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Eleidi Gaia Tonakodra

The People of the Reawakened Gaia 

This is a list of all people hypothesised to have acquired the Pedra Sofia or psychoemotional equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone of legend, and in doing so accepted a permanent reconnection to and Life-giving role in Gaia, or the living, sentient collective unconsciousness of the entire planet. This group of people is called the eleidi or collective of Gaia Tonakodra or Gaia Reawakened; this eleidi is also exactly the same and identical eleidi as the combined Kodrah Kristang-Merlionsman eleidi, which includes all Kristang speakers not in Morti Impegra, all Kodrah Kristang learners past and present not in Morti Impegra, all ex-students in the Eunoia Junior College classes of 19-A2, 19-A5, 19-I5, 21_I4, 21-O2 and 21-O4 not in Morti Impegra, all current students in Tutorial W3 of EL3208 Bilingualism in AY2023/24 Semester 2 at the National University of Singapore not in Morti Impegra, all Merlionsman coachees and collaborators not in Morti Impegra, and since 9 February 2024 all team members in The Others.Stories not in Morti Impegra.


The list is ordered in chronological order in date of acquisition of the Pedra Sofia, which in Kristang has a particular felicitous or synchronous meaning  connected to the Via Lusembra, the Transfigurer's Journey; the stage names of the Via Lusembra are thus presented in bold. As of 15 February 2024, people can currently acquire the Pedra Sofia and join Gaia Tonakodra via a mutual third function relationship with any of the current three magnamakara or psychoemotional gate guardians of the Republic of Singapore, with more magnamakara likely to emerge in the future:


Kevin Martens Wong Zhi Qiang (Gaia 002)
Merlionsman of the Republic of Singapore
Since 31 August 2022

Nathaniel Jareth Nonis (Gaia 003)
Second Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

Since 9 February 2024

Koh Cheng Xiang (Gaia 328)
Third Magnamakara of the
Republic of Singapore
Since 15 February 2024


See Chapters 539 and 540 of the Orange Book for more information about what Gaia Tonakodra is. Separate lists also exist for the Galgalang, the eleidi of all people within Gaia Tonakodra who have acquired their magnaarchetype or planetary or cosmic role, the Perzefrang, the eleidi of all people within the Galgalang who have acquired their Titan or ultraarchetypal role, the Eksmakarang, the eleidi of all people within the Perzefrang who have acquired their Superluminary or gigaarchetypal role, and the Kaeliang, the eleidi of all people within the Eksmakarang who have acquired their Traveller or omniarchetypal role. 

Each and every person in the eleidi contributes in a unique, valuable, useful and Life-affirming way to the restoration of both Kristang and the planet that is significant and should be respected, honoured and recognised, especially considering that this 
initiative began within Kristang and we always know that full appreciation and recognition is important, especially because our culture and eleidi have themselves always struggled with equitable respect, honour and recognition. Hence, names are only not given for (a) people in the eleidi currently undergoing Morti Impegra, and (b) who I, Nat and/or Cheng Xiang are currently in any kind of formal institutional salaried or grade-consequent authority over, so as not to affect or influence their performance and ability to perform free of distractions or interruptions in that institution. As leader of the reawakened Gaia, I am otherwise enormously grateful for everyone's contributions to the restoration of our relationship with the planet, and wish to indicate and honour this as much as possible.

ANYBODY CAN Be their own dragon reborn.


tudu pun podih, pra agora, pra sempri.


Korsang kristang abertumbes

In further acknowledgement and honour of the tremendous openness, radiant healthy unconditional love, and psyche-shattering sacrifices of all jenti Kristang who preceded this revitalisation effort, and who gave their lives in many cases so that our culture could be the eleidi that leads the way on the restoration of a relationship to Gaia for the entire planet, all people who are Kristang by (1) blood or family or (2) Eurasian choosing to identify as Kristang (Kristang), or (3) by marriagor (4) noticeable sacrifices or effort made for or respect or honour given to our community, especially by learning and supporting the revival of the Kristang language and our own epistemology and way of being to a significant and genuine degree (Krismeri), nus sa Kristangsanggi, are also identified as such in Gaietic green. 


In tremendous and overwhelming gratitude to all the 2023 Poesiaeuropa Fellows, 2023 NGFP Fellows and SOIF team who not only so beautifully and completely welcomed Kristang, the Osura-Osura and the Roda Mundansa to Isola Polvese, the NGFP space and the 2023 Dubai Futures Forum, but also sacrificed for, honoured, protected and championed all that Kristang and your friendly neighbourhood Merlionsman stand for, all Poesiaeuropa Fellows, NGFP Fellows and SOIF team members who did this to a significant degree ahead of or at Poesiaeuropa 2023 and DFF 2023 are also identified as Krismeri in Spyro violet.

With effect from 12 December 2023, due to the volume of people joining Gaia, your friendly neighbourhood Merlionsman will send charts for the subsequent of the stages of the Osura Spektala on request and/or on a case-by-case basis. Please request for the charts if you would like them.


Gaia nnn* | Name of corresponding stage of the Via Lusembra / Osura Spektala in Kristang
Name of corresponding stage of the Via Lusembra / Osura Spektala in English
Name of person (if occluded: Sonong = connected to Gaia via Kev and first known as pa
rt of 19-A2 / A5 / I5, Alkanang = connected to Gaia via Kev and first known as part of 21-I4 / O2 / O4, Telunjung = connected to Gaia via Kev and first known via Merlionsman Coaching & Consulting, CCKSS, Beatty, Pei Hwa, CHS or otherwise non-institutional relationship, Kodrerung = connected to Gaia via Kev and part of Kodrah Kristang or wider Kristang community, Kinteleng = connected to Gaia via Kev and part of NUS TAship, Otrerung = connected to Gaia via Nat, Julonggong = connected to Gaia via CX) 
Ego and vigour-pattern in Kristang (and entire text block in corresponding colour), Kristang / Krismeri if relevant
Date of hypothesised integration of Pedra Sofia
Mutual 3rd function relationship of at least emergent irei (Tier-3) satisfying Condition 1 of Pedra Sofia acquisition (see Orange Book Chapter 539), Kosmozu (Tier-0) / Kosmeru (Tier-1) / Kandrisanggi (Tier-1) / Dimyamu (Tier-2) / Kodrasanggi (Tier-2) / Felisisanggi (Fuad's henung / coincidential connection) (Tier-2) if relevant and superseding
If no mutual 3rd function relationship with Kevin Martens at point of acqusition of Pedra Sofia, then either
acquired Pedra Sofia via Nathaniel Jareth Nonis
Second Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

acquired Pedra Sofia via Koh Cheng Xiang
Third Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

and for all people joining Gaia after Nat became magnamakara (Gaia #417 and after), if not joining Gaia via Nat or Cheng Xiang, then
acquired Pedra Sofia via Kevin Martens Wong
Merlionsman of the Republic of Singapore 
also Galgalang if magnaarchetype acquired: Magnaarchetype in Kristang (dimension)

