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

alegri. ad. happy [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

alegria. n. happiness [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Alegria sa Fortidang. n. Stage 417 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Courage of Happiness [OB429].

aleiya. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the lion) (formal farewell in Singapore) [OB028].

aleji. n. allergy [JKK].
alerta. ad. resounding [OB184].

Alethiomezi Krismatra. n. Stage 81 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Compass [OB139].

alethiomezi. n. alethiometer [OB139].

aletra. n/ad. 1. knowledge, (highest) truth, veracity. 2. to do with the thirteenth mundansa of humanity (31 January 2023 CE) [OB114].

aletramera. n. knowability [OB194].

Aletros. n. No equivalent in English. Tesarang 13 in the Osura Spektala [OB393].​
n. alley (road name, as in Change Alley) [OB014].

alfada abresah. n. bolster [S&Z1].

alfada. n. 1. pillow 2. loaf (classifier for bread) [B&DS1, CBSD, S&Z1].

alfaia, alfaya, alfaiat, alfayat. n. tailor [S&Z1].

alfanti. n. elephant [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

alfiniti. n. pin [B&DS].

algomesu, agomesu, algumesu. conj/ad. immediately, right now [B&DS, S&Z1].

algozu. ad/n. loitering, tramp, layabout (gender neutral) [S&Z1].

algudang. n. cotton [B&DS].
alkandra. n. evolution, transcendence, transformation 

aliada. n/ad. 1. party, social gathering 2. merry [B&DS, S&Z1].
aliadang. n. reveller (gender neutral) [OB203].
aliadera, aliadora. n. reveller (female) [OB203].
aliador. n. reveller (male, gender neutral) [OB203].
Aliaderu. n. Archetype 210 in the Osura Pesuasang, Reveller [OB203].
alikali. conj. somewhat, around there [OB253].
alistadang. n. registrant (gender neutral) [JKK-d].

alistador. n. registrant (male) [JKK].

alistadora. n. registrant (female) [JKK].

alistah. v. to register [JKK].

alistasang. n. registration [JKK].

Alkanang. n. person belonging to the Makarareidra Class II eleidi, consisting primarily of Singaporean students from EJC 21-I4, 21-O2 and 21-O4 who acquired knowledge of the Osura Pesuasang in its second / classroom phase (i.e. between February 2021 and 31 August 2022) [OB415].
alkandral. n/ad. transcendental [OB258].
alkandranti. n. supercharger, catalyst, motivator (person) (gender neutral) [OB177].
Alkandranti. n. Archetype 174 in the Osura Pesuasang, Supercharger [OB177].
Alkansa Altu. n. Tai Seng (CC11) [KMM].

Alkansa di Bontadi. n. Teck Lee (PW2) [KMM].

alkansadu. n. benefit, gain, profit [B&DS].

alkansah. v. 1. to achieve, to attain 2. to benefit, to succeed [B&DS].

alkartidansa. n. emboldability [OB195].

alkimbi. n. transformation [OB109].
Alkimianti. n. Archetype 339 in the Osura Pesuasang, Alchemist [OB355].

Alkimibiyeru. n. Magnaarchetype 10 in the Osura Pesuasang and Roda Mundansa, Sorcerer Supreme [OB108].
Alkrestador. n. Archetype 393 in the Osura Pesuasang, Accelerator [OB417].
alkrestah. v. to accelerate [OB403-d].
alkrestamezi. n. accelerator [OB403-d].
Alkrestamezi Piatra Impopu. n. Duodecad 10 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Irrational Particle Accelerator [OB403].
alkrestamintu. n. acceleration [OB403-d].

alkubiterang. n. matchmaker (gender neutral), sex worker [B&DS-d, CBSD-d, S&Z1-d].

alkubitera. n. matchmaker (female), prostitute [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

alkubiteru. n. matchmaker (male), pimp, gigolo [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

alma. n. 1. soul 2. spirit [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Alma Fundeza. n. Stage 5 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Soul of the Deep [OB037].
Alma Helang. n. Stage 4 in the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Eagle-Eyed Soul [OB239].

Alma Limpu. n. Elias (CP2) [KMM].
Alma Ozempria. n. Duodecad 4 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Timeless Child [OB403].
Alma Reinyosu. n. Stage 47 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Soul of Legend [OB390].

Almantas. n. the month of November [OB005].

almari. n. cupboard [B&DS, S&Z1].
almofada. n. cushion [S&Z1].

almonda. n. almond [S&Z1].
almozu. n. lunch [JKK].

aloh, aluh. v. 1. to brush aside 2. to drive away [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

aloka. n. allocation [S&Z1].

alokah. v. to allocate [S&Z1].

aloleng. n. light, lantern, streetlight [B&DS].
Aloleng Kaminyu. n. Stage 324 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Lighting of the Ways [OB369].
Alolenggeru, Alolengeru. n. Archetype 164 in the Osura Pesuasang, Lamplighter [OB175].
Alredapicheru. n. Archetype 372 in the Osura Pesuasang, Encloser [OB359].
alredefreng. n/ad. antepenultimate, propenultimate, peripenultimate [OB402].

alsu. a. free (no cost) [B&DS].
altandu. ad. upper [OB014].

alteza. ad/n. 1. haughty, boastful, haughtiness, boastfulness 2. height [B&DS].

altori, letori. n. shrine, altar, house altar [CBSD, S&Z1].

altu. a. 1. tall. 2. loud. 3. proud [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

altubasu, altu basu. ad. undulating, uneven [B&DS].
altura. n. 1. direction. 2. height. 3. level. [B&DS, S&Z1].

Altura. n. Renjong (SW8) [KMM].
Altura Splendeza. n. Stage 44 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Splendid Direction [OB390].

alturas. n. avenue [OB014].
alturansa. n. alethionavigation / life coaching [OB006].
Alturiong. n. Archetype 457 in the Osura Pesuasang, Hyperion [OB482].
Alturu. n. Archetype 54 in the Osura Pesuasang, Penghulu [OB086].

alu. n. garlic [B&DS, S&Z1].

alua. n. enjoyment [B&DS].

aluadu. ad. enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable [JKK].

alvu, alvo. n. target, focus [S&Z1].
Alvu Bistilumira. n. Stage 117 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Arrow of the Stars [OB143].

ama. n. germ, louse, tick [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

amah. n. maid, servant [B&DS, S&Z1].

amastimah, amimah. v. to take good care of, to pamper [B&DS].

amatra. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the sea, to the ocean) (formal farewell) [OB028].

amatra adastra. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the sea and stars) (formal farewell) [OB028].

amatra ave leitra. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the lion, dragon and otter / to the past, the present and the future of Singapore) (formal farewell) [OB028].

amba. n. 1. slave. 2. servant [B&DS].
ambigu. n/ad. ambiguous, ambiguity [OB230].

ambila, ambiler. n. ambila [B&DS, S&Z1].
ambroseu. n. beautiful non-binary person [OB404].
ambrugah. v. to collapse (a folding chair etc.), to store (as a contingency) [OB195-d].
ambrugansa. n. collapsability [OB195].

Amdur. n. the continent of South America [OB030].

amdura. ad/n. South American (person), belonging to the continent of South America (female) [OB030].

amduri. ad/n. South American (person), belonging to the continent of South America (gender neutral) [OB030].

amduru. ad/n. South American (person), belonging to the continent of South America (male) [OB030].

amendoa. n. almond [CBSD].

amiang. ad/n. tomorrow [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Amiang sa Fabula. n. Stage 115 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Legends of Tomorrow [OB143].

amigang. n. lover, sexual partner (gender neutral) [B&DS-d].

amiga. n. lover, sexual partner (female) [B&DS].

amigu. n. lover, sexual partner (male) [B&DS].

amis. n. fishy smell [B&DS, CBSD].

amizadi. n. friendship [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

amogarera. n. wildability [OB195].

amoku. n/ad. noise, noisy [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Amoku Pertumbes. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 11 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Closest Abandon [JMCC].

amor, amur. n/v. love, to love [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Amor Destinu. n. Stage 287 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Love of Fate [OB300].
Amor di Chua. n. Duodecad 55 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Love of Rain [OB451].
Amor Impegra. n. Stage 392 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Invincible Love [OB425].

Amor Matra Bibiendu. n. Hectatetracontatetrad 18 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Love of the Living Ocean [OB453].

Amor Mundansa. n. Stage 109 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Love of World Movement [OB467].
Amor Valientra. n. Stage 9 in the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Love of the Valiant [OB240].

amorozu, amurozu, amarozu. n/ad. 1. a lover 2. affectionate, loving [S&Z1].

amostra. n. model, design, pattern, specimen, sample [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Amostra Berdadi. n. Stage 329 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Model of Truth [OB370].

amostradang. n. presenter (gender neutral) [JKK-d].

amostrador. n. presenter (male) [JKK].

amostradora. n. presenter (female) [JKK].

ampamiang. n/ad. tomorrow morning [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ampas, ampus. n. dregs [B&DS, S&Z1].

ampeh. n. jellyfish [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Ampliaderu. n. Archetype 270 in the Osura Pesuasang, Magnifier [OB265].

ampliah. v. 1. to zoom, to magnify 2. to amplify [JKK].

ampliamezi. n. microscope [JKK].
amplianza. n. amplificability [OB192].
amputra. n. lepton [OB228].

anching. ad/v. to smell of urine [S&Z1].

anchoh. v. to crumble, to shatter [S&Z1].

anchoradu. ad. crumbled, shattered, broken to small pieces [S&Z1].

anchong. n. small pickle jar [S&Z1].

anda. ad/conj. about, approximately [B&DS].

andada. n/prep. 1. doings, goings-on 2. amongst 3. considering [B&DS].

andadura. n. behaviour, gait [B&DS].

andah. v. to walk [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

andamintu. n. 1. attitude. 2. doing. 3. strategy, plan [B&DS].

andasang. n. 1. behaviour, character, mannerisms 2. Way of walking [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Andasang di Bafu. n. Stage 442 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Behaviour of Air [OB432].
Andasoneru. n. Archetype 119 in the Osura Pesuasang, Dreamwalker [OB106].
andesing. conj. otherwise [OB242].

andia. n. anxiety [B&DS].

andor. n. bier, litter, palanquin [B&DS].
Andor. n. Fourteenth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB043].
andriya. n. queue [OB402].

