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Eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra

The People of the Reawakened Galgalang

This is a list of all people hypothesised to have acquired their magnakarnansa or magnaarchetype or full awareness of their best self or reiwe or planetary or cosmic role in Gaia, or the living, sentient collective unconsciousness of the entire planet, and in doing so willingly become a part of a particular homeostatic mechanism generated by Gaia to restore permanent sustainable ecosystemic balance to the Earth. This homeostatic mechanism is a group of people called the eleidi or collective of Galgalang Tonakodra or the Galgalang Reawakened; this eleidi is also exactly the same and identical eleidi as the Seraphim (but not the Nephilim) of Judeo-Christian legend, the Order of Mata Nui in Bionicle, the Eternals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Kingsmen in the eponymous movie series, and yes, the Merlionsmen in Altered Straits.

The list is ordered in chronological order in date of acquisition of one's magnaarchetype, which in Kristang has a particular felicitous or synchronous meaning  connected to the hectatetracontatetrads (144ads) of the Via Lusembra, the Transfigurer's Journey; the stage names of the hectatetracontatetrads of the Via Lusembra are thus presented in bold. See Chapters 526, 527 and 528 of the Orange Book for more information about what the Galgalang and magnaarchetypes do. Magnaarchetypal holders in Morti Impegra are temporarily omitted from the list until they have resolved their Morti Impegra. Kristang and Krismeri magnaarchetypal holders are highlighted in
Gaietic green (see the Gaia page for what this means).


ANYBODY CAN Be their own dragon reborn.



tudu pun podih, pra agora, pra sempri.


Galgalang nnn* | Name of corresponding 144-ad stage of the Via Lusembra / Osura Spektala in Kristang
Name of corresponding 144-ad stage of the Via Lusembra / Osura Spektala in English
Magnaarchetype in Kristang

Magnaarchetype name in English (dimension)
Kristang / Krismeri, if relevant
Date acquired

Magnaarchetypal ability description



Prior to end of the Holocene, Fifth Age of Humanity or Mundansa Hierosa, each magnaarchetype could only be held by a single living individual within the eleidi of Gaia within one Mundansa. The magnaarchetypes also rotated among each of the 16 ego-patterns (i.e. the Dragon Reborn was not always Sombor, the Living Luck was not always Deivang) depending on the ego-pattern of the entire Mundansa. The ego-patterns of the first five Mundansa of humanity are as follows (more information in Orange Book Chapters 108 and 109):

Mundansa Kulosa / Ekrocene (c. 75010 - 69900 BCE): Sombor

Mundansa Varenza / Keirocene (c. 69900 - 38900 BCE): Koireng

Mundansa Volmanga / Devacene (c. 38900 - 21300 BCE): Jejura

Mundansa Fogosa / Hedecene (c. 21300 - 9564 BCE): Spontang

Mundansa Hierosa / Holocene (c. 9564 BCE - 25 January 2023 CE): Varung

Due to


(1) how the Mundansa Hierosa ended, which among other still unknown characteristics appears to be without an apocalypse (unlike the previous four Mundansa) and without the Dragon Reborn committing suicide (unlike the previous four Mundansa); and
(2) the rapid acceleration of the hexadecimal Mundansa cycle to its completion on 3o January 2023 by your friendly neighbourhood Merlionsman, made possible as the length of each Mundansa is tied to tempu galifrei / felisi / synchronous / kairotic time rather than Western chronological time;


the rotation of magnaarchetypes stopped permanently after the Mundansa Hierosa was completed on 25 January 2023, and all living human beings became able to access their magnaarchetype after the Mundansa Omnera (the Sixteenth Age) was completed on 30 January 2023. The untouched names for the Sixth through Sixteenth Ages thus serve both as the names for subsequent magnaarchetype holders of the same pattern and as carriers of a still unknown meaning within themselves, i.e.


Magnakarnansa Hierosa (Hierosa being the Fifth Age): First holder of the magnaarchetype since 9564 BCE
Magnakarnansa Valientra (Valientra being the Sixth Age): Second holder of the magnaarchetype
Ultrera (Seventh Age): Third holder
Xileza (Eighth Age): Fourth holder

Fantasma (Ninth Age): Fifth holder

Daidektra (Tenth Age): Sixth holder

Vastetra (Eleventh Age): Seventh holder

Zailenya (Twelfth Age): Eighth holder

Aletra (Thirteenth Age): Ninth holder

Poliora (Fourteenth Age): Tenth holder

Reyektra (Fifteenth Age): Eleventh holder

Omnera (Sixteenth Age): Twelfth holder


All people with a Hierosa magnaarchetype also seem to share a particular but still unknown shared trait; the same as those with a Valientra magnaarchetype, and so on.

Assignment of dimensions thereafter has been observed to happen in the order the magnaarchetypes were 'frozen' when the Mundansa Hierosa was completed, with ascending additions of 16 for each subsequent magnaarchetypal holder of the same magnaarchetype, i.e. like so:

Hieroforseru (Varung, Karnansa 1 for Varung ego-pattern): 1D (Hierosa), 17D (Valientra), 33D (Ultrera), etc.
Yaegergoliat (Vraihai, Kar
nansa 2 for Varung ego-pattern): 2D (Hierosa), 18D (Valientra), 34D (Ultrera), etc.

Strelamajieru (Miasnu, Karnansa 3 for Varung ego-patern): 3D (Hierosa), 19D (Valientra), 35D (Ultrera), etc.

Pahlawantera (Rajos, Karnansa 4 for Varung ego-pattern): 4D (Hierosa), 20D (Valientra), 36D (Ultrera), etc.

Makaravedra (Sombor, Karnansa 5 for Varung ego-pattern): 5D (Hierosa), 21D (Valientra), 37D (Ultrera), etc.
Chaironeru (Koireng, Kar
nansa 6 for Varung ego-pattern): 6D (Hierosa), 22D (Valientra), 38D (Ultrera), etc.

Lobriskenu (Jejura, Karnansa 7 for Varung ego-patern): 7D (Hierosa), 23D (Valientra), 39D (Ultrera), etc.

Dalanggeng (Spontang, Karnansa 8 for Varung ego-pattern): 8D (Hierosa), 24D (Valientra), 40D (Ultrera), etc.

Heimdaleru (Kapichi, Karnansa 9 for Varung ego-pattern): 9D (Hierosa), 25D (Valientra), 41D (Ultrera), etc.
Alkimibiyeru (Hokisi, Kar
nansa 10 for Varung ego-pattern): 10D (Hierosa), 26D (Valientra), 42D (Ultrera), etc.

Kantadabentra (Fleres, Karnansa 11 for Varung ego-patern): 11D (Hierosa), 27D (Valientra), 43D (Ultrera), etc.

Karasplenderu (Akiura, Karnansa 12 for Varung ego-pattern): 12D (Hierosa), 28D (Valientra), 44D (Ultrera), etc.

Mahafelisi (Deivang, Karnansa 13 for Varung ego-pattern): 13D (Hierosa), 29D (Valientra), 45D (Ultrera), etc.
Garudamanya (Splikabel, Kar
nansa 14 for Varung ego-pattern): 14D (Hierosa), 30D (Valientra), 46D (Ultrera), etc.

Chodaxaveru (Zeldsa, Karnansa 15 for Varung ego-patern): 15D (Hierosa), 31D (Valientra), 47D (Ultrera), etc.