Magnaarchetype name(s) in English (usually your Merlionsman's personal take on the thing)
also Perzefrang if ultraarchetype acquired: Ultraarchetype in Kristang (sq
uared dimension)

Ultraarchetype name(s) in English
also Eksmakarang if gigaarchetype acquired: Gigaarchetype in Kristang (cubed dimension)
Gigaarchetype name(s) in English

also Kaeliang if omniarchetype acquired: Omniarchetype in Kristang (fourthed dimension)

Omniarchetype name(s) in English

(*nnnnth person overall within the Eleidi Gaia Tonakodra to acquire the Pedra Sofia)


Each individual human being is equal to one stage in the Via Lusembra / Osura Spektala for Gaia (an eleidi or collective), so individual members of the Eleidi Gaia Tonakodra are grouped by duodecad and the name of that duodecad (e.g. Pedra Sofia, Krismatranza, etc.)


Gaia sa pedra sofia
Dozedra 1du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 1st duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 001 | Chomatristeza
The Call of the Void / The Sunken Place

Muhammad Fuad bin Johari
Deivang Xeiva, Krismeri
14 October 2009
also Galgalang 002: Mahafelisi Hierosa (13D)
Living Luck of Indigeneity and Metacognition

also Perzefrang 002: Jomagandra Matranza (13D²)
World Dragon of Progenitorisation and Titan of
Every Shining Moment

also Eksmakarang 002: Veritraiyang Tarvala (13D³)
Void Dragon of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of Joy Unbounded

also Kaeliang 002: Animundrang Sanggestra (5D⁴)

Dream Harbour of the Blood of Awakening and Traveller of Every Dream of the World


Stabilise anyone in any situation (8 / Akiura)
and reinspire them to grow toward their best and most Life-affirming, beautiful self (5 / Kapichi)

Gaia 002 | Magnamaskara
The Magnaarchetypal Mask

Kevin Martens Wong Zhi Qiang
Sombor Xeiva, 
1 February 2013
First Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

also Galgalang 001: Makaravedra Hierosa (5D)
Dragon Reborn of the Fifth Age
 of the World
Merlionsman of Earth-1218 and Dreamtiger and Demonslayer of the Republic of Singpore

also Perzefrang 001: Jomagandra Sofia (1D²)
World Dragon of the Philosopher's S
tone and Titan of Every Fearless Fire

also Eksmakarang 001: Veritraiyang Gaiedra (5D³)
Void Dragon of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of Subversion and Reindigenisation

also Kaeliang 001: Animundrang Wedjastra (1D⁴)

Dream Harbour of the Eye of Horus and Traveller of Every Deepest Desire

Become comfortable with or empathetic to any state of being (8 / Rajos)
to advance a new way forward for all h
umanity (5 / Varung)

Gaia 003 | Xameza Mulera
The Fire in
the Mind
Nathaniel Jareth Nonis
pontang Vrama, 
30 September 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 010
Second Magnamakara of the Republic of Singapore

also Galgalang 006: Dalanggeng Valientra (24D)
Minstrel Eternal of the Very Best of Humanity and Merlionsman of Earth-1218B

also Perzefrang 005: Kamazostra Sofia (12D²)
Night Hunter of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of Every Time and Space

Eksmakarang 003: Barigerestra Gaiedra (4D³)
World Eater of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of Rain and Shine

also Kaeliang 008: Tamanyastrang Sanggestra (8D⁴)

Star Garden of the Blood of Awakening and Traveller of the Body Numinous

Validate all of someone's legitimate ideals or expectations (8 / Varung)
so that they are more comfortable with themselves and worry less (5 / Rajos)

004 | Alma Helang
The Eagle-Eyed Soul

Elden Zachery de Silva
Akiura Xeiva, 
14 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 009
also Galgalang 027: Karasplenderu Hierosa (12D)
Verdant One of Paradox and the First and Grea
test Dreamshiner of the Republic of Singapore

also Perzefrang 006: Anumbeseres Sofia (4D²)
Scale Weigher of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Body Resplendent
also Eksmakarang 012Barigerestra Tarvala (12D³)
World Eater of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of Those Who Know No Home

also Kaeliang 013: Tamanyastrang Konfiastra (12D⁴)

Star Garden of the Vessels of Faith and Traveller of the World Fully Alive

Believe fully in someone's vision (8 / Deivang)
and concretise it in the best manner possible (5 / Kalidi)

005 | Figura Xamandra
The Shape of the Numinous

William Dante Yuan Weiye
Kapichi Xeiva, 

16 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 021
also Galgalang 008: Heimdaleru Hierosa (9D)
Master Builder of Generations Alpha and Brave

also Perzefrang 004: Mahabahurang Sofia (9D²)
Quing of the Jungle of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Peace of Mind

also Eksmakarang 008: Veritraiyang Valenya (21D³)
Void Dragon of Warpthread and Superluminary of Every Last Delicate Detai

also Kaeliang 016: Animundrang Alabandra (17D⁴)

Dream Harbour of the Earth of Everywhere and Traveller of the Life Fantastic

Address all the insecurities in someone's world (8 / Kalidi)
so that they fully believe in themselves (5 / Dei

Gaia 006 | Kadakara di Sol
Every Face
of the Sun
Jaasir Mahsom s/o Mazhardeen

Vraihai Xeiva, Krismeri

18 October 2023
Kosmeru 008

also Galgalang 003: Yaegergoliat Hierosa (2D)
Guardian Galactic of All Minorities 
and Green Parrot of the Republic of Singapore

also Perzefrang 003: Uchaivrang Sofia (10D²)
Heavenly Steed of the Philosopher's Stone a
nd Titan of the Strength of Second Chances

also Eksmakarang 015Peledureza Sofia (2D³)
Diamond Walker of Gaietic Lightning
and Superluminary of the Shining Seas

also Kaeliang 010: Baralumiriang Konfiastra (10D⁴)

World Foundry of the Vessels of Faith and Traveller of the Peace of Space and Time