Andromedang. n. Archetype 184 in the Osura Pesuasang, Andromedan [OB179].

andurinyu. n. swallow [B&DS].
aneimel. ad/conj. plausible, possible, it is possible that [OB195].
aneimeleng. n. plausibility [OB195].

anela. n. ring [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Anela. n. Sixteenth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB043].
anggali. n. the element of gallium (atomic number 31) [KPT].
anggrisi. n. the element of germanium (atomic number 32) [KPT].
angkagu. n. the element of hydrogen (atomic number 1) [KPT].
angkara, angkera. ad/n. Cambodian (person, culture, language, nationality etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].
angkora. n. website [OB051].

angkoza. n. 1. thing [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Angkoza Anyutu. n. Stage 228 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Things That Come In [OB215].

Angkoza di Anoti. n. Stage 163 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Things in the Dark [OB176].

angkoza duru. n. hardware [OB051].

angkoza moli. n. software [OB051].
angkradang. n. champion, MVP, etc. (gender neutral) [OB107].
angkradora. n. champion, MVP, etc. (female) [OB107].
angkrador. n. champion, MVP, etc. (male) [OB107].
Angkrador. n. Archetype 124 in the Osura Pesuasang, Champion [OB107].

angkrah. v. 1. to anchor, 2. to take refuge [B&DS].

angkru, ankora. n. anchor [B&DS, S&Z1].
Angkru. n. Zeroth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [JMCC].

angkulus. n. 1. ancilla. 2. ancilla of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB016].

anglo. n. charcoal stove [S&Z1].

angulu. n. angle [S&Z1].

anibersariu. n. anniversary [S&Z1].

animal. n. animal [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
animega. n. megafauna, very large (sentient) animal [OB030].

animos, An. n. D on the Krismatran chromatic scale [OB036].

Animos. n. fourth day of the week in the Krismatran calendar [OB027].

animu. n/ad. brave, courageous, bravery, courage [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Animu. n. Archetype 4 in the Osura Pesuasang, Animator [OB155].

Animu Aletra. n. Stage 110 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Bravest Truths [OB142].

Animu Trimih. n. Stage 54 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Trembling Encouragement [OB454].
Animumeza. n. Archetype 461 in the Osura Pesuasang, Energeticist [OB482].

animundeza. n. pertinacity, tenacity [OB185].

anju. n. angel [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Anju Krismatra. n. Stage 406 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Angel [OB427].

anjules. n. angelus [S&Z1].

anona aria. n. custard apple [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

anona. n. soursop [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
anosta, Matra Anosta. n/ad. (referring to) the Atlantic Ocean [OB030].

anoti, anuti. n. night [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Anoti Miu Veru. n. Stage 311 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Midsummer Night's Dream [OB303].

ansana. n. angsana [B&DS].
ansestri. n. ancestry [S&Z1].

ansia. n/v/ad. to be frightened, fear, scared [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ansiadadi. n. anxiety, fear [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ansiadu, ansiadadu. ad. anxious [B&DS, CBSD, JKK, S&Z1].
antaiyang. n/ad. adelative (grammatical case) [OB266].

antepasadu. n/ad. ancestor, forebear, ancestral [S&Z1].
antezang. n/ad. precedent, predecessor (person) (gender neutral) [OB153].
Antezang. n. Archetype 133 in the Osura Pesuasang, Precedent [OB153].
Antezang Morti. n. Stage 78 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Death Precedent [OB461].

antiggel. n. the element of molybdenum (atomic number 42) [KPT].

antigu. ad. ancient [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
antikitera. n. artifact [OB166].
Antikitera. n. Stage 131 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Unanticipated Artifact [OB166].
antikulah. v. to curate [OB093-d].

antikuleru. n. curator (gender neutral) [OB093].

Antikuleru. n. Archetype 72 in the Osura Pesuasang, Curator [OB093].

antiming. ad. before [B&DS].

antimintu. ad. before [B&DS].
antimong. n. the element of antimony (atomic number 51) [KPT].

antipastu. n. starter, antipasto, entree, hors d'oeuvre [S&Z1].

antis, anti. ad/conj. before, prior to [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Antisenderu. n. Archetype 218 in the Osura Pesuasang, Preemptivator [OB207].

anu. n. 1. age. 2. year. 3. birthday [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

anu andah. n. non-leap year = 365.25 days [OB027].

anu pulu. n. leap year = 366 days [OB027].

anu rodamundu (AR). n. years since the Konkizabida in base-16 in the Krismatran calendar.

anumfra. n. wormhole [OB032].
Anumfra Prumiru. n. Stage 261 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The First Wormhole [OB260].

anumsa. n. 1. likelihood, probability. 2. alternate universe, alternate timeline [OB021].

anumbes, anambes. ad/conj. maybe, perhaps [B&DS].

anunsiadang. n. announcer (gender neutral) [S&Z1-d].

anunsiadora. n. announcer (female) [S&Z1-d].

anunsiador. n. announcer (male) [S&Z1].

anunsah, anunsiah. v. to announce [S&Z1].

anurah. v. to reconcile [OB193-d].

anuranjang. n. reconciliation [OB193].
anutra, Matra Anutra. n/ad. (referring to) the Pacific Ocean [OB030].
anyajeng. n. sackcloth [KMM].

anyagru. ad/#o12. forty-seventh in base-12 (= fifty-fifth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyalu. ad/#o12. forty-eighth in base-12 (= fifty-sixth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyangu. ad/#o12. forty-ninth in base-12 (= fifty-seventh in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyanyu. ad/#o12. forty-fourth in base-12 (= fifty-second in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyentu. ad/#o12. forty in base-12 (= forty-eighth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyieru. ad/#o12. forty-first in base-12 (= forty-ninth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyil. ad. indigo, dark blue [OB019].

anyindru. ad/#o12. forty-alphenth in base-12 (= fifty-eighth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyintu. ad/#o12. forty-braventh in base-12 (= fifty-ninth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyondru. ad/#o12. forty-second in base-12 (= fiftieth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyortru. ad/#o12. forty-fifth in base-12 (= fifty-third in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyovu. ad/#o12. forty-sixth in base-12 (= fifty-fourth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyu. #c12. the number four in base-12 [OBFRM].
Anyudra. n. the continent of Antarctica [OB030].

anyumu. ad/#o12. forty-third in base-12 (= fifty-first in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyundu. ad/#o12. fourth in base-12 [OBFRM].

anyunta anyu. #c12. the number forty-four in base-12 (= fifty-two in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta fortrel. #c12. the number forty-five in base-12 (= fifty-three in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta hieru. #c12. the number forty-one in base-12 (= forty-nine in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta indral. #c12. the number forty-alpha in base-12 (= fifty-eight in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta lumya. #c12. the number forty-three in base-12 (= fifty-one in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta ostang. #c12. the number forty-nine in base-12 (= fifty-seven in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta sinta. #c12. the number forty-bravo in base-12 (= fifty-nine in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta sovi. #c12. the number forty-six in base-12 (= fifty-four in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta vala. #c12. the number forty-eight in base-12 (= fifty-six in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta vondrong. #c12. the number forty-two in base-12 (= fifty in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta xagra. #c12. the number forty-seven in base-12 (= fifty-five in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunta. #c12. the number forty in base-12 (= forty-eight in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyunzi. #c12. the number fourteen in base-12 (= sixteen in base-10) [OBFRM].

anyut, anyutu. v/ad. to float, floating, adrift [B&DS, CBSD].
Anyutereru. n. Archetype 228 in the Osura Pesuasang, Drifter [OB211].

anyuzdu. ad/#o12. fourteenth in base-12 (= sixteenth in base-10) [OBFRM].

anzola, anzol, anzul. n. hook [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Anzola. n. Bencoolen (DT21) [KMM].
anzolnu. n. comma (,) [OB018].

apanyah. v. to receive something unpleasant [B&DS].
apapoitu. ad. modern, trendy, up to date [B&DS].
Apapoitu. n. Tan Kah Kee (DT8) [KMM].
apapoitamintu. n. appropriateness [OB185].

apelta. n. apple tart, apple pie [S&Z1].

apel. n. apple [S&Z1].

apetitu. n. 1. appetite 2. desire, will [B&DS].

apom-baleh. n. coconut pancake [CBSD, S&Z1].

apostah, apustah. v. to bet, to wager [B&DS].

apostrofu. n. apostrophe [CBSD].

apostu, aposta. n. bet, wager [B&DS].

apostulu. n. apostle [B&DS].
Apoyador. n. Archetype 255 in the Osura Pesuasang, Reinforcer [OB214].

apoyu. n. support [B&DS].

apropriadu. ad. appropriate, suitable [CBSD].

