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I am frequently featured in the media for my work on Kristang and my creative writing. Here are some of my favourite pieces, features and profiles since I started quietly changing lives and capturing hearts in 2016.



19 March 2017


How to revive  a 500-year-old  dying language

Kantah Kristang: Isti Tera (Cover of Home, by Dick Lee)

Kantah Kristang: Isti Tera (Cover of Home, by Dick Lee)

Singapore turns 51 this year --- and Kristang turns 505! Singapore has always been blessed with remarkable and amazing diversity in culture, language, heritage, and so many other ways. Kristang is may be a small part of that diversity, but it's still very much a part of our Singapore story and our home. Mutu grandi merseh to everyone who has given so much of their time, effort and energy, and taken up the challenge of bringing this beautiful language back to life! Bong dia di tera di Fuad Johari​, yo kung kasang Üllő! Happy National Day from Fuad, Üllő the shark and me, and beng kantah kung nus na isti tera! Lyrics: Yo sa tera (My land) Kantu yo teng tristiza (When I feel low) Yo olah yo sa tera (I look to my homeland) Teng ung lugah ta bibeh na korsang (There's a place that lives in my heart) Sempri logu kung yo andah (It will be there with me journeying) Sempri lembrah isti sidadi (I will always remember the city) Rua-rua ilgari praya (The roads along the shores) Nabegah na riu di nus sa bida (Sailing up the river of our lives) Andah na yo sa ilha (Walking through our island) Kantu nus teng trabalu (When we face troubles) Nus logu ingkontrah kaminyu (We will find the way) Mistih andah kung konfiansa (Walk secure in the knowledge) Ki tudu andah juntadu (that we walk together) Ta dah merseh kung pasadu (Giving thanks to the past) Ta gapeh bandera (Holding the flag tight) Ta olah kung futura bunitu (Looking toward the beautiful future) Nus abuah na nus sa seu (We fly through our sky) Isti tera, sertu (This is my homeland, surely) Yo sa kaza kung repairu (My house and my shelter) Kandri sanggi kung sustentu (My flesh and blood and sustenance) Yo sa lunga kung strela (My moon and my stars) Isti tera, retu (This is my homeland, truly) Yo sa alma sa nasimintu (My soul's source) Aki yo ngka fikah seja (Here I will never be alone) Kauzu di korsang na isti tera (Because my heart is in this homeland)
Becoming Singapore.JPG

Becoming Singapore

22 jan 2019

commemorating the bicentennial

17834888_1426259184103450_5156590448533004902_o (1).jpg
Bong Pamiang means “Good Morning” in Kristang. I learnt this phrase from Kevin Martens Wong this morning. 

altered straits

"Altered Straits feels like a love letter to all the local sci-fi nerds who want to imagine facing an unrelenting, unforgiving world with our local myth as a reliable and lovable companion kaiju."
"Wong and Yang have proven that our tiny community can generate entire worlds, dazzling and disturbing, great and terrible."
"Wong’s manipulation of time and technology is both inventive and historically well informed."


Learn about them through my former Literature tutor Mr Marc Kenji Lim's analysis of Altered Straits on The Literat blog!

I am also very good at 

lugah ja dali banu

Full list of publications, media outlets, institutions and prominent individuals that have highlighted me and/or my work independent of any submissions by me to them

93.8FM 938LIVE (x2)
+ The Culture Café
+ Thinking Out Loud
A Good Space
Ageless Online
Agency France-Presse (x3)
Arab Times
August Man Magazine
BBC Brasil
BBC News
BBC Newsday
BBC 中文网 (2x)
Beyond the Clock: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Time
Borneo Bulletin
Capital News Kenya
Cha Review of Books and Films
Channel NewsAsia (8x)
+ Becoming Singapore documentary for the Singapore Bicentennial
+ First LookAsia (TV)
+ Insider (3x)
+ Singapore Tonight (TV)
Coconuts Singapore
Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Teo Chee Hean (2x)
EFE Portuguese
El Confidencial
El Periodico
Embassy of Portugal, Singapore
Esquire Singapore
Free Malaysia Today
Getty Images
Global Times China
Globe Southeast Asia
Gulf News
Hindustan Times
Hype & Stuff
Ignite Media
Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) Connect
Journal du Cameroun
Journal of Commonwealth Literature
Journal of Language Documentation & Conservation
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
La Vanguardia
Lady Iron Chef
Language Hat
Language Stories
Los Tiempos
Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar Group Representative Constituency, Ms Joan Pereira
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore
+ Kaya
Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), Singapore, Mr S. Iswaran
National Arts Council, Singapore
National Day Celebrations and Collateral 2018
National Day Parade 2018
National Heritage Board, Singapore
National Institute of Education, Singapore (2x)
National Reading Movement, Singapore
National University of Singapore
+ Department of English, Linguistics & Theatre Studies (2x)
+ Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (2x)
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Singapore (4x)
New Straits Times
News24 South Africa
Observatório da Lingua Portuguesa
Our Grandfather Story
Our Singapore Fund
Ponto Final
Prensa Latina: Agencia Informativa Latinoamerica
Prestige Singapore (2x)
Princeton University
Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong
+ the Clifford Geertz Memorial Lecture
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
Rachel's Book Reviews
Raffles Press
Revista Macau (2x)
Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education of Singapore, Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim
SG Now: The Insider's Guide to Singapore (2x)
St Joseph's Institution Lumen
Taipei Times
Tatler Singapore
The A-List (2x)
The AlumNUS (2x)
The Business Times (4x)
The Culture Trip
The Daily Mail
The Flame
The Future of Our Pasts
The Independent, Singapore
The Jakarta Post
The Josephian
The Kuwait Times
The Malay Mail (2x)
The Malaysian Insight
The Manila Times
The Michaelian
The New Eurasian (5x)
The New Paper
The Peak
The Peninsula Qatar
The Star (2x)
The Routledge Handbook of Pidgin and Creole Languages
The Singapore Ethnic Mosaic: Many Cultures, One People
The Straits Times (12x)
+ ST Schools (IN Magazine)
The Sun
The Urban Wire
TODAY (3x)
Virtual SEA: Games and Gaming from Southeast Asia
Westerly Magazine (4x)
Yahoo! News
Yellow Pages Singapore

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