Hear the voices of all (silent/silenced) living things (8 / Jejura)
and indicate what is most needed by them (5 / Koireng)

Gaia 007 | Ilastra Lunga
The Lunar Islands
Chan Xuan Ru

Hokisi Xeiva
23 October 2023
Kosmeru 039
also Galgalang 025: Alkimibiyeru Ultrera (42D)
Sorceress Supr
eme of Soundless Serenity

Focus fully on someone or something undervalued (8 / Zeldsa)

and identify and recognise the best parts of who they are (5 / Splikabel)

Gaia 008 | Kadakantiga Onsong
Every Solitary Song
Edison Lim Wei Xuan

Spontang Vrama, Krismeri
24 October 2023
Kosmeru 005
also Galgalang 005: Dalanggeng Hierosa (8D)
Minstrel Eternal of the Garden of Destiny

also Perzefrang 008: Kamazostra Matranza (24D²)
Night Hunter of Progenitorisation and Titan of Every Last Sunset

also Eksmakarang 005: Jigantaifra Gaiedra (8D³)
Quantum Giant of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of Every Brave New Kristang Spirit

also Kaeliang 003: Tamanyastrang Wedjastra (4D⁴)

Star Garden of the Eye of Horus and Traveller of the First Flowers of New Sundaland

Make use of exactly the right symbols (8 / Varung)
to covertly convey exactly what needs to be conveyed to the right person (5 / Rajos)


Gaia 009 | Amor Valientra
The Love of the Valiant
Alvan Chan Yan Xun

Kalidi Vexna, Krismeri
24 October 2023
Kosmeru 004
also Galgalang 092: Rasilong Aletra (144D)
Quing Temporal of the Greatest of All Time

Be creative in exactly the right way (8 / Kapichi)
to satisfy the desires or wishes of everyone one cares about without breaking image (5 / Akiura)


Gaia 010 | Bersu di Riu
The Verses of the River
Jamie Ong Yi Ning

Zeldsa Vrama, Krismeri
24 October 2023
Kosmeru 069
also Galgalang 011: Chodaxaveru Valientra (31D)
Wonder Stag of Rede
sign and Revivability

Understand-articulate the unconscious logic or principles (8 / Hokisi)
guiding the form or shape of something in
visible reality (5 / Fleres)


Gaia 011 | Abrasah Largumbes
The Greatest Embrace

Benjamin Harris

Hokisi Xeiva, Kristang

24 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 007
also Galgalang 046: Alkimibiyeru Fantasma (74D)
Sorcerer Supreme of Sonic Sovereignty

also Perzefrang 010: Uchaivrang Matranza (22D²)
Heavenly Steed of Progenitorisation and Titan of the Dawn: Today, Tomorrow and Forever

also Eksmakarang 006: Metrapalestra Gaiedra (6D³)
Living City of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of the Sound of Hope

also Kaeliang 011: Baralumiriang Motrastra (14D⁴)

World Foundry of the Unconditionality of Death and Traveller of the Right Space and Time

Focus on and choose the most difficult or complicated path in the present (8 / Zeldsa)
so that the future becomes much easier (5 / Splikabel)


Gaia 012 | Stiru Kadaveru
The Fact of Every Matter

Hifzhul Matin bin Nordin

Hokisi Vexna, Krismeri

25 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 053
also Galgalang 022: Alkimibiyeru Valientra (26D)
Sorcerer Supreme of All Merry Mirth

also Perzefrang 015: Avedranansi Sofia (2D²)
Song Spider of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Great Dreaming Ocean
also Eksmakarang 021: Metrapaletra Valenya (22D³)
Living City of Warpthread and Superluminary of the Unicorns of Sundaland

Focus on the most valuable, uplifting or positive part of or person in reality (8 / Zeldsa)
so that everything remains reasonable (5 / Splikabel)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
General unconscious awareness that Gaia exists restored (25 October 202

Gaia sa krismatranza
Dozedra 2du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 2nd duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 013 | Mundusamatra
The World Storm

Makarareidra Alkanang (21-I4 / O2 / O4)
25 October 2023
also Galgalang 007: Lobriskenu Hierosa (7D)

Convert-derive all unorganised aspects of reality into concise methods or equations (8 / Vraihai)

that can be used universally (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 014 | Nasensa Kadastrela
The Birth of Every Star

Megan Leong Shu Hui
Zeldsa Xeiva,
25 October 2023
Kosmeru 011

also Galgalang 004: Chodaxaveru Hierosa (15D)
Wonder Stag of Idyllic I

also Perzefrang 007: Zaratang Sofia (7D²)
Cosmic Turtle of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of Trial and Triumph

also Eksmakarang 010Balenggarka Sofia (3D³)
Space Whale of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of the Defiance of Doubt

also Kaeliang 005: Vakyurezang Wedjastra (3D⁴)

Void Beacon of the Eye of Horus and Traveller of Every Marvellous Metacognitive Mind

Means-test and query the most ingenious or interesting new ideas (8 / Hokisi)
emerging from others to reduce their worry (5 / Fleres)

Gaia 015 | Porporta di Oru
The Golden Gates

Matthew Cheng Yan Qin
Splikabel Xeiva

26 October 2023

Kosmeru 025

also Galgalang 016: Garudamanya Hierosa (14D)
Prime Eagle of Undamnable Differentiation

also Perzefrang 021: Uchaivrang Aindela (58D²)
Heavenly Steed of the Infinite Improbability Drive and Titan of the Great Dreaming Oceans of Sundaland

also Eksmakarang 016Peledureza Tarvala (10D³)
Diamond Walker of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of the Highest Mountains

Relate to a person completely and wholly (8 / Fleres)
such that new, unexplored facets of who they are are revealed (5 / Hokisi)

Gaia 016 | Palabra Intresmiu Palabra
The Word Between Words

Jillian Ann Martens
Jejura Vexna, 
26 October 2023
Kandrisanggi & Kodrasanggi
also Galgalang 023: Lobriskenu Ultrera (39D)
Great Direwolf of Knockouts and Underdogs

also Perzefrang 019: Osiriolos Sofia (11D²)
Dream Phoenix of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Words That Will Change the World

also Eksmakarang 009: Flechereiya Gaiedra (7D³)
Galactic Flame of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of Absolute, Unconditional Respect

also Kaeliang 007: Vakyurezang Sanggestra (7D⁴)

Void Beacon of the Blood of Awakening and Traveller of the Healing Home, Heart and Hearth