Aquariu. n. Aquarius [OB010].

ar. n. air [B&DS, S&Z1].

arafing. ad. conceited, miserly [JKK].
Arajineru. n. Archetype 383 in the Osura Pesuasang, Prototyper [OB360].

arami. n. wire [S&Z1].
arampang. n/ad. vocative (grammatical case) [OB266].

arang. n/ad. 1. genitive (grammatical case). 2. charcoal [CBSD, OB266, S&Z1].

ardansa, adanza, adransa, adansah. n. heritage, inheritance [B&DS, S&Z1].

Ardansa Birada. n. Stage 104 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Living Legend [OB141].
Ardansa Stra Kriseh. n. Stage 107 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Neverending Heritage [OB466].

Ardansa Xameza. n. Stage 3 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Flame of the Forest [OB037].

ardanseza. n. inheritability [OB188].

ardidu. ad. burnt, sunburnt [B&DS].

areh-bareh. ad. stormy, windswept [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

areka. n. betelnut [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
arena. n. sand, sands [KMM].
Arena Anumsa. n. Stage 478 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Sands of Possibility [OB494].

Arena Kortadu. n. Potong Pasir (NE10) [KMM].

Arena Kumpridu. n. Pasir Panjang (CC26) [KMM].
Arena Lagri. n. Stage 330 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Sands of Tears [OB370].

Arena Razgadu. n. Pasir Ris (EW1/CP1/CR5) [KMM].
Arena Razgadu Lesti. n. Pasir Ris East (CR4) [KMM].

Arenjador. n. Archetype 154 in the Osura Pesuasang, Arranger [OB173].

arenjah, aranjah. v. 1. to arrange 2. to organize 3. to tidy up [B&DS, S&Z1].

arenjamintu. n. 1. appointment 2. arrangement 3. organisation [CBSD, B&DS, S&Z1].

arenti-parenti. n. parents and kin [B&DS].

argila. n. clay [S&Z1].

Argila Krismatra. n. Stage 24 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dreaming Gold [OB039].

argola. n. rowlock, mooring ring, loop [B&DS].

Argola. n. Eighth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB032].

argos. n. 1. ark. 2. ark of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB016].

aria moska. n. sandfly [S&Z1].

aria. n. sand, soil [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ariadu, bariadu. ad. hurried, rushed, panicking, flustered [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ariadu-bariadu. ad. in a confused state [CBSD].

ariah. v. to follow the current [B&DS].
arimera, harimera, harimara. ad/n. Malaysian (person, culture, nationality etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].

aris. n. rope [B&DS].

aris-beris. n. garnish [S&Z1].

arikadisa. n. conveyability [OB193].
arikah. v. to convey, to broadcast, to communicate [OB193-d].
Arkibanti, Arkivanti. n. Archetype 438 in the Osura Pesuasang, Archivist [OB423].

arkivah, arkibah. v. archive, file away [JKK].

arkivamintu, arkibamintu. n. documentation [JKK].

arkivu, arkibu. n. file [JKK].
Arkivu Alabanda, Arkibu Alabanda. n. Stage 438 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Archive Over There [OB431].

arku. n. 1. arc, arch. 2. bow (as in bow and arrow) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

arkubispu. n. archbishop [S&Z1].

arkuchua. n. rainbow [CBSD].
arkuri. ad. poly (wenza / sexuality) (afisi / romantic orientation) [OB031].

arkuris, arkuiris. n/ad. rainbow (object and colour) [B&DS].
Arkuris Eleganzambes. n. Stage 508 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Most Elegant Rainbow [OB502].

Arkuris Krismatra. n. Stage 60 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dreaming Rainbow [OB050].
arkuristal. n. the element of iridium (atomic number 77) [KPT].

armada. n. army, navy, fleet [JKK, S&Z1].

Armada. n. Admiralty (NS9) [KMM].
Armada Bibiendu. n. Stage 86 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Fleet of the Living [OB463].

armadang. n. instigator, troublemaker (gender neutral) [B&DS].
. n. admiral (female) [OB086].
armadamerang. n. admiral (gender neutral) [OB086].
armadameru. n. admiral (male) [OB086].

Armadameru. n. Archetype 52 in the Osura Pesuasang, Laksamana [OB086].

armadera. n. instigator, troublemaker (female) [B&DS].

armador. n. instigator, troublemaker (male) [B&DS].

armadu. ad. threatening [B&DS].

armah. v. 1. to arm, to arm oneself.f 2. to incite, to instigate [B&DS].

armamintu, armasang. n. 1. instigation. 2. intense argument [B&DS].

armas, armasang. n. weapon, weaponry [B&DS].

armi. n. army [S&Z1].

arneadu. ad. badly brought up [B&DS].

arnegah, aruegah. v. to flatter or praise a child to an unhealthy degree [B&DS, S&Z1].

aros. n. rice [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Aros Muladu. n. Bras Basah (CC2) [KMM].
aroyu. n. stream [S&Z1]. 

artapah. v. to take the root of [OB258].
artapal, atapal, artapel, atapel. n. potato [B&DS].

artapaza. n. root extraction (mathematics only) [OB258].

arti, atri. ad. cunning, shrewd, skillful [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

artifisiu, atifisiu. ad. artificial [B&DS].
artisang. n. artisan, artificer [OB181].

Artisang. n. Archetype 188 in the Osura Pesuasang, Artificer [OB181].

aruda. n. aruda [B&DS, S&Z1].

arugamayang. n/ad. lative (grammatical case) [OB266].

arvantra, karyong okluzu. n. human chromsome 21 [OB035].

arvavensa. n. reinforcement [OB034].
Arzakeru. n. Archetype 445 in the Osura Pesuasang, Untetherer [OB424].

as. n. ace, (in card game) [B&DS].

asadu. ad. 1. roasted 2. baked 3. grilled [B&DS].

asah. v. 1. to bake 2. to roast 3. to grill [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

asal. ad/conj. as long as, while, firstly [CBSD].

asam sinting. n. assam sinting [S&Z1].

asasinu. n. assassin, killer, murderer [S&Z1].
Asedaira. n. Archetype 110 in the Osura Pesuasang, Truthsayer [OB104].

Asedeh Fiel. n. Stage 168 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Fateful Concord [OB176].

aseides. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the sixteenth) (formal farewell, for times of difficulty) [OB028].

asensang. n. ascension [S&Z1].

asedeh, sedeh. v. 1. to acede, to agree 2. to accept. 3. to consent [B&DS].
Asenaderu. n. Archetype 299 in the Osura Pesuasang, Signaller [OB270].

asenti, assenti. ad. 1. purposely 2. in a pretend manner [B&DS].

asentih, assentih. v. 1. to tease [S&Z1]

asentidang. n. joker, teaser (gender neutral) [B&DS-d, S&Z1-d].

asentidera, assentidera. n. joker, teaser (female) [B&DS, S&Z1].

asentidor, assentidor. n. joker, teaser (male) [B&DS, S&Z1].

asentu. ad. 1. decent, modest 2. neat, tidy 3. proper [B&DS].

asenu. n. sign, signal, symbol [B&DS].

Asenu Alkandra. n. Stage 141 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Signs of Life [OB169].

Asenu di Tudu. n. Stage 185 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The People's Choice [OB182].
Asenu Fortuna. n. Stage 122 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Sign of Fortune [OB469].

Asenu Maliduensa. n. Stage 38 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Fire in the Sky [OB047].
Asenu Onsong. n. Stage 401 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Sign of Itself [OB427].

aserkah. conj. about (estimates only), approximately [S&Z1].

asi ki teng. excl. fancy that, just imagine [S&Z1].

asih. conj. hence, such, thus [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

asimesu. conj. therefore, thus, hence, like so [B&DS].

asisaja. conj. as soon as [B&DS].

asilaya, aslaya, selaya. conj. 1. as if [B&DS].

asimilamintu. n. homogenisation [OB190-d].

asimilarah. v. to homogenise [OB190].

asinadu. n. 1. signature 2. consent [B&DS, S&Z1].

asinah. v. to sign [B&DS].

asistih, sistih. v. to attend, to be present [B&DS].

askelpiang. n. autonomy [OB109].

askung. n. glove [JKK].

Aslos. n/ad. Aslian, Orang Asli [OB226].

asnera. n. nuisance [B&DS].

asniah. v. to fool around [JKK].

asombreh. v. to petrify [OB187-d].

asombri. ad. petrifying [OB187].

asorti. ad/conj. like this, in this way [CBSD, S&Z1].

aspa. ad. sore, (of throat) [B&DS].

aspirah. v. to breathe [CBSD].
asra. n. gram (g) [OB015].

astah. excl. here it is [B&DS].

astantu. ad. so much [B&DS].
astara. n. apartment block [OB014].

astrang. ad. 1. rude, rudely 2. force [B&DS, S&Z1].

astrelah. ad. big, large [S&Z1].

asunta. n. assumption [B&DS].

atadi, atardi. n/ad. 1. afternoon 2. evening [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ataka. n. attack [OB185].

atakah, atrakah. v. to attack [B&DS].

atapah. n/excl. 1. exclamation 2. oh my [CBSD].

atena. ad/n. transgender female (person) (jenta / gender) [OB031].

atensia. n. attention [S&Z1].

atenuah. v. to debilitate, to weaken [OB184].

ati, ateh, anteh, anti. conj/prep. 1. until 2. while, as long as, so long as [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

ati logu. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. until next time) [OB028].

atimintu, atemintu. conj. 1. as well as 2. as long as 3. at this moment [B&DS].

atindeh, atendeh, atendah. v. 1. to attend. 2. to wait on, to entertain. 3. to assist [B&DS, S&Z1].

atlanteza. n. upthrust [OB191].

atoridadi, aturidadi, artudadi, artodadi. n. authority [B&DS].

atorizah. v. to authorize, to permit [B&DS].

atorizasang. n. authorization, permission [B&DS].

atrebidu, atrubida. ad. audacious, bold, insolent [B&DS].

atrevesadu, trevesadu. ad. squint-eyed [B&DS].

atriu. n. hall [JKK].

atu. conj. or [B&DS].

aturah. v. to beat, to defeat, to outdo [B&DS].
audianti. n. spectator (gender neutral) [OB203].
Audianti. n. Archetype 212 in the Osura Pesuasang, Spectator [OB203].
Augiera. n. Archetype 304 in the Osura Pesuasang, Oracle [OB270].
Augiera Krismatra. n. Stage 304 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Oracle [OB302].

aula. n. 1. attap 2. class [CBSD, S&Z1].
aureliang. n. unshakeable, indomitable (person) (gender neutral) [OB199].