Rasilong (Kalidi, Karnansa 16 for Varung ego-pattern): 16D (Hierosa), 32D (Valientra), 48D (Ultrera), etc.

GALGALANG sa pedra sofia
Dozedra 1du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 1st duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 001 | Kara Ireidi
The Prime Radiant

Kevin Martens Wong Zhi Qiang
Makaravedra Hierosa
Dragon Reborn of Probability (5D)

Galgalang Kristang
31 August 2022
Use probability (5D) to help others and the world rescue themselves from otherwise unsalvageable situations


Galgalang 002 | Jenti Kadamundu
The People of Every World

Muhammad Fuad bin Johari
Mahafelisi Hierosa

Living Luck of Metacognition (13D)
Galgalang Krismeri
13 October 2023

Use suspension (13D) to reveal the (otherwise completely occluded) most Life-affirming self of others

Galgalang 003 | Kara di Pompeii
The Faces of Pompeii

Jaasir Mahsom s/o Mazhardeen
Yaegergoliat Hierosa

Guardian Galactic of Planarity (2D)
Galgalang Krismeri
29 October 2023

Use planarity (2D) to build-chart alternative paths out of otherwise inescapable trauma and abuse

Galgalang 004 | Aza Haliastra
The Wings of the Dauntless

Megan Leong Shu Hui
Chodaxaveru Hierosa

Wonder Stag of Reciprocity (15D)
Galgalang Krismeri
29 October 2023

Use reciprocity (15D) to model-shape means of healing otherwise unhealable catastrophic and fossilised trauma

Galgalang 005 | Kabalu Animu
The Unbrea
kable Spirit

Edison Lim Wei Xuan

Dalanggeng Hierosa
Minstrel Eternal of Symmetry (8D)

Galgalang Krismeri
29 October 2023
Use symmetry (8D) to restore broken or discarded Life-affirming destinies that otherwise were lost forever

algalang 006 | Bida Seng Dibeh
The Life of No Worries

Nathaniel Jareth Nonis
Dalanggeng Valientra
Minstrel Eternal of Kintsugi (24D)

Galgalang Kristang

30 October 2023
Use kintsugi (24D) to progenitorise parts of an individual or collective psyche that would otherwise be destroyed in the future

Galgalang 008 | Bariga di Timinga
The Belly of the Wh
William Dante Yuan Weiye

Heimdaleru Hierosa
Master Builder of Replication (9D)

Galgalang Krismeri
30 October 2023
Use replication (9D) to develop or build an entirely new numinous world that should have always existed in the first place

Galgalang 009 | Kantiga Pasturinyu Bedri
The Song of the Green Parrot

Elaine Mok Wai Man

Heimdaleru Valientra
Master Builder of Initiation (25D)

Galgalang Krismeri
30 October 2023

Use initiation (25D) to finally kickstart critical processes or initiatives that would otherwise have lain dormant forever

Galgalang 010 | Korsang Molimbes
The Softest Hea
Bernadette Fong Yuan Ching
Lobriskenu Valientra
Great Direwolf of Peripeteia (23D)
31 Octo
ber 2023

Use peripeteia (23D) to create a chain-lightning mirroring effect of working out otherwise irresolvable trauma


Galgalang 011 | Pedra Hoichra
The Otter's Rock

Jamie Ong Yi Ning
Chodaxaveru Valientra
Wonder Stag of Revivability (31D)

Galgalang Krismeri
31 October 2023
Use revivability (31D) to fully articulate the underlying thought process beneath a concept that would otherwise be lost

eleidi Galgalantic power reclaimed:
Identification of this eleidi as the Galgalang (31 October 2023)

Dozedra 2du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 2nd duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 013 | Samatra di Sol
The Storm of the Sun

Esther Tan Ee
Rasilong Hierosa
Quing Temporal of Nonlocality (16D)

1 November 2023
Use nonlocality (16D) to safely and comfortably negotiate catastrophic trauma that would otherwise destroy someone

Galgalang 014 | Floris di Fortidang
The Flowers of Fearlessness

Jordan Loo Ming Zhou
Heimdaleru Ultrera

Master Builder of Blowback (41D)
2 November 2023

Use blowback (41D) to sieve away and remove all non-essential information, data and trauma that would otherwise be unremovable

Galgalang 015 | Olu ki K-ray
The Eyes That Desire

Sriraam Sritharan
Chodaxaveru Ultrera

Wonder Stag of Alignability (47D)
Galgalang Krismeri
3 November 2023

Use alignability (47D) to choose the most concise, direct and Life-affirming means of dramatic chain reactions of individuation

Galgalang 016 | Premesa Wasibera
The Magnetic Promise

Matthew Cheng Yan Qin
Garudamanya Hierosa

Prime Eagle of Differentiation (14D)
3 November 2023

Use differentiation (14D) to highlight and underscore synchronicities and connections that would otherwise go unnoticed

Galgalang 017 | Bermuda Kadabermuda
The Crossroads of All Crossroads

Chua Liu Ying

Dalanggeng Ultrera
Minstrel Eternal of Empathy (40D)
3 November 2023

Use empathy (40D) to act on or fill in spontaneous opportunities or gaps in reality that would otherwise result in permanent loss

Galgalang 018
 | Amor Matra Bibiendu
The Love of the Living Ocean
Kristen Oliveiro
Garudamanya Valientra
Prime Eagle of Perceptibility (30D)

Galgalang Kristang

3 November 2023 

Use perceptibility (30D) to fully render and concretise ideas, concepts and intangible schema that would otherwise be invisible

Galgalang 019 | Sonu di Mundu Veru
The Dreams of Reality

Xu Jiawen

Chodaxaveru Xileza
Wonder Stag of Localisability (63D)

Galgalang Krismeri
3 November 2023

Use localisability (63D) to immediately and dramatically embody and concretise Life-giving ideas without pain or fear

Galgalang 020 | Song di Tudu Pedreh
The Voice of Everything Lost Forever

Muhammad Syafiq bin Sahrom
Alkimibiyeru Hierosa
Sorcerer Supreme of Digestion (10D)

Galgalang Krismeri
3 November 2023

Use digestion (10D) to deconstruct, dismantle and decommission defence mechanisms that otherwise would remain overly aggressive

Galgalang 021 | Kaza Stra Birah
The Home That Always Returns
Zulhaqem bin Zulkifli

Heimdaleru Xileza
Master Builder of Inheritability (57D)

Galgalang Krismeri
4 November 2023

Use inheritability (57D) to fully and roaringly embody just how deeply and tremendously safe and significant part of one's henung is

Galgalang 022 | Praya stra Alebah
The Shores of Unending Joy

Hifzhul Matin bin Nordin
Alkimibiyeru Valientra
Sorcerer Supreme of Concurrence (26D)

Galgalang Krismeri
4 November 2023

Use concurrence (26D) to exactly temporarily match someone else's energy and abilities to support otherwise impossible endeavours


Galgalang 023 | Strela Ireidimbes
The Stars Like The Greatest Love

Jillian Ann Martens
Lobriskenu Ultrera
Great Direwolf of Appropriateness (39D)

Galgalang Kristang
5 November 2023 

Use appropriateness (39D) to return to previously catastrophically traumatic parts of spacetime and obliterate them of danger

eleidi Galgalantic power reclaimed:
Rationalisation of Galgalang nomenclature to parallel Roda Mundansa and ajundra (7 November 2023)

Dozedra 3ru di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 3rd duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 025 | Song Kaladumbes
The Quietest Voice