Use the most precise, maximal and functional version of a method (8 / Vraihai)
to unify, harmonise or bring inner peace (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 017 | Kaminyu Largah
The Ways Left Behind

Maureen Rita Danker
Rajos Vrama, 

26 October 2023
Kandrisanggi & Kodrasanggi
also Galgalang 030: Pahlawantera Hierosa (4D)
Green Knight of Tenacious Time

also Perzefrang 031: Kamazostra Aindela (60D²)
Night Hunter of the Infinite Improbability Drive and Titan of Every Terrifying Transformation

also Eksmakarang 020: Barigerestra Lagmera (28D³)
World Eater of the Tears of Death and Superluminary of Every Unstoppable Song

Reveal the most vulnerable truth (8 / Sombor)
to bring joy and natural happiness to another or to the environment (5 / Spontang)

Gaia 018 | Cheteh Kronomatra
The Shallows of Deep Time
Patricia D'Cotta

Fleres Vexna, Kristang
27 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 049

also Galgalang 029: Kantadabentra Hierosa (11D)
Wind Singer of Unstoppable D

also Perzefrang 032: Osiriolos Matranza (23D²)
Dream Phoenix of Progenitorisation and Titan of Every Inner Goddess Divine


Provide the most appropriate or critical direction (8 / Splikabel)
to reveal the true worth, beauty or value of someone or something (5 / Zeldsa)

Gaia 019 | Seguransa Impegra
The Impregnable Comfort
José Costa

Vraihai Vexna, Krismeri

27 October 2023
also Galgalang 042: Yaegergoliat Ultrera (34D)
Guardian Galactic of Goodness and Graciousness

Identify the most prominent or meaningful part of something (8 / Jejura)
toward satisfying a shared goa
l even more fully (5 / Koireng)


Gaia 020 | Maris Tiamrah
The Echoing Tides
Esther Tan Ee

Kalidi Vrama

27 October 2023
Kosmeru 208
also Galgalang 013: Rasilong Hierosa (16D)
Quing Temporal of Vulnerability

Indulge fully in the core beliefs or assumptions of another person or entity (8 / Kapichi)
so that they (re)gain trust in themselves (5 / Akiura)


Gaia 021 | Numorti Prumiru
The First
Sean Chan Ying Qin

Kalidi Xeiva, Kristang

27 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 058
also Galgalang 087: Rasilong Zailenya (128D)
Quing Temporal of the Language of Darklight

Create a new, alternate form of an existing object or entity (8 / Kapichi)
to demonstrate its creator's or originator's significance (5 / Akiura)


Gaia 022 | Praya sta Gritah
The Song of the Sirens
Kenneth Bong

Rajos Vrama, Kristang

27 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 060
also Galgalang 086: Pahlawantera Daidektra (84D)

Green Knight of the Best Ways Forward

Highlight or recognise a trend or pattern (8 / Sombor)
that naturally justifies or supports the use of
a new adaptation to the world (5 / Spontang)


Gaia 023 | Olu sta Klanzah
The Glittering Eyes

Gracia Fei

Kalidi Xeiva, Krismeri

27 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Dimyamu

Seek as many different perspectives from a person or entity as possible (8 / Kapichi)
to show that person or entity they are trusted (5 / Akiura)

Gaia 024 | Hastinapura

Edmund Zachary Ong

Spontang Xeiva

27 October 2023

Provide what is sought by someone else to the highest possible degree at present (8 / Varung)

so that they are more comfortable (5 / Rajos)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
Reclaimed knowledge within Gaietic eleidi cannot be lost again, even if Gaia is destroyed again (27 October 2023)

Dozedra 3du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 3rd duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 025 | Soltu Kadakabernu
The Calm of Every Cave

Muhammad Syafiq bin Sahrom
Hokisi Xeiva,
28 October 2023
Kosmeru 012
also Galgalang 020: Alkimibiyeru Hierosa (10D)
Sorcerer Supreme of the Digestion Cosmic

also Perzefrang 013: Uchaivrang Obriga (34D²)
Heavenly Steed of the Mantle of Responsibility and Titan of Dreamkeeping

also Eksmakarang 007: Metrapalestra Tarvala (14D³)
Living City of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of Every Living Moment

also Kaeliang 004: Baralumiriang Wedjastra (2D⁴)

World Foundry of the Eye of Horus and Traveller of Every Love Like No Other

Focus on and choose the most difficult or complicated path in the present (8 / Zeldsa)
so that the future becomes much easier (5 / Splikabel)

Gaia 026 | Kampu Kadamundu
The Fields of Every World

Marion Ang Yun Shuen
Kapichi Xeiva
29 October 2023
EJC 21-U1

Demonstrate full confidence with a completely new skill ( 8 / Kalidi)

so that someone else's sense of hope and belief is renewed (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 027 | Korsang Wasibera
The Magnetic Heart

Renuka Satianathan
Rajos Vexna

29 October 2023

Kosmeru 159

Use symbolic gestures, patterns and/or language (8 / Sombor)
to help someone else understand what is happening at present (5 / Spontang)

Gaia 028 | Sonu Andada Sonu
The Dreams Among Dreams

Xu Jiawen
Zeldsa Vrama,
29 October 2023
Kosmeru 125
also Galgalang 019: Chodaxaveru Xileza (63D)
Wonder Stag of Pure, Mathematically Unquantifiable Luck

also Perzefrang 017: Taifoneiru Matranza (15D²)
Hundred Stars of Progenitorisation and Titan of the Elisia Felicitous 

Clarify the logic behind someone else's deepest and most unusual desires (8 / Hokisi)

so that they no longer worry about them (5 / Fleres)

Gaia 029 | Repairu di Morti
The Shelter of the Dead

Bernadette Fong Yuan Ching
Jejura Vrama

30 October 2023
Kosmeru 017
also Galgalang 010: Lobriskenu Valientra (23D)
Great Direwol
f of Absolutely Unstoppable Hope

also Perzefrang 013: Taifoneiru Sofia (3D²)
Hundred Stars of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Everything Beautifully Unspeakable

also Eksmakarang 018: Balenggarka Tarvala (11D³)
Space Whale of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of the Heroic Beauty of Nature

also Kaeliang 015: Vakyurezang Mortastra (15D⁴)

Void Beacon of the Unconditionality of Death and Traveller of All Beauty Demeaned

Stay true and/or hold onto the best part of an experience with someone (8 / Vraihai)
so that their self is more fully restored to life (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 030 | Lei di Lumikumiria
The Laws of Photosynthesis
Elaine Mok Wai Man