Aureliang. n. Archetype 194 in the Osura Pesuasang, Unshakeable [OB199].

aurora. ad/n. 1. male-to-female (person) (jenis / biological sex). 2. dawn [OB031].
auru. n/ad. no equivalent in English. Goldenly, radiantly and timelessly drowsy; soft and glowy; the “just woke up” feeling and vibe [OB596].

ausadris. n. address [OB014].
ausmaitu. n. bouncer (gender neutral) [OB203].

Ausmaitu. n. Archetype 214 in the Osura Pesuasang, Bouncer [OB203].

autah. v. to bluff, to lie [S&Z1].

auta, autak. n. bluff [CBSD].

authentiku. ad. authentic [S&Z1].

automatiku. ad. automatic [S&Z1].

autor. n. author [S&Z1].
avahanah, vahanah. v. to memorise, to learn by rote [JMCC].
avananti, vananti. n. memoriser, rote-learner (gender neutral) [JMCC].

avatrah. v. no equivalent in English. to use the fourth function of the psyche, to temporarily and intentionally ‘cede (a scalable amount of) control’ of oneself psychoemotionally to an eleidi/collective in a healthy manner [OB205].

avedra. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. for/to the dragon) (formal farewell in Singapore) [OB028].

aveia, aveya. n. oat [S&Z1].

avela. n. hazelnut [S&Z1].
aveliyu, avelu. ad. later, in a while [JMCC].
avestedra. n. avatar [OB211].
Avestedra. n. Archetype 232 in the Osura Pesuasang, Avatar [OB211].
Avestedra Krismatra. n. Stage 232 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Avatar [OB215].

avesu. conj/ad/v/n. 1. opposite, to be opposite, on the other hand 2. reverse, to reverse [S&Z1].

aviang. n. aeroplane [CBSD].
aviastra. n. air force [JMCC].

ayah. n. maid , servant, cleaner [S&Z1].

ayuta, ayutara. ad/n. Thai (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral); ayutara emphasising nationality [JMCC].

aza. n. 1. wing. 2. fin [B&DS, S&Z1].

Aza Elisi. n. Stage 91 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Elysial Wings [OB464].

Aza Haliastra. n. Duodecad 48 and hectatetracontatetrad 4 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Wings of the Dauntless [OB450].
Aza Iridesa. n. Stage 140 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Radiant Wings [OB169].
Aza Osura. n. Stage 407 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Scaffold Wings [OB427].

azar, azah. n. bad luck , misfortune [CBSD, S&Z1].

azatra. n. gravity [JKK].

azatrah. v. to download [OB051].
azatramintu. n. download [OB051].
azatumu. n. graviton [OB228].

azbiru. n. confusion, fuss [B&DS].

azedu. ad. sour [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

azeti. n. oil [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
azetiya. n. acid [KPT].

azetiadu. ad. oily [B&DS, S&Z1].

azinyah. v. to walk hurriedly [B&DS].
azotru. n. the element of nitrogen (atomic number 7) [KPT].

azul. n/ad. blue [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

azuladu. ad. 1. bluish 2. blue-black [B&DS, S&Z1].

azulberi. n. blueberry [JKK].

azuleju. n. blue glazed tile [S&Z1].

azulmarinyu. n/ad. navy blue [CBSD].

azulurung. n. the element of indium (atomic number 49) [KPT].

b / bali

/b/ or /v/

ba, baba. n. 1. lad 2. term of address for elder brother 3. term of address for eldest male family member 4. young man. [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

babdu. ad. 1. dumb-founded, shocked 2. drowsy, intoxicated [CBSD, S&Z1].

babu. n. saliva, spit, dribble [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bakalau, bakaliau. n. codfish [S&Z1].

bachol. n/ad. coward, cowardly [S&Z1].

badizeh. v. to contain one's anger or temper [B&DS].

bafadu. ad. 1. breathless 2. steamed [B&DS, S&Z1].

bafah. v. 1. steam, steamed 2. To choke with anger [B&DS, S&Z1].

bafamintu. n. rage, state of seething [B&DS].

bafau. n/v. 1. asthma 2. cough, to cough [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bafu. n. breath, steam, gas [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bafu onsong. n. noble gas [KPT].

Bafu-Bafu Onsong. n. Group 18 of the Periodic Table [KPT].

bafudus. n. body odour [CBSD].

bagah, bagar. v/ad. slow, to slow [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z].

bagareza. n/ad. slow, slowness, slowcoach [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
bagenchi. n. division sign (/ or ÷) [OB258].
bagenza. n. division  [OB258].

bagih. v. 1. to divide (mathematical) 2. to distribute, to share [B&DS, CBSD, JKK].

bagos. n. 1. divagation. 2. divagation of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB016].

bagri. n. soldier catfish [B&DS].

bagu. n. grain, (of cereal) [B&DS].

bai. v. to go [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bai kung Beng. n. Stage 305 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Coming and Going [OB303].
Baikurang. n. Archetype 269 in the Osura Pesuasang, Rewinder [OB265].

bairu. n. 1. village 2. neighbourhood, district [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baisikal, bisikal. n. bicycle [B&DS, CBSD].

baiyang. n. reflection [S&Z1].

baizikamintu. n. modificability [OB187].

baja. pron. 14sg. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the imperceptible environment as if that environment and the ego are the same and speak to a direct object or entity [OB206].
baka. n/ad. 1. cow 2. buff, fertile, sexy (person) (gender neutral) [OB404].[B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baka-boi, bakaboi. n. strong, hefty person [CBSD].

bakah. n. breed, stock, lineage [B&DS].

bakuah. v. 1. to sneak out, squeeze out, walk out unnoticed 2. to squeeze in [B&DS].

bala. n. beam, pillar [B&DS].

baladang. n. dancer (gender neutral) [B&DS-d, S&Z1-d].

baladera. n. dancer (female) [B&DS, S&Z1].

balador. n. dancer (male) [B&DS, S&Z1].

balah. v. to dance [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

balansa, balansu, balanser. n. 1. balance 2. (balancing) scale. 3. Leftovers, remnants [B&DS].

balansah. v. 1. to balance. 2. to weigh with a balance [B&DS, S&Z1].

balas. n/v/ad. to take revenge, to hit back, revenge, vengeful [S&Z1].

baldi, bali. n. bucket [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baldiah, baliah. v. 1. to bail (remove water from) 2. To bathe [B&DS].

balia, balor. n/v/ad. 1. worth, to be worth, worthy, worthwhile. 2. to be dependable, dependable [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baleh, balek. n. problem [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baleh-baleh. n. wooden plank bed with no mattress [S&Z1].

baletoh. v. 1. to overturn, topple. 2. to turn over [CBSD, S&Z1].

baletoza. n. negating tense-mood-aspect particle [OB210].

baleu, baleo, baleo-baleo. n. 1. workbench 2. a timber platform attached to part of a house. 3. woodenwash-stand, verandah seats. 4. openair kitchen sink with attached draining board [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

baleya, balena. n. whale [JKK].

bali. n. 1. the letter B/b. 2. B / Ti on the Western chromatic scale [OB036]. [OBo18].

bali basu. n. B flat on the Western chromatic scale [OB036].

baliza. n. location, place, landmark [B&DS].

balma. ad/n. No equivalent in English. (once) special, unique, but lost to time, decaying, fading grandeur [JKK-YWY].

Balreiran. the dwarf planet Sedna [OB017].

balu. n. dance [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Balu Eternu. n. Duodecad 43 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Eternal Dance [OB450].
Balu Kronomatra. n. Stage 76 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dance of Time [OB138].
Balu Otonu. n. Stage 307 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Pillar of Autumn [OB303].
Balupedrenti. n. Archetype 487 in the Osura Pesuasang, Stonedancer [OB485].

bamba. n. bomb, pump [B&DS].

bambu. n. bamboo [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
bamlang. ad/n. Hokkien (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].

banang. ad. low class, crude, uneducated [CBSD].
Bananti. n. Archetype 238 in the Osura Pesuasang, Announcer [OB212].

banchoh. v. to shuffle [S&Z1].

banda. n/ad. 1. place, area. 2. neighbourhood. 3. side. 4. side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang 5. band, music band. [B&DS, CBSD, OB016, S&Z1].

Banda Agula. n. Compassvale (SE1) [KMM].

Banda Brengbreng. n. Serangoon (NE12/CC13) [KMM].