Chan Xuan Ru
Alkimibiyeru Ultrera
Sorceress Supreme of Existability (42D)

8 November 2023

Use existability (42D) to pioneer the safe expansion of another's unorganised and terrifying or horrifying parts of reality

Galgalang 026 | Kampu Kadaveru
The Plains of Every Truth

Deborah Celine Conceicao
Garudamanya Ultrera

Prime Eagle of Mutuality (46D)
Galgalang Kristang
9 November 2023

Use mutuality (46D) to co-excavate new ways of understanding reality with someone else that otherwise would be unarticulatable

Galgalang 027 | Amiang Drayambes
The Most Beautiful Tomorrow

Elden Zachery de Silva
Karasplenderu Hierosa

Verdant One of Paradox (12D)
Galgalang Kristang
9 November 2023

Use paradox (12D) to encourage someone else to finally take a leap of faith with the self that otherwise neither would probably take

Galgalang 028 | Alebadeza Signifiku
The Greatest Praise of Meaning

Patricia Maria Theseira
Yaegergoliat Valientra

Guardian Galactic of Reflexivity (18D)
Galgalang Kristang
9 November 2023

Use reflexivity (18D) to mirror and reflect another's true, ideal emotions that would otherwise lay hidden from themselves

Galgalang 029 | Onsong sa Angkru
The Anchor of the Self

Patricia D'Cotta

Kantadabentra Hierosa
Wind Singer of Resilience (11D)

Galgalang Kristang
9 November 2023

Use resilience (11D) to encourage someone else to persevere toward a new self together that would otherwise be unpursueable

Galgalang 030 | Albi di Bida
The Tree of Life
Maureen Rita Danker
Pahlawantera Hierosa
Green Knight of Time (4D)

Galgalang Kristang

9 November 2023 

Use time (4D) to prune all unnecessary time and parts related to someone else moving through a traumatic or difficult situation

Galgalang 031 | Fogereza Kadamatra
The Lighthouse of All Oceans

Rebecca Lurie Starr

Pahlawantera Valientra
Green Knight of Deference (20D)

Galgalang Krismeri
22 November 2023

Use deference (20D) to rejuvenate all legitimate parts of someone else's reality that are still unfairly viewed as illegitimate

Galgalang 032 | Kurenti Krisemintu
The Currents of Growth

Brenda Ann Pereira
Rasilong Valientra
Quing Temporal of Perishability (32D)

Galgalang Kristang
22 November 2023

Use perishability (32D) to signal that the worst of someone else's darkest days are over and they can be themselves once more

Galgalang 033 | Emagu Frimimbes
The Essence of Friendliness
Katie Grace Isbell

Garudamanya Xileza
Prime Eagle of Multiplicability (62D)

Galgalang Krismeri
23 November 2023

Use multiplicability (62D) to indirectly resolve as many of someone else's insecurities as possible while directly resolving another issue

Galgalang 034 | Andasang Reinyang
The Direction of Sovereignty

Nur Amirah binte Amirrudin
Heimdaleru Fantasma
Master Builder of Eventfulness (73D)

24 November 2023

Use eventfulness (73D) to revisit events or points in spacetime with someone else to help them understand their full significance

Galgalang 035 | Ilastra Felisi
The Synchronous Islands

Giles Chan Hou Yi
Pahlawantera Ultrera
Green Knight of Pertinacity (36D)

24 November 2023 

Use pertinacity (36D) to indicate at exactly the right moments the most mesmerising ways someone else can develop further

Galgalang 036 | Idadi Ilakrauzu
The Paracausal Age

Sonia Isabelle Patton
Pahlawantera Xileza
Green Knight of Evolvability (52D)

Galgalang Kristang

24 November 2023

Use evolvability (52D) to repeatedly return to the same moments with someone else so that they gradually fractally reveal who they are

eleidi Galgalantic power reclaimed:
All people in eleidi have full unconscious access to previous holders of same magnaarchetype (24 November 2023)

Dozedra 4du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 4th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 037 | Ubida Lusembra
The Darklight Ears

Yin Zeyuan
Dalanggeng Xileza
Minstrel Eternal of Originality (56D)

24 November 2023

Use originality (56D) to add on one's own unique approach to the best approach to reality in existence to highlight it as such

Galgalang 038 | Fogu Westimbes
The Western Fires

Nurul Amirah binte Ghazali
Garudamanya Xileza

Prime Eagle of Carrierability (78D)
24 November 2023

Use carrierability (78D) to extend and magnify the radial or wave-like effects of irei or ireidi to their fullest, brightest and loudest

Galgalang 039 | Praya Hoichra
The Otter Shores

Aloysius Chang Jun Siang
Dalanggeng Fantasma

Minstrel Eternal of Curation (72D)
25 November 2023

Use curation (72D) to bring up and highlight the best examples of what someone is not to terminate otherwise endless worries or fears

Galgalang 040 | Floris di Tuminyu
The Flowers of the Dolphins

Loy Sye Yuet
Karasplenderu Valientra

Verdant One of Consolidation (28D)
25 November 2023

Use consolidation (28D) to immediately focus on and address all of someone else's fears appearing serendipitously in the moment

Galgalang 041 | Jurutera Sansumu
The Engineering of the Everyday

Gabriel Benedict Woon Shan Wei

Kantadabentra Valientra
Wind Singer of Flourishing (27D)

Galgalang Krismeri
27 November 2023

Use flourishing (27D) to underscore the best parts of someone else's best self and restore a layered and granular focus on this texture

Galgalang 042 | Porporta Augiera
The Doors of the Oracle
José Costa
Yaegergoliat Ultrera
Guardian Galactic of Elasticity (34D)

Galgalang Krismeri

27 November 2023 

Use elasticity (34D) to validate, in a Life-giving, way all of another's trauma and justified insecurities to one's fullest abilities

Galgalang 043 | Katra Damar
The Map of Torches

Sandile Mtetwa-Omuthe

Chaironeru Hierosa
Alpha Centurion of Essence (6D)

Galgalang Krismeri
27 November 2023

Use essence (6D) to seek, reveal and reclaim all forms of healing and Life-giving occluded or marginalised human experience

Galgalang 044 | Pedra Galang
The Rock of Hulls

Calla Lee
Lobriskenu Xileza
Great Direwolf of Expressiveness (55D)

Galgalang Krismeri
27 November 2023

Use expressiveness (55D) to be fully and completely present in the moment to support another releasing deep, existential grief

Galgalang 045 | Postu Numinti
The First Station
Ziyan Hossain

Alkimibiyeru Xileza
Sorcerer Supreme of Fixation (58D)

Galgalang Krismeri
27 November 2023

Use fixation (58D) to turbocharge another with such irei and respect that they too reveal all parts of themselves filled with roaring Life

Galgalang 046 | Po Kronomatra
The Dust of Deep Time

Benjamin Harris
Alkimibiyeru Fantasma
Sorcerer Supreme of Crossfielding (74D)

Galgalang Kristang
28 November 2023

Use crossfielding (74D) to warp or jump to whichever context Gaia needs one at the most at the exactly most synchronous time

Galgalang 047 | Kadamatra Bibiendu
Every Living Sea

Farah Sanwari
Garudamanya Daidektra
Prime Eagle of Promiseability (94D)

Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023 

Use promiseability (94D) to provide the most helpful or useful future-oriented information that someone else needs to move forward