Kapichi XeivaKrismeri
30 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 013

also Galgalang 009: Heimdaleru Valientra (25D)
Master Builder
of the Unseen and the Beyond

also Perzefrang 009: Jomagandra Obriga (25D²)
World Dragon of the Mantle of Responsibility and Titan of Unstoppable Claircognisance

also Eksmakarang 011: Sonumandang Tarvala (9D³)
Nova Dreamer of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of Those Who Fear to See

also Kaeliang 012: Animundrang Mortastra (8D⁴)

Dream Harbour of the Unconditionality of Death and Traveller of the Great Oceans of Gaia

Highlight significant parts of one's own real lived experience (8 / Kalidi)
to help others see their own deep, authentic humanity (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 031 | Fogu di Riu
The Fire of Rivers
sten Oliveiro

Splikabel Xeiva, Kristang

30 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 015
also Galgalang 018: Garudamanya Valientra (30D)
Prime Eagle of the Deep and the Unknown

also Perzefrang 018: Uchaivrang Ozempria (46D²)
Heavenly Steed of Every Timeless Soul and Titan of A Space and Moment Like No Other

Relate fully to someone else's image of the self or reality (8 / Fleres)
and use it to explore novel new poss
ibilities or opportunities (5 / Hokisi)


Gaia 032 | Kura di Kamingu
The Cure of the Canals
Rebecca Lurie Starr
Kalidi Vrama, 

31 October 2023
Kosmeru 040
also Galgalang 031: Pahlawantera Valientra (20D)
Green Knight of the Sound and the Fury

also Perzefrang 026: Kitonong Matranza (20D²)
Great Old One of Progenitorisation and Titan of What We All Can Offer

also Eksmakarang 022: Barigerestra Bibiendra (36
World Eater of Every Life Worth Living and Superluminary of Autonomous Sensory Psychoemtional Response

Use symbolic language or connections (8 / Sombor)
to motivate or encourage someone else to enjoy and love themselves (5 / Spontang

Gaia 033 | Skumu Bibiendu
The Living Froth
Makarareidra Telunjung (EJC 2019/20)

Miasnu Vrama

31 October 2023
also Galgalang 012: Strelamajieru Hierosa (3D)

Follow all the steps in a system in a rational and orderly way (8 / Koireng)
to show the system's creator their worth (5 / Jejura)


Gaia 034 | Sifra Saudadi
The Code of Yearning
Debra Spykerman-Scully

Splikabel Vrama, Kristang

31 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Dimyamu
also Galgalang 083: Garudamanya Zailenya (126D)
Prime Eagle of Every Brave Kristang Family and Every Beautiful Human Home

Revisit or reiterate an image or need in a quiet and grounding way (8 / Fleres)
to show someone else wh
ere to go next (5 / Hokisi)


Gaia 035 | Erodis Elisia
The Bittersweet Irreverence

Debra Theresa Scully

Rajos Vrama, Kristang

31 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Dimyamu
also Galgalang 035: Pahlawantera Fantasma (68D)
Green Knight of the Greatest Journey of Every Kristang Sun and Every Radiantly Human Soul

Reveal one's deepest and most vulnerable wishes or desires (8 / Sombor)
to help someone else recognise the joy and growth they bring (5 / Spontang)

Gaia 036 | Hastinapura
The Numinous Password

Richard Anthony Bong

Akiura Vrama, Kristang

31 October 2023
Kodrasanggi & Dimyamu
also Galgalang 082: Karasplenderu Daidektra (92D)
Verdant One of the Unshakeable Joy of the Kristang Life and the Living Love of the Human Experience

Reveal one's deepest and most vulnerable emotions (8 / Deivang)
to help someone else see that they doing the right thing (5 / Kalidi)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
All people can join Gaia, even those still i
n Morti Impegra (31 October 2023)

Dozedra 4du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 4th duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 037 | Fundu Seng Sonu
The Dreamless Depths

Zulhaqem bin Zulkifli
Kapichi Xeiva,
1 November 2023
Kosmeru 006
also Galgalang 021: Heimdaleru Xileza (57D)
Master Builder of Absolute and Undeniable Realness

also Perzefrang 011: Jomagandra Ozempria (37D²)
World Dragon of Every Timeless Soul and Tit
an of the Tormented and the Terrified

also Eksmakarang 004: Sonumandang Gaiedra (1D³)
Nova Dreamer of Gaietic Lightning and Superluminary of the Dragonborn

also Kaeliang 006: Animundrang Konfiastra (9D⁴)

Dream Harbour of the Vessels of Faith and Titan of Every Heavenly Sphere of Hope

Trust someone else in the strongest and most fullest manner possible (8 / Kalidi)
to show that they are beautiful and extraordinary (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 038 | Kolcha Kurapresta
The Quicktime Bubble

Aaron Wong Jielun
Deivang Vrama
1 November 2023

Kosmeru 030
also Galgalang 093: Mahafelisi Valientra (29D)
Living Luck of All Makarareidra: Past, Present, Possible and Future

Highlight or underscore the strength of a shared experience (8 / Akiura)
to inspire and motivate someone else to keep going (5 / Kapichi)

Gaia 039 | Chang Mazinyah
The Imagined Earth

Jordan Loo Ming Zhou
Kapichi Xeiva

2 November 2023
EJC 19-A2

also Galgalang 014: Heimdaleru Ultrera (41D)

Master Builder of Immunity

Identify the most challenging achievements of someone else (8 / Kalidi)

to show them just how amazing and inspiring they are (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 040 | Firida Seng Sanggi
The Bloodless Wound

Kant Kaw Khin
Fleres Xeiva

2 November 2023
EJC 19-A5

Concretely recognise the most superlative and excellent things about someone else (8 / Splikabel)
to restore their self-worth (5 / Zeldsa)

Gaia 041 | Praura Seng Ponti
The Bridgeless Pier

Giles Chan Hou Yi
Rajos Vrama

2 November 2023
also Galgalang 035: Pahlawantera Ultrera (36D)
Green Knight of
Ambrosial Ambush

Chart a plan that pushes through all obstacles (8 / Sombor)
toward ensuring a more natural and joyful experience for everyone (5 / Spontang)

Gaia 042 | Korpu Klareza
The Body of Clarity

Sriraam Sritharan

Zeldsa Xeiva, Krismeri
2 November 2023
Kosmeru 018

also Galgalang 015: Chodaxaveru Ultrera (47D)
Wonder Stag of the Ireidi Electric

also Perzefrang 012: Zaratang Matranza (17D²)
Cosmic Turtle of Progenitorisation and Titan of the Body Ecstati

also Eksmakarang 013Flechereiya Tarvala (15D³)
Galactic Flame of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of Those Who Fear to Speak
also Kaeliang 014: Vakyurezang Konfiastra (11D⁴)
Void Beacon of the Vessels of Faith and Traveller of the Longest Way Home