Banda Brengbreng Notri. n. Serangoon North (CR9) [KMM].

Banda Bugis. n. Bugis (EW12/DT14) [KMM].

Banda Dhobi. n. Dhoby Ghaut (NS24/NE6/CC1) [KMM].

Banda Kenti. n. Somerset (NS23) [KMM].

Banda Lagu Kantukasang. n. Jurong Lake District (CR19) [KMM].

Banda Matu. n. Woodlands (NS9) [KMM].

Banda Matu Notri. n. Woodlands North (TE1) [KMM].

Banda Matu Sul. n. Woodlands South (TE3) [KMM].

Banda Pedrabata. n. Brickland (NS3A) [KMM].

Banda Samamya. n. Fernvale (SW5) [KMM].

bandala. n. satchel [B&DS].
Bandananti. n. Archetype 223 in the Osura Pesuasang, Sidewinder [OB207].

bandeira, bandera. n. banner, streamer, flag [B&DS, CBSD, JKK, S&Z1].

Bandeira Krismatra. n. Stage 132 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Standard [OB166].

Bandereiru. n. Archetype 132 in the Osura Pesuasang, Flagbearer [OB153].

bandeza. n. platter, tray [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Bandeza Latang. n. Loyang (CR3) [KMM].

bangalu. n. bungalow [CBSD].

banggang. n. fool [CBSD].

bangku. n. 1. seat, stool, bench. 2. cutting board [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bangkuang. n. yam bean [S&Z1].

bangsal. n. 1. shelter 2. awning, canopy, tent [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bangsal Temastra. n. Stage 234 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Time Traveller's Shelter [OB216].

banku. n. bank [CBSD, S&Z1].

banu, bandu. n. 1. news 2. announcement, ban [B&DS].
bantim, banting. n. a type of small Kristang boat [MPMC].
bapah. v. to pop [JKK-YWY].

bar. n. bar [CBSD, S&Z1].

bara. n. harbour, port [B&DS].

Bara di Agu. n. Telok Ayer (DT18) [KMM].

Bara di Rostu. n. Bayfront (DT16/CE1) [KMM].

Bara Fortuna. n. Sengkang (NE16/STC) [KMM].
Bara Hierosa. n. Stage 448 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Harbour Heroic [OB432].

Bara Kantukasang. n. Jurong Pier (JS12) [KMW].

bara kareta. n. parking area, car park, park [JKK].
Bara Krismatra. n. Stage 56 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dreaming Harbour [OB049].

Bara Marina. n. Marina Bay (NS27/TE20/CE2) [KMM].

Bara Marina Sul. n. Marina South Pier (NS28) [KMM].
Bara Osiriong. n. Stage 108 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Harbour of the Phoenix [OB466].

Bara Peskis. n. the twenty-sixth matrix of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [JMCC].

Bara Skribang. n. Clarke Quay (NE5) [KMM].

Bara Tizala. n. Telok Blangah (CC28) [KMM].

Bara Vedra. n. Singapore (lit. Dragonsharbour), especially as part of sunken Sundaland [OB029].

Baradianti. n. Harbourfront (NE1/CC29) [KMM].

barastal. n. the element of hafnium (atomic number 72) [KPT].

barastra. n. space station [JKK].
Barastrang. n. Archetype 244 in the Osura Pesuasang, Offworlder [OB213].

barata. n. cockroach [B&DS].

barateza. n/ad. cheapness, cheap, quite cheap [B&DS].

baratu. ad. cheap [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

babra, barba. n. 1. beard. 2. moustache [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bareh. v. to sweep [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bariadu, ariadu. ad. 1. distraught, worried 2. hastily [B&DS].

bariga. n. stomach [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bariga di Timinga. n. Hectatetracontatetrad 8 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Belly of the Whale [OB453].

barigang. n/ad. (a person who is) pot-bellied, pregnant [S&Z1].

barigstal. n. the element of darmstadtium (atomic number 110) [KPT].

barisah. v. to parade, march, exhibit [JKK].

barisang. n. parade [JKK].
Barisang Krismatra. n. Stage 126 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Dreaming Parade [OB469].

barku. n. boat, ship [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

barku abuah. n. aeroplane [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

barku bela, barku vela. n. sailing boat [S&Z1].

barku draku. n. dragonboat [JKK].

barku mergulah. n. submarine [JKK].

barku pairah. n. helicopter, chopper [JKK].

barku peskah. n. fishing boat [S&Z1].
Barku Valientrah. n. Stage 246 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Valiant Vessel [OB217].

baroa. n. pimp, procurer, idler [B&DS].

baroh. n. corset [CBSD, S&Z1].

baroti. n. plank, beam, rafter [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bareira. n. barrier, fence, hurdle [S&Z1].
barzinel. n/ad. bucolic, pastoral (also genre) [OB229].

barzing. n. field, paddy field [B&DS].

bas. n. bus [CBSD, S&Z1].

basah. v. 1. to lower. 2. to alight, get off. 3. demean, to humble, debase [B&DS].

baseru. ad. lower [OB014].
basbras. n/ad. no equivalent in English. a feeling of being knowingly perceived as primitive or crude but doing it anyway to sarcastically or ironically subvert expectations [OB596].

basbraza. n. subversion [OB034].
basbrazah. v. to subvert [OB034-d].

basi. ad. stale [CBSD].

basiu. n. plate [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

basiu-piring. n. crockery [S&Z1].

baskung. n. basin [JKK].

basora. n. broom [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

basoriah. v. to strike with a broom [B&DS].

basta, abasta. ad. enough, sufficient [B&DS, CBSD].

bastah. v. to stop, to call a halt to [S&Z1].

bastadu, bastardu. ad. illegitimate [S&Z1].

basu, di basu. prep. 1. under, beneath, below, underneath. 2. low, short. 3. down. [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

basupariba, basu pa riba. ad. upside down, disorderly [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Basutereru. n. Archetype 454 in the Osura Pesuasang, Undergrounder [OB481].

batang. n. stem [S&Z1].

batata. n. sweet potato [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

batedeira, bateideira. n. mixer [S&Z1].
bateh. v. 1. to strike, to beat, to hit. 2. to put in effort. 3. to drop. 4. to clap. 5. to lower sail [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bateh Granggrung. n. Stage 82 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Claps of Thunder [OB462].

batemintu, bateimintu, batimintu. n. 1. effort, care, concern. 2. responsibility. 3. preseverance [CBSD, S&Z1].

Batemintu di Bida. n. Stage 52 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Concern of Life [OB049].
Batemintu Krismatra. n. Stage 250 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Dreaming Effort [OB218].

bateis. n. small boat, canoe [S&Z1].

batidu. ad. incapacitated [B&DS].

batizadu. ad. baptized [B&DS].

batizah. v. to baptize, to christen [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

batizmu. n. baptism, christening [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

batri. n. battery, electric battery [JKK].
Batri Semenesta. n. Stage 253 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Power of the Multiverse [OB218].
Batsedador. n. Archetype 287 in the Osura Pesuasang, Unfurler [OB268].

bau. n. building, edifice [JKK].
baucheh. v. to conceal, to shroud [OB189].
Baucherang. n. Archetype 283 in the Osura Pesuasang, Cloakmaker [OB268].

bauchi. n. shawl, shroud [B&DS].

Bauchi. n. Keppel (CC30) [KMM].
Bauchi. n. Thirteenth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB043].

Bauchi Skuridang. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 7 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Veil of Darkness [JMCC].

bauduh. n. 1. fool. 2. henpecked husband [B&DS].
baumostra. n. exhibition centre, exhibition area [KMM].

Baumostra. n. Expo (CG1/DT35) [KMM].

bawi. ad/n. Boyanese (person, languge, culture, etc. ) (gender neutral) [JMCC].

bayam, bayang. n. Chinese spinach, a leafy vegetable with broad oval leaves [S&Z1].

baza. n. 1. result. 2. card of nine, other than the trump card in the trumps game known as jogu manila [B&DS, CBSD].

bazah. v/ad. 1. to pour 2. complete 3. to be to no avail [B&DS, CBSD].

bazamintu. n. competition [CBSD].

bazanti. ad. outgoing (tide) [B&DS].

bazar grandi. n. supermarket [S&Z1].

bazar. n. market [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bazidu. ad. empty [B&DS].

bebdu. ad. 1. giddy. 2. drunk [B&DS, S&Z1].

bebedor. n. drinker, one who drinks alcoholic beverages habitually or in excess [B&DS].

bebeh. v. to drink [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bebeh pra Sempri. n. Stage 459 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Eternal Drink [OB490].

beberang. n. drunkard [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

beberansa. n. drink [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bechah, becha. n. rickshaw, trishaw [CBSD, S&Z1].

bedah. n. powder [CBSD, S&Z1].

bedrengu. n. the element of chlorine (atomic number 17) [KPT].

bedri, berdi. n,a. green [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

beginsel. n. principle [OB033].

beijah. n. adoration, veneration [S&Z1].

beinet. n. bayonet [CBSD, S&Z1].

beisang, beisan. n. daughter-in-law's parents [S&Z1].

bekazadang. n. developer (gender neutral) [JMCC].
bekazadera. n. developer (female) [JMCC].
bekazador. n. developer (male) [JMCC].
bekazah. v. to develop [JMCC].

bekaza. n. development [JMCC].
bekazamintu. n. development (JMCC].

bekembah. n. twin, twins [S&Z1].

bekredah, becredak, bekredak. ad/v. 1. to be without money, to be unable to afford simple luxuries. 2. dirty [PC-BP/TP, S&Z1].

bela dopa. n. black pomfret [CBSD, S&Z1].

bela kapa, bela kapang. n. jib-sail [B&DS].

bela. n/ad. 1. old, elder 2. old female person. 3. sail [S&Z1].