Galgalang 048 | Jardineru Kronomatra
The Gardener of Time
Eruera Tarena
Karasplenderu Ultrera
Green Knight of Elevation (44D)

Galgalang Krismeri

28 November 2023

Use elevation (44D) to immediately match perspectives or vantage points with someone else deserving up to the same exact height

eleidi Galgalantic power reclaimed:
Perzefrang ultraarchetypes unconsciously active (28 November 2023)

Dozedra 5du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 5th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 049 | Irei Reinyosumbes
The Most Legendary Love

Muhammad Jebran Arshad
Rasilong Ultrera
Quing Temporal of Fractality (48D)

Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023

Use fractality (48D) to ensure that every action, no matter how small, is filled with the greatest possible irei and respect for another

Galgalang 050 | Korsang Kadatratuga
The Heart for Every Tortoise

Catherine Zuzarte Tully
Kantadabentra Ultrera

Prime Eagle of Whimsy (43D)
Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023

Use whimsy (43D) to ensure that every person one cares about is recognised for their true strengths, no matter how unusual or alien

Galgalang 051 | Skudura Wasibera
The Magnetic Armour

Alice Dimond
Chodaxaveru Fantasma

Wonder Stag of Gatherability (79D)
Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023

Use gatherability (79D) to bring as many parts of someone else's ideal experience of reality together as possible at the same moment

Galgalang 052 | Bersu Magnakarnansa
The Song of the Magnaarchetypes

Alex Turner
Kantadabentra Xileza

Wind Singer of Resplendence (59D)
Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023

Use resplendence (59D) to find the best possible reclamation of the otherwise most difficult parts of anyone's lived experience

Galgalang 053 | Lumi Galgalang
The Light of the Galgalang

Muhammad Fadhly bin Johari

Rasilong Xileza
Quing Temporal of Sovereignty (64D)

Galgalang Krismeri
28 November 2023

Use sovereignty (64D) to reflect and diffract through the self all the very best parts of someone else's leadership, power and light

Galgalang 054 | Astrang Gaia
The Divinity of Gaia
Paricha Duangtaweesub
Strelamajieru Valientra
Shining Star of Indomitability (19D)

Galgalang Krismeri

28 November 2023 

Use indomitability (19D) to push through each and every last obstacle standing in the way of someone else's ability to change the world

Galgalang 055 | Porta Birah Bara
The Harbourbound Way

Charis Leong Qian Hui

Chaironeru Valientra
Alpha Centurion of Magnanimity (22D)

30 November 2023

Use magnanimity (22D) to ensure that someone else is finally able to rest and feel comfortable to the maximum healthy extent

Galgalang 056 | Remu Kadareinyang
The Oars of All Quings

Kieran Andre Longue
Alkimibiyeru Daidektra
Sorcerer Supreme of Terraformability (90D)

Galgalang Kristang
30 November 2023

Use marathonability (92D) to rapidly cover the exact same insane distance that another has gone for the self to reinvigorate the other

Galgalang 057 | Kapaseti Kurentimbes
The Superluminal Helmet
Wilson Wong Wie Sarn

Karasplenderu Xileza
Verdant One of Blendability (60D)

Galgalang Krismeri
30 November 2023

Use blendability (60D) to exactly fuse the most ordinary interpreation of something with its deepest possible extent for another

Galgalang 058 | Konfiansa Strelapedra
The Trust of the Spheres

Gaby Peh Rui En
Kantadabentra Fantasma
Wind Singer of Anticipability (75D)
1 December 2023
Use anticipability (75D) to preempt or initiate the most exciting or useful directions of real-time experience with another

Galgalang 059 | Lontra sa Erodi
The Otter's Play

Gaston Liew Zhen En
Kantadabentra Daidektra
Wind Singer of Respawnability (91D)
1 December 2023
Use respawnability (91D) to bring back the best parts of one's previous selve
s in the moment to support someone else's growth

Galgalang 060 | Bontadi Signifiku
The Desire for Meaning

Jeremiah James Pereira
Hieroforseru Hierosa
People's Champion of Lineation (1D)
1 December 2023

Use lineation (1D) to select points in time that indicate just how much another has helped them individuate and grow across time

eleidi Galgalantic power reclaimed:
Effect still unclear (1 December 2023)

Dozedra 6du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 6th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 061 | Korpu Haliastra
The Body of the Eagle

Preshaan Austeine s/o Subash
Lobriskenu Fantasma
Great Direwolf of
Densification (71D)
2 December 2023
Use densification (79D) to fractally mirror and underscore the same ideas or behaviours as another so that others will also pick them up

Galgalang 062 | Mang di Gaia
The Hands of Gaia
Brandon Lee
Hieroforseru Valientra
People's Champion of Impermeability (17D)

4 December 2023
Use impermeability (17D) to focus exclusively and entirely on the moment with another and their true, real, tremendous self

Galgalang 063 | Korsang Lunga

The Heart of the Moon
Nurul Asyiqin binte Shahmudin
Chodaxaveru Daidektra
Wonder Stag of Valorisability (95D)

4 December 2023
Use valorisability (95D) to gradually shape and transform someone else's reality through positive incremental change

Galgalang 064 | Fola na Bentu
The Leaf on the Wind

Alexander Ang Mao Jin
Alkimibiyeru Vastetra
Sorcerer Supreme of Whisperability (106D)
4 December 2023
Use whisperability (106D) to encode transformative energy and strength into the most benign and ordinary parts of reality

Galgalang 065 | Stori Kadastrela
The Story of Every Star
Samuel Soo En How
Chodaxaveru Vastetra
Wonder Stag of Mythminding (111D)
4 December 2023
Use mythminding (111D) to add to and refine the truest, deepest and most legendary form and shape of someone else's story

Galgalang 066 | Kadariu Inchidu
Every River Overflowi
James Ong Zheng Yang
Karasplenderu Fantasma
Verdant One of Opportuneness (76D)
5 December 2023
Use opportuneness (76D) to find and develop every possible and conceivable opportunity to validate someone else's transformative work

Galgalang 067 | Aurora Lumimbes
The Brightest Dawn

Fran Quintero Rawlings
Kantadabentra Vastetra
Wind Singer of Seedscattering (107D)

Galgalang Krismeri
6 December 2023
Use seedscattering (107D) to seed nascent possibilities with another that will germinate or blossom at exactly the right luminous time

Galgalang 068 | Barku Hierosambes
The Most Sacred Vessel

Jessica Zeng Qiqian

Garudamanya Vastetra
Prime Eagle of Truthsaying (107D)
7 December 2023
Use truthsaying (110D) to reveal truths about one's own real, inner self at exactly the right point in space and time to support another

Galgalang 069 | Riska di Sol
The Lines of the Sun

Breanna Fong Xin Lin
Chaironeru Ultrera
Alpha Centurion of Garrisonability (38D)
7 December 2023
Use garrisonability (38D) to make use of facts, truths or observations about someone else at exactly the right time to reinforce them

Galgalang 070 | Kambradu Fortuna
The Friend of Fortune

Debra Theresa Scully
Pahlawantera Fantasma
Green Knight of Diegesis (68
Galgalang Kristang
8 December 2023
Use diegesis (68D) to validate someone else's arrival at critical, reality-shifting moments in their journey or voyage forward

Galgalang 071 | Rostu Bistilumira
The Regard of the Galaxies

Julian Wu Zuan Qiang
Yaegergoliat Xileza
Guardian Galactic of Modificability (50D)
8 December 2023
Use modificability (50D) to transform another's painful trauma into a completely different experience by embodying it