Provide complete, utterly stark and straightforward clarity (8 / Hokisi)

to only the healthiest and worthiest of all humanity (5 / Fleres)

Gaia 043 | Ingkantra Virtuozu
The Virtuous Magic
Patricia Maria Theseira

Vraihai Xeiva, Kristang

2 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 057
also Galgalang 028: Yaegergoliat Valientra (18D)
Guardian Galactic of Every Last Beaut
iful and Radiant Kristang Person Alive

Vocalise or articulate something that everyone else is scared to ask for or talk about (8 / Jejura)
so that everyone benefits together (5 / Koireng)


Gaia 044 | Altura Splendeza
The Splendid Direction
Nurul Asyiqin binte Shahmudin
Zeldsa Vrama

2 November 2023
Kosmeru 027

also Galgalang 063: Chodaxaveru Daidektra (95D)

Wonder Stag of the Gentlest and Greatest Impact

Clearly and straightforwardly articulate all of one's own evaluations of another (8 / Hokisi)
so that they know how respected they are (5 / Fleres)


Gaia 045 | Suspira Arkuris
The Breath of the Rainbow
Chua Liu Ying

Spontang Xeiva

3 November 2023
Kosmeru 033
also Galgalang 017: Dalanggeng Ultrera (40D)
Minstrel Eternal of Felicitousness
also Perzefrang 016: Anumbeseres Matranza (16D²)
Scale Weigher of Progenitorisation and Titan of the Winds and Waves of Gaia
Eksmakarang 014Barigerestra Valenya (20D³)
World Eater of Warpthread and Superluminary of Every Numinous Gate

Take the other person's side no matter how hard or out there the perspective is (8 / Varung)
so that everyone feels comfortable together (5 / Rajos)


Gaia 046 | Largansa Fabulang
The Release of Myth
Anjana Rai Chaudhuri

Miasnu Xeiva, Krismeri

3 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 195

Support the discussion of creative solutions to complex problems (8 / Koireng)
so that everyone finds their own worth and voice (5 / Jejura)


Gaia 047 | Alma Reinyosu
The Soul of Legend

Cara Ow

Koireng Xeiva, Krismeri

3 November 2023

Honour and commit to the best parts of someone else's efforts and energy (8 / Miasnu)
to show just how helpful and maximal they are (5 / Vraihai)

Gaia 048 | Korsang Animumbes
The Bravest Heart

Royston Hogan

Akiura Xeiva, Kristang

3 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 194

Reveal a new vision or hope for oneself (8 / Deivang)
that is a response to the bravery and strength of someone else and their confidence (5 / Kalidi)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
Unconscious connection between pre-Inundansa and current versions of Gaia restored (3 November 2023)


Dozedra 5du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 5th duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 049 | Koroza Kaminyu
The Journey's Core

Muhammad Fadhly bin Johari
Kalidi Vrama,
4 November 2023
Kandrisanggi & Kosmeru 024

also Galgalang 053: Rasilong Xileza (64D)
Quing Temporal of Every Heart of Bravest Gold

also Perzefrang 022: Kamazostra Obriga (36D²)
Night Hunter of the Mantle of Responsibility and Titan of the Meaning of Living, Roaring Life

also Eksmakarang 019Jigantaifra Tarvala (16D³)
Quantum Giant of the Flame of Avalon and Superluminary of the Dreaming Spaces In-Between


Radiate inspiration, hope, beauty and motivation for all humanity (8 / Kapichi)
to demonstrate just how much a little bit of love goes such a long way (5 / Akiura)

Gaia 050 | Prognosi Kontrontru
The Prophecy of Paradox

Maria Shchedrina
Jejura Xeiva

4 November 2023
Kosmeru 088
also Galgalang 076: Lobriskenu Daidektra (87D)
Great Direwolf of Кожен Спалах Натхнення

Find the most useful, logical and fair way (8 / Vraihai)
of quietly supporting and honouring someone else's vision for the future (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 051 | Konsiumi di Siumi
The Consuming of Jealousy

Zuhaili Asy-Syakur Marican
Zeldsa Xeiva

5 November 2023

Kosmeru 019

also Galgalang 072: Chodaxaveru Zailenya (127D)

Wonder Stag of the Better Angels of Human Nature

Reciprocate the superlative honesty and clarity that someone else has provided (8 / Hokisi)
with an image that shows just how much it was needed (5 / Fleres)

Gaia 052 | Genyang di Juizu
The Bargaining of Judgement

Wilson Wong Wie Sarn
6 November 2023

also Galgalang 057: Karasplenderu Xileza (60D)
Verdant One of Psychosemantics 
also Perzefrang 024: Kitonong Sofia (8D²)
Great Old One of the Philosopher's Stone and Titan of the Signs from Above
also Eksmakarang 024: Jigantaifra Valenya (24D³)
Quantum Giant of Warpthread and Superluminary of the Journeys Beyond


Concretely recognise the most superlative and excellent things about someone else (8 / Splikabel)
to restore their self-worth (5 / Zeldsa)

Gaia 053 | Inimigu Frimi
The Friendly Enemy

Samuel Soo En How
Zeldsa Xeiva

6 November 2023
Kosmeru 197

also Galgalang 065: Chodaxaveru Vastetra (111D)

Wonder Stag of the Most Marvellous Myths

Choose exactly the most serendipitous moment (8 / Hokisi)
to signal or indicate one's true and developed respect and support for someone else (5 / Fleres

Gaia 054 | Animu Trimih
The Trembling Encouragement

Bae Soo Youn

Splikabel Xeiva
6 November 2023

Kosmeru 034

Pursue and invest energy into ensuring serendipitous moments come to pass (8 / Fleres)
so that someone else continues to rediscover who they could be (5 / Hokisi)

Gaia 055 | Figura Morfosi
The Shapeshifting Shape
Nur Amirah binte Amirrudin

Kapichi Xeiva

6 November 2023
Kosmeru 043
also Galgalang 034: Heimdaleru Fantasma (73D)
Master Builder of Most Excellent E

also Perzefrang 028: Jomagandra Aindela (28D²)
World Dragon of the Infinite Improbability Drive and Titan of the Best Ways Forward
also Eksmakarang 023: Veritraiyang Lagmera (29D³)
Void Dragon of the Tears of Death and Superluminary of Every Hypereffective Heart