Bela. n. Sixth side or dimension of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB032].

bela-belu. n. elder [S&Z1].

Bela di Barku. n. Layar (SW6) [KMM].
Belakas. n. Leo / The fifth constellation (winged horse) in the Kristang Zodiac [OB023, OB024].

belangah. n. claypot for cooking curries [CBSD, S&Z1].
belekarnansa. n. embodiability [OB195].

beles. pron. 6sg. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the perspective of another entity or object in reality as if the entity/object and the ego are the same and speaking to a direct entity or object [OB206].

beleza. n. beauty [B&DS].
Beleza Reinyosu. n. Stage 511 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Beauty of Legend [OB502].
belkereru. n. no equivalent in English. Archetype 5 in the Osura Spektala [OB237].
Belkeris. n. fifth month of the year in the Krismatran calendar [OB027].

beliaku. n. lecherous old person [B&DS].

belianti. n. precious stone [B&DS].

belimbing. n. belimbing [CBSD].

belosida. n. expressway [OB014].

belu kabelu. ad. very old man [S&Z1].

belu. n/ad. 1. old, elder 2. old male or gender-neutral person. 3. sail [S&Z1].

bemfetu, bemfeta, bengfeta. ad/n. handsome, beautiful, pretty (person) [B&DS, S&Z1].

bendedang. n. hawker, seller (gender neutral) [B&DS-d].

bendedor. n. hawker, seller (male) [B&DS].

bendedora, bendedera, bendora. n. hawker, seller (female) [B&DS].

bendeh. v. to sell [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bendi. n. lady finger, okra [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

beneta. ad/n. 1. good-humoured, good-natured (person). 2. mood [B&DS, S&Z1].

bengoras, beng oras. ad/conj. sometimes [B&DS].

beng tona. v. to come again, to return [B&DS].

beng. v. to come [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
benggara, benggala. ad/n. Bengali (person, language, culture, etc.) (gender neutral) [JMCC].

bengintrah. v. to welcome [CBSD].

bensen, bensa, besner. n/ad. blessing, blessed [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bensuadu. ad. blessed [B&DS, S&Z1].
Bensuadu. n. Archetype 61 in the Osura Pesuasang, Blessed [OB087].

bensuah, bensah, benzeh. v. to bless [B&DS, S&Z1].
bensutu. pron. 6pl. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the perspective of another entity or object in reality as if the entity/object and the ego are the same and speaking to a direct entity or object [OB206].

bentoza. ad. quality of food causing flatulence [B&DS].

bentravensa. n. preparedness [OB034].

bentu. n. 1. wind, breeze. 2. season [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bentu di Morti. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 24 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Reaping Whirlwind [JMCC].
Bentu Invernu. n. Stage 310 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Winds of Winter [OB303].
Bentukurenti. n. Archetype 482 in the Osura Pesuasang, Windrusher [OB485].
Bentuvenseru. n. Archetype 275 in the Osura Pesuasang, Windwarder [OB267].

benzidu. ad. blessed, hallowed [B&DS].

berasorti, bera sorti. ad. all sorts of, various kinds of [B&DS].

berah. v. to scream [B&DS].

beranda, baranda, barenda. n. terrace, veanda [B&DS, OB014].

Beranda di Mar. n. Marine Terrace (TE27) [KMM].

berdadi. n. truth [B&DS].

Berdadi Eterna. n. Stage 100 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Unconquerable Truth [OB141].
Berdadi Fineza. n. Stage 67 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Delicate Truth [OB460].

Berdadi Kadasusesu. n. Stage 197 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Truth of Every Matter [OB200].
Berdajenti. n. Archetype 415 in the Osura Pesuasang, Verdancer [OB420].

berebeh. ad. big, baggy (of clothing) [S&Z1].

bergonya, begonya. n/ad. shame, ashamed, embarassed, humiliated, dishonoured [B&DS].

bergonyuzu. n/ad. shy (person) [B&DS].

beriah. v. to caulk [B&DS].

beris. n. information, data [JMCC].
Beris Semenesta. n. Stage 293 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Data of the Multiverse [OB301].

Beriseru. n. Archetype 293 in the Osura Pesuasang, Dataminer [OB269].

bermuda. n. 1. junction. 2. interchange [OB014].
Bermuda Kadabermuda. n. Hectatetracontatetrad 17 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Crossroads of All Crossroads [OB453].
Bermudador. n. Archetype 398 in the Osura Pesuasang, Crosswalker [OB417].

bersu. n. sound, tune, melody, verse [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bersu di Kuartu. n. Stage 317 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Verses of the Four [OB304].
Bersu di Riu. n. Stage 10 in the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Verses of the River [OB240].
Bersu di Seu. n. Stage 138 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Soaring Song [OB169].

bes. n. 1. occasion, once, instance. 2. turn, number of times or turns [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bes Prumiru. n. Stage 200 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The First Time [OB200].

bespel, karyong waspadu. n. human chromsome 18 [OB035].

besprambeza. n. instantability [OB196].

besprang. n. instant [OB196-d].

besta. ad. foolish, stupid [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bestadadi. n. stupidity, foolish person, fool, idiot [B&DS].

besu. n. 1. lip. 2. rim [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

betau. n. quay [OB014].

betel. n. betel leaf [B&DS].
beu. n. veil [CBSD].

biadu. n. deer [B&DS].

Biagalya. n. the fifteenth matrix of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [JMCC].

biara. n. temple (with Sinitic architecture or origin) [JKK].

bias, biers. n. artery, vein [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bibeh. v. to live [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bibeh kung Mureh. n. Stage 312 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Living and Dying [OB303].

bibendi, bibengdi. ad/conj. very [B&DS].

bibesang. n. life [S&Z1].

bibiendisa. n. habitability [OB194].
bibiendu. ad. living, alive [OB022].
bibifi. ad. vitalising [OB022].

bibingka. n. pudding [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Bibilenggu. n. the end of the sixteenth mundansa of humanity (31 January 2023 CE) [JMCC].
biblianda. n. library [OB174].

Biblianda Bibiendu. n. Stage 154 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Living Library [OB174].
bibliang. n. librarian (gender neutral) [OB083].

Bibliang. n. Archetype 20 in the Osura Pesuasang, Librarian [OB082].

bibrinenti. n. no equivalent in English. Archetype 10 in the Osura Spektala [OB238].
Bibrini. n. Capricorn / The first constellation (binturong) in the Kristang Zodiac [OB023, OB024].

Bibriris. n. eleventh month of the year in the Krismatran calendar [OB027].

bichu. n. bug, insect [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
bida, bidra. n. existence, life [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bida Amokumbes. n. Duodecad 44 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Wildest Life [OB450].

Bida di Balor. n. Stage 218 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Life Worth Living [OB208].
Bida di Damamatu. n. Duodecad 34 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Lives of Torchwood [OB433].
Bida Lusembra. n. Stage 102 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Illuminated Life [OB141].
Bida Seng Dibeh. n. Duodecad 72 and hectatetracontatetrad 6 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Life of No Worries [OB452].

bidakisa. n. study of biology, biology [JKK].

bidakisadang. n. biologist (gender neutral) [JKK-d].

bidakisador. n. biologist (male) [JKK].

bidakisadora. n. biologist (female) [JKK].

bidal. n. undertaker [B&DS].

bidasiozu. n. troublemaker [B&DS].

biersbranku, biers brangku. n. nerves [CBSD].
bifros. n/ad. rainbow [OB109].

bigairu. n. parish priest, vicar [B&DS].

bigodi, bigode. n. moustache [B&DS, S&Z1].

bijah, bijak. ad. smart, talkative, wet and slushy [CBSD].

biji. n. seed [CBSD, S&Z1].

biku. n. 1. beak. 2. nipple. 3. spout [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biku(r)-. aff. siu. pico- / 10^-12 [OBo15].

bilalang. n. dragonfly [CBSD, S&Z1].

bilang. ad. stupid [S&Z1].

biliang. n. billion [B&DS, CBSD].

bilis. n. anchovy, whitebait [S&Z1].

biludu. n. velvet [B&DS].

binagri, vinagri. n. vinegar [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bindalu, vindalu. n. vindaloo [B&DS].

bineplas. n. court (road name, as in Seletar Court) [OB014].

bingadu. ad. angry [CBSD].

bingga(r)-. aff. siu. yotta- / 10^24 [OBo15].

binggah. v. to economize [B&DS].
binggandra. n. economy [JMCC].
binggandu. ad. effective, efficient [OB193].

binggartu. ad/#o10. twenty-fourth in base-10 [OB005].

binggula. n. binding [OB187].

binggulah. v. to bind [OB187].

bingu(d)-. aff. siu. zetta- / 10^21 [OBo15].

binguadu, bingguadu. ad/#o10. twenty-first in base-10 [OB005].

bingundu, binggundu. ad/#o10. twenty-first in base-10 [OB005].

binobu, binoibu. ad/#o10. twenty-ninth in base-10 [OB005].

binoindu. ad/#o10. twenty-eighth in base-10 [OB005].
binradu. n. cocktail [JKK-YWY].

binse(t)-. aff. siu. ronna- / 10^27 [OBo15].

binseidu. ad/#o10. twenty-sixth in base-10 [OB005].

binsetru. ad/#o10. twenty-seventh in base-10 [OB005].

bintana. n. class of branyo and matah kantiga [B&DS].

binti, vinti. #c10. the number twenty in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti dos. #c10. the number twenty-second in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti kuartu. #c10. the number twenty-four in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti ngua. #c10. the number twenty-first in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti novi. #c10. the number twenty-nine in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti oitu. #c10. the number twenty-eight in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti seis. #c10. the number twenty-six in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti seti. #c10. the number twenty-seven in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti singku. #c10. the number twenty-five in base-10 [OBFRM].

binti tres. #c10. the number twenty-three in base-10 [OBFRM].

bintingku. ad/#o10. twenty-fifth in base-10 [OB005].

bintintu. ad/#o10. twentieth in base-10 [OB005].

bintor. n. trap [B&DS].

bintreru. ad/#o10. twenty-third n base-10 [OB005].

bintura. n. appearance, character, reputation, self, destiny [B&DS, S&Z1].
binturong. n. binturong [OB023, OB024].

binyu. n. liquor [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biografia. n. biography [JKK].

biola. n. violin [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bir. n. beer [S&Z1].

bira. n. turn [OB014].