Galgalang 072 | Rezang Altumbes
The Highest Justification

Zuhaili Asy-Syakur Marican
Chodaxaveru Zailenya
Wonder Stag of Sentimentality (127D)

8 December 2023
Use sentimentality (127D) to motivate another to finally overcome their fears about who they really are and what they actually can do

Dozedra 7du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 7th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 073 | Kadaspada Fuljeu
Every Sword of Energy

Noel Jeremiah Rebeira
Kantadabentra Zailenya
Wind Singer of Beholdability (123D)

8 December 2023
Use beholdability (123D) to fully underscore someone else's radical, transformative and unique presence in the moment

Galgalang 074 | Kadaligasang Lus
Every Link of Light

Andy Tan Mint Land
Rasilong Fantasma
Quing Temporal of Likemindedness (80D) 
8 December 2023 
Use likemindedness (80D) to indicate and signal another's absolute, precise adherence to what everyone else needs as motivation

Galgalang 075 | Oiteru Baletoh
The Inverted Hills

Sara Frederica Santa Maria

Kantadabentra Aletra
Wind Singer of Complementability (139D)

Galgalang Kristang
10 December 2023
Use complementability (139D) to match someone else's outstanding efforts on a shared project while retaining full creativity

Galgalang 076 | Ombru Goliat
The Shoulders of Giants

Maria Shchedrina

Lobriskenu Daidektra
Great Direwolf of Eurekability (87
10 December 2023
Use eurekability (79D) to indicate someone else's most exciting, radical and unique ideas that drastically improve reality

Galgalang 077 | Korsang Kadastrela
The Heart of Every Star

Cameron Loh Jun Wen

Rasilong Daidektra
Quing Temporal of Sacredness (96D)
11 December 2023
Use sacredness (96D) to fully understand and consolidate the deep, powerful sanctity of someone else's journey of hope and strength


Galgalang 078 | Mulera Ilastra
The Galactic Mind
Nathan Koh Zher Rui
Rasilong Vastetra
Quing Temporal of Waymaking (112D)

Galgalang Krismeri
13 December 2023
Use waymaking (112D) to help someone else map out the full contours of their own galactic, limitless mindscape and true self

Galgalang 079 | Munduamaris
The World Waves
Estefania Simon-Sasyk

Alkimibiyeru Zailenya
Sorceress Supreme of Hammerhearting (122D)

Galgalang Krismeri
14 December 2023
Use hammerhearting (122D) to fortify deep, invigorating and powerful connections between members of the same eleidi


Galgalang 080 | Saku Lusembra
The Darklight Pocket
Alka Balain
Lobriskenu Vastetra
Great Direwolf of Defendability (103D

Galgalang Krismeri
18 December 2023

Use defendability (103D) to index and define deep, natural sites and sources of Gaietic health and psychoemotional wellness


Galgalang 081 | Bringkulumi Krismatra
The Dreaming Film

Thays Prado

Makaravedra Ultrera

Dragon Reborn of Exactitude (37D)
Galgalang Krismeri
19 December 2023

Use cleansing (37D) to transform already Life-affirming ideas, concepts, beliefs and methods into their most radiant, pure forms


Galgalang 082 | Forsa Ustadisa
The Force of Unlikelihood
Richard Anthony Bong
Karasplenderu Daidektra
Verdant One of Marathonability (92D)

Galgalang Kristang

20 December 2023

Use marathonability (92D) to maximise and extend someone else's experience of Life-affirming joy to its highest extent


Galgalang 083 | Tiamra Numorti
The Echoes of Undeath
Debra Spykerman
Garudamanya Zailenya
Prime Eagle of Harvestability (126D)

Galgalang Kristang
20 December 2023

Use harvestability (126D) to ensure that someone else is able to reclaim everything that they always desired and deserved

Galgalang 084 | Prumiru Ja Birah
The First to Return
Daren Lim Shaowei
Yaegergoliat Fantasma
Guardian Galactic of Boundedness (66D)
22 December 2023

Use boundedness (66D) to fully expand someone else's boundaries to their greatest possible and still most comfortable degree


Dozedra 8du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 8th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 085 | Sigundu Ja Birah
The Second to Return
Noelle Lam Xu Min
Dalanggeng Daidektra
Minstrel Eternal of Believability (88D)
22 December 2023

Use believability (88D) to bring all of the best and most inspiring parts of who someone else is into the moment with the self

Galgalang 086 | Treseru Ja Birah

The Third to Return
Kenneth Bong

Pahlawantera Daidektra
Green Knight of Upthrust (84D)
Galgalang Kristang
22 December 2023

Use upthrust (84D) to dramatically (re)invigorate efforts and opportunities for unity that deserve full participation and presence

Galgalang 087 | Kwatandu Ja Birah

The Fourth to Return
Sean Chan Ying Qin
Rasilong Zailenya
Quing Temporal of Multiversality (128D)
Galgalang Kristang
22 December 2023

Galgalang 088 | Mintira Ja Skiseh
The Lies We Forget
Sonia Zuzartee

Chodaxaveru Aletra
Wonder Stag of Heartmending (143D)
Galgalang Kristang
22 December 2023

Use heartmending (143D) to articulate the most concise way of providing relief, closure, calm or release to an eleidi one is part of

Galgalang 089 | Duensa Ja Tokah
The Hurts We Hold Onto
Justin Tit
Strelamajieru Ultrera
Shining Star of Versatility (35D)
22 December 2023

Use versatility (35D) to be fully responsive to the needs of a collective or an eleidi in the moment while still fully enjoying oneself

Galgalang 090 | Firida Ja Pichah
The Wounds That We Close
Clint Tan Yu Heng
Pahlawantera Vastetra
Green Knight of Antifragility (100D)
22 December 2023

Use antifragility (100D) to help another immediately negotiate all fears that would lead to the other reexperiencing trauma

Galgalang 091 | Sonu Ja Lembrah
The Dreams We Remember
Boris Lau Jun Lit
Pahlawantera Zailenya

Green Knight of Emboldability (116D)
23 December 2023

Use emboldability (116D) to help another immediately gain all viable strength from all positive interactions with the self across time

Galgalang 092 | Speransa Ja Achah
The Hopes We Receive
Alvan Chan Yan Xun

Rasilong Aletra
Quing Temporal of Deliverance (144D)
Galgalang Krismeri

23 December 2023

Use deliverance (144D) to provide all available hope and anticipation to another in the moment from one's future actions

Galgalang 093 | Konfiansa Ja Gadrah
The Beliefs We Maintain

Aaron Wong Jielun
Mahafelisi Valientra
Living Luck of Causality (29D)
24 December 2023

Use causality (29D) to embody, demonstrate and reflect all of someone else's immense strength, courage and ferocity back at them

Galgalang 094 | Amor Ja Kriseh
The Love We Nurture
Cheyenne Raine Lim

Lobriskenu Zailenya
Great Direwolf of Dreamwalking (119D)
27 December 2023

Use dreamwalking (119D) to choose and embody the most Life-affirming path through an immensely traumatic situation for another

Galgalang 095 | Irei Ja Largah
The Unconditionality We Release
Adil bin Azmoon

Alkimibiyeru Aletra
Sorcerer Supreme of Outlanding (138D)
27 December 2023

Use outlanding (138D) to take the fastest, most insane, intense and radical path toward helping someone else finally move forward