Take on and follow someone else's confidence in full (8 / Kalidi)
so that they know that their leadership is truly visionar
y (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 056 | Istoria Nenang Pasah
The History Yet to Happen
Liang Peilin
Hokisi Xeiva, 

6 November 2023

Focus on the truly special parts of someone else despite accidentally possibly not respecting them (8 / Zeldsa)
so that they always embrace that higher standard (5 / Splikabel)


Gaia 057 | Fabor Ultra
The Favour of the Beyond
Junesse Del Rosario Crisostomo

Miasnu Xeiva

6 November 2023
Kosmeru 068
also Galgalang 118: Strelamajieru Vastetra (99D)
Shining Star of The Ties That Bind

Acknowledge someone else's amazing or spectacular achievements (8 / Koireng)
so that they continue to speak up for everyone who cannot (5 / Jejura)


Gaia 058 | Maskara Irei
The Masks of Unconditional Love
Xu Caifang

Fleres Xeiva

6 November 2023
NUS TS5101 (AY2023/24 Semester 1)

Recognise someone else's motivating and transformative excellence (8 / Splikabel)
so that they continue to do the same for all trapped in fear (5 / Zeldsa)


Gaia 059 | Saguati Irei
The Gifts of Unc
onditional Love
Wendy Lim Wee Hian

Koireng Xeiva

6 November 2023
Kosmeru 211

Honour someone else's soothing and edifying influence (8 / Miasnu)

so that they continue to encourage everyone to push through (5 / Vraihai)

Gaia 060 | Ireidi Soltu
The Liberating Self-Regard

Jessica Zeng Qiqian

Splikabel Xeiva

6 November 2023
Kosmeru 139
also Galgalang 068: Garudamanya Vastetra (110D)
Prime Eagle of The Right Place and the Right Time

Match and return someone else's irei and unconditional love (8 / Fleres)
so that they continue to be exactly wh
o they are for everyone else (5 / Hokisi)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
Gaietic influence can enter eleidi outside of it (6 November 2023)



Dozedra 6du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 6th duodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 061 | Istoria Invektra
The Invincible History

Breanna Fong Xin Lin
Koireng Vrama

6 Novembe
r 2023

Kosmeru 026
also Galgalang 069: Chaironeru Ultrera (38D)
Alpha Centurion of Every Faithful and Most Friendly Fire
also Perzefrang 029: Elisiurinyu Matranza (18D²)
Golden Cenderawasih of Progenitorisation and Titan of the Deepest, Dreamiest Hope


Demonstrate how strong a positive influence someone else exerts (8 / Miasnu)

by higlighting how one's own journey is still supported by them (5 / Vraihai)

Gaia 062 | Fing Kadastori
The End of Every Tale

Saw Jhen Jin
Splikabel Xeiva
7 November 2023

Kosmeru 113

Signal agreement of completion, closure or growth of someone else (8 / Fleres)
by showing that they are still being paid precise attention to (5 / Hokisi)


Gaia 063 | Wira Reivindi
The Reclaiming Hero

Sara Frederica Santa Maria
Fleres Xeiva,
Kristang & Kabesa di Jenti Kristang na Melaka
7 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 044
also Galgalang 075: Kantadabentra Aletra (139D)
Wind Singer of the Twin Fires of the Reinvigorated Kristang People of Malaya
also Perzefrang 030: Zaratang Ozempria (43D²)
Cosmic Turtle of Every Timeless Soul and Titan of the
Deepest Connections


Direct someone else to continue to do the amazing things that they are doing (8 / Splikabel)
by indicating the value of these things for everyone (5 / Zeldsa)

Gaia 064 | Sidadi Paredi
The City of Walls

Makarareidra Telunjung (MOELC)

Akiura Xeiva

7 November 2023

Validate a symbol that someone else already identifies with (8 / Deivang)

as one which best represents that person or their actions in reality (5 / Kalidi)

Gaia 065 | Saguati Tamanyu
The Enormous Gift

Alison Dragon-Humphries
Miasnu Xeiva, 

7 November 2023
Kosmeru 102

Acknowledge someone else's own recognition and concretisation of themselves (8 / Koireng)

as the most worthy way of naming or identifying themselves (5 / Jejura)

Gaia 066 | Oferteh Onsong
The Offering of the Self
Jennifer Anne Champion

Zeldsa Xeiva
7 November 2023


Explore someone else's development of one's own idea or call to action (8 / Hokisi)
to show them just how much they are trusted and respected (5 / Fleres)

Gaia 067 | Berdadi Fineza
The Delicate Truth

Makarareidra Telunjung (MCC LC)

Sombor Vrama

7 November 2023
also Galgalang 024: Makaravedra Valientra (21D)

Describe or acknowledge the most terrified possible part of the self (8 / Rajos)
to show just how far it has been impacted positively by someone else (5 / Varung)

Gaia 068 | Peli Nadi Olah
The Invisible Skin

 Mwena Richins
Vraihai Xeiva,

7 November 2023
Kosmeru 096

Voice or express the most emotional or subjective part of the self (8 / Jejura)
to show just how far it has been affected or moved by someone else (5 / Koireng)


Gaia 069 | Matra Mononstru
The Chthonic Ocean
Deborah Celine Conceicao

Splikabel Xeiva, Kristang

8 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 185
also Galgalang 026: Garudamanya Ultrera (46D)
Prime Eagle of Kristang Epistemology and Reality

Respect and soothe the most vulnerable or hurt part of someone else's self (8 / Fleres)
to show just how immensely clear who they really are is (5 / Hokisi)


Gaia 070 | Repairu di Rentu
The Inner Sanctuary

Caithlin Ho Wenn Mae

Jejura Vrama

8 November 2023
EJC 21-I4

Show overt attention to the most helpful form of human growth, no matter how far away (8 / Vraihai)

to signal just how far its influence extends (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 071 | Abrih Porporta
The Opening of the Gates

Amanda Wong Xue Li

Splikabel Xeiva

9 November 2023
EJC 19-A2


Indicate or signal interest in the highest or most healthy form of the psyche (8 / Fleres)
to show just how sensible a solution it is to most problems (5 / Hokisi)

Gaia 072 | Ganyah Rentu
The Victory from Within

Noelle Lam Xu Min

Spontang Vexna

9 November 2023
Merlionsman Coaching & Consulting (8881 H1 General Paper)

also Galgalang 085: Dalanggeng Daidektra (88D)