Birabaiyang. n. Archetype 486 in the Osura Pesuasang, Oscillator [OB485].

Birabringkeru. n. Archetype 441 in the Osura Pesuasang, Retroactor [OB424].

birada. n. return [B&DS].
Birada Sedu. n. Stage 244 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Early Return [OB217].
Birada Semesta. n. Stage 222 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Way the Worlds Turn [OB208].

biradu. ad/n. 1. reverse. 2. inside out [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

birah. v. 1. to return. 1. return, turn, turn over [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
birah kaza. v/n. to return home, homecoming [OB088].

Birah Prestambes. n. Stage 214 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Fastest Way Home [OB204].

Birakorseru. n. Archetype 485 in the Osura Pesuasang, Heartrestorer [OB485].

Birakronezu. n. Archetype 332 in the Osura Pesuasang, Anachronist [OB354].
biranasensa. n. reindigenisation [JMCC].
biranenzu. ad. reindigenised [OB209].

biramintu. n. fainting spell [B&DS].

Biraperdida. n. Stage 145 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Return of the Lost [OB171].
birarerang. n/ad. revertive (grammatical case) [OB266].

birasang. n. cheat [B&DS].
Biremperu. n. Archetype 444 in the Osura Pesuasang, Uprighter [OB424].

bisichah. v. to yawn [B&DS].

bisiga. n. vaccination, vaccine [B&DS, S&Z1].
Bisigakisador. n. Archetype 296 in the Osura Pesuasang, Vaccinologist [OB269].

bisigamintu. n. immunity [OB186].

bising. ad. noisy [CBSD].

biskador. n. cosplayer (male) [JKK-YWY].

biskadora. n. cosplayer (female) [JKK-YWY].

biskadorang. n. cosplayer (gender-neutral) [JKK-YWY].

biskoitu. n. biscuit [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bisol. n. boil, sore, ulcer [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bispontu. n. back-stitch [B&DS].

bispu. n. bishop [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bista. n. 1. sight, range of sight, view, vision. 2. perspective [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1, OBo14].

Bista Beneta. n. Buona Vista (EW21/CC22) [KMM].
Bista di Skutador. n. Duodecad 28 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Gaze of the Watcher [OB433].
Bista di Spantentu. n. Stage 278 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Hidden in Plain Sight [OB298].

Bista Iridesa. n. Stage 101 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Radiant Vision [OB141].
Bista Krismatra. n. Stage 57 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Dreaming Vision [OB050].
Bista Marabiya. n. Stage 75 of the Kristang Hero's Journey, The Sight Beyond Sight [OB138].
Bista Seguransa. n. Stage 131 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Vision of Safety [OB470].

Bista Sul. n. South View (BP2) [KMM].

Bista Vinduru. n. Duodecad 67 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Vision Hereafter [OB452].
Bistagadrang. n. Archetype 139 in the Osura Pesuasang, Consolidator [OB154].
Bistaporteru. n. Archetype 145 in the Osura Pesuasang, Gatewatcher [OB170].

Bistariba. n. Hillview (DT3) [KMM].

Bistarikezu. n. Archetype 57 in the Osura Pesuasang, Visionary [OB087].
Bistarikezu Valientra. n. Stage 505 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Valiant Visionary [OB502].

bistidor. n/ad. masquer, mummer, cosplayer, costumed person (male) [JKK-YWY].
Bistidor. n. Archetype 348 in the Osura Pesuasang, Masquer [OB356].

bistidora. n/ad. masquer, mummer, cosplayer, costumed person (female) [JKK-YWY].
 n/ad. masquer, mummer, cosplayer, costumed person (gender-neutral) [JKK-YWY].

bistidu. n/ad. 1. clothing, dress, garment. 2. clothed [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bistih. v. 1. to wear. 2. to use, put on [S&Z1].

bistilumira. n. galaxy [JKK].

bisu. ad. dumb [S&Z1].

bitela. n. placenta, placenta membrane [B&DS].

biuba, buiba. n. widow [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biubang, buibang. n. widowed person (gender neutral) [B&DS-d, CBSD-d, S&Z1-d].

biubu, buibu. n. widower [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biugel. n. loop [OB014].

bizaru. ad/excl. 1. bizarre. 2. imagine that, mind you 3. if you please [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biziadang, bizadang. n. 1. guard, night-watch 2. butler (gender neutral) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biziadora, bizadora. n. 1. guard, night-watch 2. butler (female) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

biziador, bizador. n. 1. guard, night-watch 2. butler (male) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
biziah, bizah. v. 1. to care for, to mind, to take care of, to watch over 2. to be careful [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bizialonzi. n. telescope [JKK].
Biziarobra. n. Archetype 434 in the Osura Pesuasang, Mischiefminder [OB423].
biziastrelu. n. astronomer (gender-neutral) [JMCC].

biziatempu. n. calendar [JKK].

bizita, vizita. n. visitor [B&DS, CBSD].

bizitah, vizitah. v. to visit [B&DS].
bizitantra. n. tourism [JMCC].

blachan, belachan. n. shrimp paste [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

blachu. n. silk [CBSD, S&Z1].

blafamadu. ad. 1. agitated. 2. troublesome [CBSD, S&Z1].

blafemah. v. 1. to curse, swear 2. to grumble, to complain [CBSD].
blai. n/ad. no equivalent in English. a feeling of tired-happiness or “being blissfully shag”, usually in spite of there being more to do; feeling happy “while in the middle of something” [OB596].

blaivendeh. n. to confirm, to cement [OB199-d].
Blaivenderu. n. Archetype 200 in the Osura Pesuasang, Irreversible [OB199].

blangah. n. claypot [CBSD, S&Z1].

blangan, buah blangan. n. chestnut [S&Z1].

blang-blang. ad. patchy [S&Z1].

blanjah. v. to treat [CBSD].

Blangkang. n. 1. the planet Venus. 2. the eighth matrix of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB004, 015].

blangkas. n. horse-shoe crab [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].​

blangkel. n. the element of vanadium (atomic number 23) [KPT].

blapoh. ad. mouldy [CBSD, S&Z1].

blau. n. indigo powder used for whitening clothes [B&DS].
Blaudrador. n. Archetype 425 in the Osura Pesuasang, Blueprinter [OB422].
blaudrah. v. to schematise, to blueprint, to plan [OB189-d].
blaudramera. n. schematisation [OB189].

bleteh. v. to complain, grumble, nag [CBSD, S&Z1].

blichi. n. 1. tin (material). 2. the element of tin (atomic number 50) [KPT].

bliksa. n. ampere (A) (S.I. unit) [OBo15].

bling-bling. n. belimbing [S&Z1].
blotleidah. v. to expose [OB192].
n. blood vessel (part of the body) [OB221].

bluda, blueda. n. bluda [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

blusa. n. shirt, blouse [CBSD, S&Z1].

boboi. n/v. 1. cradle, to cradle. 2. swing, to swing [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bobra. n. gourd, loofah, melon [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bobra gineh. n. pumpkin [B&DS].

bobu. n. 1. clown. 2. ridicule [B&DS, S&Z1].

bobubozu. ad/n. to make nonsensical, someone who makes everything nonsensical (gender neutral) [OB186].

boburia, boberia. n. foolery [B&DS, S&Z1].
bochecha. n. cheek [S&Z1].

bochi. pron. 10sg. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the perceptible environment as if that environment and the ego are the same and speak to a direct entity or object [OB206].

bochu, bocho. ad. leaky [S&Z1].

bodi. n. armpit [B&DS].

bodizah. v. to promenade [B&DS].

bodru, bordu. n/ad. 1. border, boundary, edge, limit. 2. adjacent, (to edge of something), near [B&DS].
Bodru Aindelu. n. Stage 449 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Edge of Infinity [OB489].

Bodru di Fora. n. Stage 153 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Outer Reaches [OB174].

Bodru Karang. n. Coral Edge (PE3) [KMM].
Bodrubalang. n. Archetype 504 in the Osura Pesuasang, Edgedancer [OB487].

bodrundi. n. boundedness [OB189].

bofi, bofri. n. lung [B&DS, S&Z1].

bofimdrel. n. the element of yttrium (atomic number 39) [KPT].
Bonanzanti. n. Archetype 503 in the Osura Pesuasang, Afforder [OB487].