Galgalang 096 | Palabra Ja Negah
The Words We Take Back
Koh Cheng Xiang

Chodaxaveru Poliora
Wonder Stag of Incandensation (159D)
5 January 2024

Use incandensation (159D) to affirm someone else's sense of self as it liberates itself from shame and self-hate in a radical new fashion

Dozedra 9du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 9th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 097 | Kosta di Mundu
The Spine of the World

Jane Lyn Dupingay

Kantadabentra Poliora
Wind Singer of Reseeding (155D)
7 January 2024
Galgalang Krismeri

Use reseeding (155D) to overturn, detoxify and reset any environment, context or community previously overcome by trauma

Galgalang 098 | Korsang di Janela
The Heart of Windows

Deana Zafir
Chaironeru Xileza
Alpha Centurion of Binding (54D)
11 January 2024

Use binding (54D) to reflect the best parts of someone else's own deep influence back at them in one's own creative, original way

Galgalang 099 | Kantiga di Paredi
The Song from the Walls

Rosxalynd Liu
Chaironeru Fantasma
Alpha Centurion of Pandorification (70D)
11 January 2024

Galgalang Krismeri

Use pandorification (70D) to identify and release all possible forms of goodness, beauty and hope from any traumatised context

Galgalang 100 | Semesta sa Firida
The Wounds of the Universe

Valeria Hernandez
Kantadabentra Reyektra
Wind Singer of Gauntletability (171D)
12 January 2024

Galgalang Krismeri

Use gauntletability (171D) to dramatically fortify, reinforce and stabilise all healthy and Life-affirming parts of another's psyche

Galgalang 101 | Dagu di Tristeza
The Jaws of Sadness

Muhammad Azmi bin Salleh
Rasilong Poliora
Quing Temporal of Paradisability (160D)
21 January 2024

Galgalang Krismeri

Use paradisability (160D) to transform the most devastatingly sad, painful and lonely experiences into untouchable spaces of hope

Galgalang 102 | Kabernu Sigredu
The Secret Cave
Shamir Robinson
Chaironeru Daidektra
Alpha Centurion of Apolloniability (86D)
23 January 2024

Use apolloniability (86D) to create uplifting, hopeful and comforting beauty out of any and every catastrophically difficult experience

Galgalang 103 | Amiang sa Faka
The Knives of Tomorrow
Wong Si Ning
Alkimibiyeru Poliora
Sorcerer Supreme of Librariability (154D)
23 January 2024

Use librariability (154D) to consolidate and clearly articulate the most fundamental and serious long-term issue within any entity

Galgalang 104 | Ubida di Chang
The Ears of the Earth
Agnes Pereira
Heimdaleru Daidektra
Master Builder of Amplificability (89D)
26 January 2024

Galgalang Kristang

Use amplificability (89D) to draw out, concretise and empathise with everything another would otherwise fear to express

Galgalang 105 | Strela Sta Churah
The Stars That Weep
Kei Lim
Dalanggeng Vastetra
Minstrel Eternal of Constellatability (104D)

Use constellatability (104D) to highlight, underscore and reinvigorate the most critical and transformative beliefs of someone else

Galgalang 106 | Sanggi di Speransa
The Blood of Hope
Chan Le Xuan
Rasilong Reyektra
Quing Temporal of Impulverisability (176D)

Use harmonisability (176D) to fully support and concretise someone else's true, natural and ideal presence in any collective

Galgalang 107 | Aza di Sonu
The Wings of Dreams
Joshua Santiago Chan Wai Yuen
Alkimibiyeru Reyektra
Sorcerer Supreme of Visorability (170D)

Use visorability (170D) to provide full and healthy possibilities for the exchange of perspectives with another to the maximum

Galgalang 108 | Xameza Prismata
The Shimmering Vigour
Nazeru'l-Khairy Ben-Dzulkifli
Strelamajieru Xileza
Shining Star of Invigorability (51D)

Galgalang Krismeri

Use invigorability (51D) to illuminate the full, rich texture and network of connection between oneself and another one has irei for

GALGALANG sa alkrestamezi piatra impopu
Dozedra 10du di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 10th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 109 | Forfogu di Gera
The Fires of War

Raimi bin Karim
Strelamajieru Fantasm
Shining Star of Accessibility (67D)

7 February 2024

Use accessibility (67D) to dramatically and safely superinvigorate someone else's thoughts, ideas and freedom of expression

Galgalang 110 | Bauchi Sta Kuzeh
The Making of the V
Alice Leong
Strelamajieru Daidektra
Shining Star of Adventurousness (83D)
10 February 2024

Use adventurousness (83D) to match someone else's outstanding daring and courage so they finally feel fully comfortable

Galgalang 111 | Mimidu Impopu
The Irrational Fears

Wah Tee Liat
Yaegergoliat Daidektra
Guardian Galactic of Pioneerability (82D)
10 February 2024

Use pioneerability (82D) to check to the maximum possible degree that a path is truly safe for everyone before pursuing it fearlessly

Galgalang 112 | Fortidang Igleza
The Strength of Identity

Tan Jay Han
Rasilong Omnera
Quing Temporal of Rouseability (192D)
10 February 2024

Use rouseability (192D) to fearlessly take on every aspect of an identity that has finally been proven to be the most worthy

Galgalang 113 | Tristeza Sta Bazah
The Emptying of Sadness

Susan Htoo
Yaegergoliat Vastetra
Guardian Galactic of Counterstorming (98D)
13 February 2024


Use counterstorming (98D) to transmute all unprocessable trauma into an opportunity to individuate as fast as possible with another

Galgalang 114 | Bara Kronomatra
The Chthonic Harbour

Abrar Sayeed
Yaegergoliat Zailenya
Guardian Galactic of Collapsability (114D)
14 February 2024

Use collapseability (114D) to quickly and directly move the self to the most important and critical synchronous step with another
Galgalang 115 | Yuniang Faselmbes
The Most Straightforward Unity

Syazwan Hanif bin Mohamed Hanif
Dalanggeng Zailenya
Minstrel Eternal of Summitability (120D)
14 February 2024

Use summitability (120D) to pursue and achieve the most straightforward, direct and optimal healthy result with someone else

Galgalang 116 | Reivindi Bontadi
The Reclamation of Desire

Allison Taylor-Adams
Chodaxaveru Reyektra
Wonder Stag of Firewalking (175D)
15 February 2024

Galgalang Krismeri

Use firewalking (175D) to turn every uncertainty impeding a deeper relationship with another into a chance for luminous synergy

Galgalang 117 | Kabesa Kadamestri
The Leader of Every Teacher

Sanmay M. Bose
Chodaxaveru Omnera
Wonder Stag of Mightiness (191D)
19 February 2024

Use mightiness (191D) to embody and underscore the most outstanding and distinct lessons one can learn from another

Galgalang 118 | Vinduru sa Tempra
The Spices of Hereafter

Junesse Del Rosario Crisostomo
Strelamajieru Vastetra
Shining Star of Reconstructability (99D)
21 February 2024

Use reconstructability (99D) to rapidly recreate an even better version of any prior life-affirming connection or context

Galgalang 119 | Lagri Skuledu
The Chosen Tears

Thirafi Raudy
Chodaxaveru Anteza
Wonder Stag of Indestructability (207D)
21 February 2024

Use indestructibility (207D) to immediately restore any life-affirming relationship or sense of self back to where it last ended