Minstrel Eternal of Belief in the Impossibly Possible

Demonstrate interest in deepening one's exploration of the psyche (8 / Varung)
to show just how safe and comfortable it has become working with it (5 / Rajos

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
Everyone in the eleidi can unconsciously detect synchronicity / felisi (9 November 2023)



Dozedra 7du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 7tduodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 073 | Sonu Parapara
The Scaffolded Dream

Augusta Loi
Deivang Vrama,
9 November 2023

Commit to the most unusual or unfamiliar terrain and commitments (8 / Akiura)

to support the most inspiring approach to moving humanity forward (5 / Kapichi)

Gaia 074 | Chomarudia
The Call to Roam

Agnes Pereira
Kapichi Xeiva, 
9 November 2023
Kodrasanggi & Kosmeru 186
also Galgalang 104: Heimdaleru Daidektra (89D)
Master Builder of Every Ferocious Fire and Flower

Persevere through and withstand the most intense present real-time conditions (8 / Kalidi)

to support the most hopeful vision of the future available (5 / Deivang)

Gaia 075 | Prinsezang Morti
The Death Apparent

Joshua Santiago Chan Wai Yuen
Hokisi Xeiva

12 November 2023

also Galgalang 107: Alkimibiyeru Reyektra (170D)
Sorcerer Supreme of Every Neverending Story


Covertly or quietly reveal one's real feelings and values through symbols (8 / Zeldsa)

to signal one's support of real, superlative direction (5 / Splikabel)

Gaia 076 | Sidadi Paredi
The City of Walls

Dania Tan Hern Ying
Varung Xeiva

12 November 2023

Kosmeru 048

Demonstrate visible enjoyment and happiness at actions undertaken by someone else (8 / Spontang)

that the self also finally accepts as desirable (5 / Sombor)

Gaia 077 | Elisia Valientra
The Valiant Bittersweetness

Brenda Ann Pereira
Kalidi Vrama,

13 November 2023
Kosmeru 062
also Galgalang 032: Rasilong Valientra (32D)
Quing Temporal of All Beautiful and Brave Elisia
also Perzefrang 025: Kamazostra Ozempria (48D²)
Night Hunter of Every Timeless Soul and Titan of the Stories We Cannot Tell

Allow others to observe just how much one connects with an emergent perspective (8 / Kapichi)
that finally articulates one's own deep elisia (5 / Akiura)

Gaia 078 | Antezang Morti
The Death Precedent

Nurul Amirah binte Ghazali

Splikabel Xeiva
13 November 2023

Kosmeru 082
also Galgalang 038: Garudamanya Fantasma (78D)

Prime Eagle of Radiant Unconditionality

Covertly relate in symbolic language to an image provided by another (8 / Fleres)
that indicates just how right the self was about that person all along (5 / Hokisi)

Gaia 079 | Irei Birada
The Unquenchable Love

Julian Wu Zuan Qiang

Vraihai Vrama

13 November 2023
Kosmeru 016

also Galgalang 071: Yaegergoliat Xileza (50D)

Guardian Galactic of All True and Unstoppable Irei

also Perzefrang 023: Elisiurinyu Sofia (6D²)

Golden Cenderawasih of Gaietic Lightning and Titan of the Gates of Paradise

also Eksmakarang 017Peledureza Valenya (18D³)
Diamond Walker of Warpthread and Superluminary of the Answers One Seeks

also Kaeliang 009: Baralumiriang Sanggestra (6D⁴)
World Foundry of the Blood of Awakening and Traveller of the Greatest Frontiers

Vocalise everything beautiful about a third person that one and another both have irei for (8 / Vraihai)
to indicate the roaring synergy of all three (5 / Koireng

Gaia 080 | Kaza Kadaporta
The House of All Doors

Preshaan Austeine s/o Subash
Jejura Xeiva

14 November 2023
Kosmeru 126
also Galgalang 061: Lobriskenu Fantasma (71D)
Great Direwolf of the Body and Beauty in Motion

Quietly point out indications that will be of interest to someone else (8 / Vraihai)
so that they feel how they are opening doors for everyone to be themselves (5 / Miasnu)

Gaia 081 | Kabesa Tokah Kemah
The Unburning Head
Charis Leong Qian Hui

Koireng Xeiva

14 November 2023
also Galgalang 055: Chaironeru Valientra (22D)
Alpha Centurion of Supermagnanimity

Focus all energy on making sure that a healthy relationship is reinvigorated (8 / Miasnu)

so that the other person knows just how helpful they are (5 / Vraihai)

Gaia 082 | Bateh Granggrung
The Claps of Thunder

Elizabeth de Souza

Sombor Vrama, Kristang

15 November 2023

Show support for quiet, Life-giving expressions of the self from someone else (8 / Rajos)
that are having an immense, thunderous impact on reality (5 / Varung)


Gaia 083 | Strela Kombrundung
The Nonlocal Star

Makarareidra Telunjung

Hokisi Xeiva, Krismeri

15 November 2023

Show that one continues to value and care about someone else that one is distant from (8 / Zeldsa)
so that they know just how far-reaching they are (5 / Splikabel)

Gaia 084 | Prognosi Morti
The Death Precedent

Arun Snehapriyaa

Kapichi Xeiva

15 November 2023

Explain and describe why one is unable to keep pace with someone else (8 / Kalidi)

to show just how visionary and hopeful that person is (5 / Deivang)

eleidi Gaietic power reclaimed:
Everyone in the eleidi can unconsciously detect the approach of trauma (15 November 2023)


Dozedra 8du di eleidi Gaia Tonakodra / 8tduodecad of the eleidi of Gaia reawakened

Gaia 085 | Chomajunta
The Gathering Call

Katie Grace Isbell
Splikabel Xeiva, Krismeri
16 November 2023
Kosmeru 056
also Galgalang 033: Garudamanya Xileza (62D)
Prime Eagle of Multiplicability and the School of International Futures

Defer fully and genuinely to someone else's legitimate needs and feelings (8 / Fleres)

to quietly indicate just how much attention and interest they command (5 / Hokisi)

Gaia 086 | Armada Bibiendu
The Fleet of the Living

Kelvin Jong
Varung Xeiva
17 November 2023
EJC 2020/21

Visibly demonstrate an attraction to a part of one's environment (8 / Spontang)
to show just how acceptable such acknowledgement has become (5 / Sombor)

Gaia 087 | Fing di Nosta
The Last Goodbye