Bondadi. n. Teck Whye (BP4) [KMM].

bogah. v. enjoy, have fun [B&DS, CBSD].

boka. n. mouth [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bokadabi. n. microphone [JKK].

bokeh, boki. n. bouquet [S&Z1].

bokras, bokaras. n. candlenut [B&DS, S&Z1].

bola. n. 1. ball. 2. testicle [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bolapesi. n. fishball [S&Z1].

bolaredi. n. netball [JKK].

bolor. ad. dirty, filthy, soiled [B&DS].

bolotu, bolotudu, boltu. pron. 2pl / you all [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bolsak. n. mattress [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bolsu, bolsa. n. 1. bag, backpack. 2. wallet, purse. 3. pocket [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Bolsu Skundidu. n. Stage 183 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Impenetrable Pocket [OB180].

bolu. n. 1. small cake. 2. sponge cake [CBSD, S&Z1].

bombah. v. 1. to bomb, to bombard. 2. tell off [B&DS].

bombali. n. 1. bummalow fish. 2. Bombay duck [B&DS].

bombarda. n. cannon [B&DS].

bombo, bombu. n. large drum [S&Z1].

bombon. n. hard sweets [CBSD].

bomoh. n. shaman [CBSD].

bomong. ad/conj. quite, quite a bit [B&DS, CBSD].

bonansa. n. gain, profit, reward [B&DS].

bonchet. n. big protruding tummy [CBSD].

bondadi. n. kindness, good will [B&DS].

boneka. n. doll [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong. ad. good [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong alkansa. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. good success) (afternoon, evening farewell) [OB028].

bong amiang. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. good tomorrow) (night farewell) [OB028].

bong anda. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. good walking, going) (noontime, afternoon farewell) [OB028].

bong anoti. excl/exp. good night (night greeting, night farewell) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong atadi, bong atardi. excl/exp. good afternoon, good evening (afternoon, evening greeting) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong midia. excl/exp. good day, good afternoon (day, afternoon greeting) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong pamiang. excl/exp. good morning (morning greeting) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bong peska. excl/exp. goodbye (lit. good fishing) (morning farewell) [OB028].

bong-bong. ad. cautiously, carefully, extremely [CBSD, S&Z1].

bongkah. v. 1. to rummage. 2. to draw out information. 3. to gossip [CBSD, S&Z1].

bongkreh. ad. bankrupt, penniless [S&Z1].

bongkriadu. ad. polite, well-mannered, well-brought up [PC].

Bongkriadu. n. Yishun (NS13) [KMM].
bonistu. n/ad. cation, cationic [OB228].

bonos. pron. 14pl. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the imperceptible environment as if that environment and the ego are the same and speak to a direct object or entity [OB206].

bontadi, bontadih. n/v. desire, wish, longing, to crave, to long for, to wish [B&DS, S&Z1].
Bontadi Augiera. n. Stage 99 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Desire of the Oracles [OB465].
Bontadi Berdadi. n. Stage 395 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The True Desire [OB426].

Bontadi di Albi. n. Soo Teck (PW7) [KMM].
Bontadi di Tudu. n. Stage 422 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Will of Everything [OB429].
Bontadi Gabadumbes. n. Stage 471 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Proudest Desire [OB493].
Bontadi Signifiku. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 5 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Desire for Meaning [JMCC].
bontah. v. to desire [OB404].

bontenti. n/ad. desirable (person) (gender neutral) [OB404].

bonu. n. goodness [OB186].

borah. v. to boast [CBSD, S&Z1].

borgi. n. throne [S&Z1].

bornal. n. sea-cock on boat [B&DS].

borong. ad. entirely, wholesale [CBSD].

boros. n. spendthrift [S&Z1].
boru. n/ad. no equivalent in English. front-right (side) in 2D [OB231].

bos. pron. 2sg. you [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
bosadi. n/ad. no equivalent in English. kata-conscious (side) in 4D [OB231].
bosalma. ad. special, unique, in a spicy, exciting way [JKK-YWY].

boschi. n. grove [OB014]. 

bosos. pron. 10pl. no equivalent in English. Pronoun used to merge with and/or project into the perceptible environment as if that environment and the ego are the same and speak to a direct entity or object [OB206].

bostada. n. 1. a beating. 2 a slap [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bostiadu, bostiada. ad. 1. messy. 2. covered in mud, dirt [B&DS, S&Z1].

botah. v. 1. to place, to put, to set down. 2. to upload [B&DS, CBSD, JKK, S&Z1].

botak. ad. bald [CBSD].

botel, botal. n. bottle [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

botor. n. four-angle bean [B&DS].

boya. n. buoy, float [B&DS].

boyah. v. to float [B&DS].
boyel. n. the element of scandium (atomic number 21) [KPT].

brabu. ad. fierce, angry, defiant [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Bradel. n. Braddell (NS18) [KMM].

braga. n. chain, fetter, shakle [B&DS].
Braga Lusembra. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 10 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Darklight Chains [JMCC].

bragah. v. to chain [B&DS].

braguza, karyong dorlat. n. human chromsome 17 [OB035].

brandi. n. brandy [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

brang-brang. v. to boast [S&Z1].

brangku. ad/n. white [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

brani. ad. brave, daring, adventurous [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bransa, braza, brang. n. brand (mark of ownership), hot coals, coal [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Bransas. n. the month of October [OB005].

branyo, branyoh. n/v. branyo [B&DS, S&Z1].

brasa. n. fathom [B&DS].

brasu. n. (upper) arm (from shoulder to elbow) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

braza. n. brass [S&Z1].

bredu, bredura. n. vegetable [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bregera, karyong bibiendu. n. human chromsome 16 [OB035].

Bremelang. n. 1. the planet Mars. 2. the second matrix of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB004, 015].

bremelu, bremilu, brumilu, bormilu, bermilu, bormilu, bramilu, bremily etc. ad/n. red [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

brenas. ad. healthy [S&Z1].

breng. n. 1. noise. 2. note, beat (of music) [JKK].

breng-breng. n. noisy [B&DS].
brengteng, breteng. n. rhythm [PC-YWY].

Brengkas. n. the month of July [OB005].
bresantu. n. martini [JKK-YWY].

breu. n. caulking tar made from tree sap [B&DS].

brevis. n. 1. brevet. 2. brevet of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OB016].

bridu. n. hour [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

briga. n. fight [B&DS].

brigadang. n. fighter, warrior (gender neutral) [B&DS-d, CBSD-d, S&Z1-d].

brigadera. n. fighter, warrior (female) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

brigador. n. fighter, warrior (male) [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

brigah. v. to fight [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].brigah. v. to fight [S&Z1].
Brigah-Bringkah. n. Chiliheptacosiaicosioctad 23 of the Kristang Transfigurer’s Journey, The Fight to Play [JMCC].

brigu. n. fight [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Brigu Kadatempu. n. Stage 229 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The Fight of All Time [OB215].
Briliang. n. Archetype 440 in the Osura Pesuasang, Illuminator [OB423].

Brilyabaleru. n. Archetype 149 in the Osura Pesuasang, Glowdancer [OB170].

bringkadang. n. actor (gender-neutral) [JKK].

bringkadera. n. actor (female) [JKK].

bringkador. n. actor (male) [JKK].
Bringkador. n. Archetype 347 in the Osura Pesuasang, Performer [OB356].
Bringkador Prumiru. n. Stage 249 in the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The First Player [OB218].

bringkah. v. to play [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bringkah mas prata. v. to transpose down on the Krismatran chromatic scale [OB036].

bringkah mas sinza. v. to transpose up on the Krismatran chromatic scale [OB036].

bringkandu. ad. playful, playing [OB041].
bringkansa. n. theatrical play [JMCC].
Bringkansa Uniku. n. Stage 427 of the Kristang Hero’s Journey, The One and Only Performance [OB430].

bringkasang. n. competition [JKK].

Bringkasang Mar. Havelock (TE16) [KMM].

bringkedu. n. toy [JKK].
bringkerayu. n. prank [JKK-PT].

bringku. n. 1. game. 2. (theatrical/stage) play. 3. film, movie. 4. toy. 5. match, competition. 6. sport [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].
Bringku di Tempu. n. Stage 125 of the Kristang’s Transfigurer’s Journey, The Games of Time [OB469].

bringkulumi. n. movie [JKK].

brinjela. n. eggplant [B&DS].
bros. ad. fragile [OB022

bruang. n. bear [B&DS, S&Z1].

bruanggatu. n. panda [JKK].

bruanstal. n. the element of bohrium (atomic number 107) [KPT].
brufa. n/ad. buff, muscular, sexy (person) (gender neutral) [OB404].

brumah. v. to spank [B&DS].

brus. n. brush [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

Brus. the seventh domain of the psyche in the Osura Pesuasang [OBo15].

buchu. n. belly, stomach of fish [B&DS].

bufra, brufa. n. 1. buffalo. 2. tough person [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

buih. n. respectful term of address for older male person, brother, brother-in-law [B&DS].

buku. n. book [B&DS, CBSD].

bulbu. n. bulb [CBSD].

bulih. v. 1. to disturb, to bully 2. to wiggle 3. to shake [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bultu. n. escape [B&DS].

bumbong. n. 1. attic. 2. roof [CBSD].

bung. n. bowl [JKK]

bunga-telang. n. butterfly pea [S&Z1].

buniteza. n. beauty [B&DS].

bunitu, bunita. ad. beautiful, attractive, pretty, handsome, nice [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].

bunyang, bunyan. n. fairy [CBSD].

buraku. n. 1. hole, tunnel. 2. loan of money [B&DS, CBSD, S&Z1].