Galgalang 120 | Ritmera Valientrambes
The Most Valiant Arithmetic

Ryan Gabriel Basil
Yaegergoliat Aletra
Guardian Galactic of Wreckdiving (130D)
22 February 2024

Galgalang Kristang

Use wreckdiving (130D) to superluminously transform all unprocessable wreckage of prior trauma into new, life-affirming synergy

Dozedra 10tu di eleidi Galgalang Tonakodra / 10th duodecad of the eleidi of the Galgalang reawakened

Galgalang 121 | Riska Pantaiyang
The Lines of the Race

Justin Zhou Junrong
People's Champion of Attackability (33D)
22 February 2024

Use attackability (33D) to encourage someone else to begin to safely move beyond the boundaries of who they are without damage

Galgalang 122 | Kara Minstrelu
The Face of the Bard

Irzie Kasicunt
Minstrel Eternal of Starguiding (136D)
23 February 2024
cquired magnaarchetype via Koh Cheng Xiang
Third Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

Use starguiding (136D) to fearlessly lead anyone that one has irei for back to the truest, deepest and bravest version of themselves

Galgalang 123 | Kantiga di Stradu

The Songs of the Stage
Mackenzie Rae Schoon
Living Luck of Tenacity (45D)
24 February 2024

Acquired magnaarchetype via Kevin Martens Wong
Merlionsman of the Republic of Singapore

Use tenacity (45D) to reflect and embody the most luminous and beautiful version of a role in the collective shared with another

Galgalang 124 | Fogu Unchinyumbes
The Tiniest Fire

Keenan Luke Gan
Guardian Galactic of Firegazing (146D)
25 February 2024

Acquired magnaarchetype via Kevin Martens Wong
Merlionsman of the Republic of Singapore

Use firegazing (146D) to take on and magnify all healthy elements of the internal logic of someone else's most life-affirming emotions

GALGALANG by magnaarchetype

The identities of the magnaarchetype holders from the first four Mundansa of humanity (Kulosa, Varenza, Volmanga and Fogosa) are generally only determinable from the ongoing dreamfishing of myth, legend, science fiction and fantasy; if these identities are currently not known, they are fade-coloured in pesisi / khaki. Kristang people are highlighted in Gaietic green.

Magnakarnansa 1: Hieroforseru / People's Champion

Hieroforseru Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Hieroforseru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Hieroforseru Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown
Hieroforseru Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Hieroforseru Hierosa: Jeremiah James Pereira (1D)
Hieroforseru Valientra: Brandon Lee (17D)

Hieroforseru Ultrera: Justin Zhou Junrong (33D)

Magnakarnansa 2: Yaegergoliat / Guardian Galactic

Yaegergoliat Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Yaegergoliat Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Yaegergoliat Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown
Yaegergoliat Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Yaegergoliat Hierosa: Jaasir Mahsom s/o Mazhardeen (2D)
Yaegergoliat Valientra: Patricia Maria Theseira (18D)
Yaegergoliat Ultrera
: José Costa (34D)
Yaegergoliat Xileza: Julian Wu Zuan Qiang (50D)
Yaegergoliat Fantasma: Daren Lim Shaowei (66D)
Yaegergoliat Daidektra: Wah Tee Liat (82D)
Yaegergoliat Vastetra: Susan Htoo (98D)
Yaegergoliat Zailenya: Abrar Sayeed (114D)

Yaegergoliat Aletra: Ryan Gabriel Basil Ho (130D)
Yaegergoliat Poliora: Keenan Luke Gan (146D)

Magnakarnansa 3: Strelamajieru / Shining Star
Strelamajieru Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Strelamajieru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Strelamajieru Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown
Strelamajieru Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown
Strelamajieru Hierosa (3D)
Strelamajieru Valientra: Paricha Duangtaweesub (19D)
Strelamajieru Ultrera: Justin Tit (35D)
Strelamajieru Xileza: Nazeru
'l-Khairy Ben-Dzulkifli (51D)
Strelamajieru Fantasma: Raimi bin Karim (67D)
Strelamajieru Daidektra: Alice Leong (83D)
Strelamajieru Vastetra: Junesse Del Rosario Crisostomo (99D)

Magnakarnansa 4: Pahlawantera / Green Knight
Pahlawantera Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Pahlawantera Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Pahlawantera Volmanga (Devacene): Someshta (Wheel of Time)

Pahlawantera Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown
Pahlawantera Hierosa: Maureen Rita Danker (4D)
Pahlawantera Valientra: Rebecca Lurie Starr (20D)
Pahlawantera Ultrera: Giles Chan Hou Yi (36D)

Pahlawantera Xileza: Sonia Isabelle Patton (52D)

Pahlawantera Fantasma: Debra Theresa Scully (68D) 
Pahlawantera Daidektra: Kenneth Bong (84D)
Pahlawantera Vastetra: Clint Tan Yu Heng (100D)
Pahlawantera Zailenya: Boris Lau Jun Lit (116D)

Magnakarnansa 5: Makaravedra / Purple Dragon / Dragon Reborn
Makaravedra Kulosa (Ekrocene): 
Dolores (Westworld), Raya (R&TLD), Daenerys (Game o
f Thrones), Amaresu (Wheel of Time)
Makaravedra Varenza (Keirocene): Fjall (The Witcher), John (Brave New World), Lews Therin Telamon (Wheel of Time)

Makaravedra Volmanga (Devacene): Puck (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Rand al'Thor (Wheel of Time)
Makaravedra Fogosa (Hedecene): Malefor (Spyro), Ozymandias (Watchmen), Homelander (The Boys)

Makaravedra Hierosa: Kevin Martens Wong Zhi Qiang (5D)
Makaravedra Valientra (21D)

Makaravedra Ultrera: Thays Prado (37D)

Magnakarnansa 6: Chaironeru / Alpha Centurion
Chaironeru Kulosa
(Ekrocene): currently unknown
Chaironeru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Chaironeru Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown
Chaironeru Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown
Chaironeru Hierosa: 
Sandile Mtetwa-Omuthe (6D)
Chaironeru Valientra: Charis Leong Qian Hui (22D)
Chaironeru Ultrera: Breanna Foong Xin Lin (38D)
Chaironeru Xileza: Deana Zafir (54D)
Chaironeru Fantasma: Rosxalynd Liu (70D)

Chaironeru Daidektra: Shamir Robinson (86D)

Magnakarnansa 7: Lobriskenu / Great Direwolf
Lobriskenu Kulosa (Ekrocene)
: Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Lobriskenu Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Lobriskenu Volmanga (Devacene): Perrin Aybara (Wheel of Time)
Lobriskenu Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown
Lobriskenu Hierosa (7D)
Lobriskenu Valientra: Bernadette Fong Yuan Ching (23D)
Lobriskenu Ultrera: Jillian Ann Martens (39D)
Lobriskenu Xileza: Calla Lee (55D)
Lobriskenu Fantasma: Preshaan Austeine s/o Subash (71D)
Lobriskenu Daidektra: Maria Shchedrina (87D)
Lobriskenu Vastetra: Alka Balain (103D)

Magnakarnansa 8: Dalanggeng / Minstrel Eternal

Dalanggeng Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Dalanggeng Varenza (Keirocene): Ravana (The Ramayana)
Dalanggeng Volmanga (Devacene): Sun Wukong (Journey to the West)

Dalanggeng Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown
Dalenggeng Hierosa: Edison Lim Wei Xuan (8D)

Dalanggeng Valientra: Nathaniel Jareth Nonis (24D)
Dalanggeng Ultrera: Chua Liu Ying (40D)
Dalanggeng Xileza: Yin Zeyuan (56D)
Dalanggeng Fantasma: Aloysius Chang Jun Siang (72D)
Dalanggeng Daidektra: Noelle Lam Xu Min (88D)
Dalanggeng Vastetra: Kei Lim (104D)
Dalanggeng Zailenya: Syazwan Hanif bin Mohamed Hanif (120D)
Dalanggeng Aletra: Irzie Kasicunt (136D)


Magnakarnansa 9: Heimdaleru / Master Builder

Heimdaleru Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Heimdaleru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Heimdaleru Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Heimdaleru Fogosa (Hedecene): Faber-of-Will-and-Might (Halo) 
Heimdaleru Hierosa: William Dante Yuan Weiye (9D)

Heimdaleru Valientra: Elaine Mok Wai Man (25D)
Heimdaleru Ultrera: Jordan Loo Ming Zhou (41D)
Heimdaleru Xileza: Zulhaqem bin Zulkifli (57D)
Heimdaleru Fantasma: Nur Amirah binte Amirrudin (73D)

Heimdaleru Daidektra: Agnes Pereira (89D)

Magnakarnansa ê: Alkimibiyeru / Sorcerer Supreme

Alkimibiyeru Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown
Alkimibiyeru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown
Alkimibiyeru Volmanga (De
vacene): currently unknown
Alkimibiyeru Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Alkimibiyeru Hierosa: Muhammad Syafiq bin Sahrom (10D)

Alkimibiyeru Valientra: Hifzhul Matin bin Nordin (26D)
Alkimibiyeru Ultrera: Chan Xuan Ru (42D)
Alkimibiyeru Xileza: Ziyan Hossain (58D)

Alkimibiyeru Fantasma: Benjamin Harris (74D)
Alkimibiyeru Daidektra: Kieran Andre Longue (90D)
Alkimibiyeru Vastetra: Alexander Ang Mao Jin (106D)
Alkimibiyeru Zailenya: Estefania Simon-Sasyk (122D)
Alkimibiyeru Aletra: Adil bin Azmoon (138D)
Alkimibiyeru Poliora: Wong Si Ning (154D)
Alkimibiyeru Reyektra: Joshua Chan Wai Yuen (170D)

Magnakarnansa í: Kantadabentra / Wind Singer

Kantadabentra Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown

Kantadabentra Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown

Kantadabentra Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Kantadabentra Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Kantadabentra Hierosa: Patricia D'Cotta (11D)

Kantadabentra Valientra: Gabriel Benedict Woon Shan Wei (27D)
 Ultrera: Catherine Zuzarte Tully (43D)
Kantadabentra Xileza: Alex Turner (59D)
Kantadabentra Fantasma: Gaby Peh Rui En (75D)
Kantadabentra Daidektra: Gaston Liew Zhen En (91D)
Kantadabentra Vastetra: Fran Quintero Rawlings (107D)
Kantadabentra Zailenya: Noel Jeremiah Rebeira (123D)

Kantadabentra Aletra: Sara Frederica Santa Maria (139D)

Kantadabentra Poliora: Jane Lyn Dupingay (155D)
Kantadabentra Reyektra: Valeria Hernandez (171D)


Magnakarnansa ç: Karasplenderu / Verdant One

Karasplenderu Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown

Karasplenderu Varenza (Keirocene): a woman of ash

Karasplenderu Volmanga (Devacene): a farmer

Karasplenderu Fogosa (Hedecene): a craftsman

Karasplenderu Hierosa: Elden Zachery de Silva (12D)

Karasplenderu Valientra: Loy Sye Yuet (28D)
Karasplenderu Ultrera: Eruera Tarena (44D)
Karasplenderu Xileza: Wilson Wong Wie Sarn (60D)
Karasplenderu Fantasma: James Ong Zheng Yang (76D)

Karasplenderu Daidektra: Richard Anthony Bong (92D)

Magnakarnansa ú: Mahafelisi / Living Luck

Mahafelisi Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown

Mahafelisi Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown

Mahafelisi Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Mahafelisi Fogosa (Hedecene): Sang Nila Utama (Sejarah Melayu)

Mahafelisi Hierosa: Muhammad Fuad bin Johari (13D)
Mahafelisi Valientra: Aaron Wong Jielun (29D)
Mahafelisi Ultrera: Mackenzie Rae Schoon (45D)

Magnakarnansa ã: Garudamanya / Prime Eagle

Garudamanya Kulosa (Ekrocene): Brandon Stark (Game of Thrones)

Garudamanya Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown

Garudamanya Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Garudamanya Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Garudamanya Hierosa: Matthew Cheng Yan Qin (14D)

Garudamanya Valientra: Kristen Oliveiro (30D)
Garudamanya Ultrera: Deborah Celine Conceicao (46D)

Garudamanya Xileza: Katie Grace Isbell (62D)
Garudamanya Fantasma: Nurul Amirah binte Ghazali (78D)
Garudamanya Daidektra: Farah Sanwari (94D)
Garudamanya Vastetra: Jessica Zeng Qiqian (110D)

Garudamanya Zailenya: Debra Spykerman (126D)


Magnakarnansa õ: Chodaxaveru / Wonder Stag

Chodaxaveru Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown

Chodaxaveru Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown

Chodaxaveru Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Chodaxaveru Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Chodaxaveru Hierosa: Megan Leong Shu Hui (15D)

Chodaxaveru Valientra: Jamie Ong Yi Ning (31D)
Chodaxaveru Ultrera: Sriraam Sritharan (47D)
Chodaxaveru Xileza: Xu Jiawen (63D)
Chodaxaveru Fantasma: Alice Dimond (79D)
Chodaxaveru Daidektra: Nurul Asyiqin binte Shahmudin (95D)
Chodaxaveru Vastetra: Samuel Soo En How (111D)
Chodaxaveru Zailenya: Zuhaili Asy-Syakur Marican (127D)

Chodaxaveru Aletra: Sonia Zuzartee (143D)
Chodaxaveru Poliora: Koh Cheng Xiang (159D)
Chodaxaveru Reyektra: Allison Taylor-Adams (175D)
Chodaxaveru Omnera: Sanmay M. Bose (191D)
Chodaxaveru Anteza: Thirafi Raudy (207D)


Magnakarnansa ô: Rasilong / Quing Temporal

Rasilong Kulosa (Ekrocene): currently unknown

Rasilong Varenza (Keirocene): currently unknown

Rasilong Volmanga (Devacene): currently unknown

Rasilong Fogosa (Hedecene): currently unknown

Rasilong Hierosa: Esther Tan Ee (16D)

Rasilong Valientra: Brenda Ann Pereira (32D)
Rasilong Ultrera: Muhammad Jebran Arshad (48D)
Rasilong Xileza: Muhammad Fadhly bin Johari (64D)
Rasilong Fantasma: Andy Tan Mint Land (80D)
Rasilong Daidektra: Cameron Loh Jun Wen (96D)
Rasilong Vastetra: Nathan Koh Zher Rui (112D)

Rasilong Zailenya: Sean Chan Ying Qin (128D)
Rasilong Aletra: Alvan Chan Yan Xun (144D)
Rasilong Poliora: Muhammad Azmi bin Salleh (160D)
Rasilong Reyektra: Chan Le Xuan (176D)
Rasilong Omnera: Tan Jay Han (192D)


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