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Peskanobas dah rekadu kung tudu / A warm welcome to Peskanobas!

Agora, pra fing, ja chegah. Dispois tantu anu kung tantu xperimentu kung prubasang, yo teng yo onsong sa lugah na redi, yo onsong sa repairu kung bangsal. Isti yo sa workshop, yo sa kintal pra skutah intrada, bringkah kung yo sa linggu di nasang, tirah angkoza birah mar di collective: Peskanobas.

Sigih palaredi Baxter, kiora jenti ta peskah nobas, eli ta buskah informasang, buskah stiru. Mas yo onsong figurah onsong sa blog impoku diferenti; isti pra yo peskah stiru kung stori di yo, peskah di fundeza di yo sa Unconscious kung Collective sa Unconscious. Linggu Kristang linggu sigredu; jenti Kristang chuma yo pun teng tantu sigredu. Agora, peskisador/a intindeh skritura mostrah nus sa mulera sa lembransa kung saiki/psyche sa osura fundu; yo sperah sibrih isti blog prendeh skribeh skritura impoku mas kumpridu na yo sa linggu mai, kuniseh angkoza belu kung nubu di yo kung yo sa bida.

Aiyoh, astantu yo peskah nobas, mas ja peskah noibu

Aiyoh, I wanted to fish for news, but I caught a boyfriend instead

Reglasang di blog? Sertu teng. Singapura sa kauzu; yo mistih sigih kultura kung animu di Sidadi di Liang, teng impoku lei kung kaminyu pra andah. Asih:

  1. Tudu post skribeh na Kristang prumiru, dispois linggustah na Inggres.

  2. Sintidu/vibe grandi di post Kristang kung post Inggres sempri igual; nang asih, stiru podih fikah impoku diferenti.

  3. Nteh ordia di post; kontu yo kereh skribeh, yo logu skribeh.

Yo pun kereh skribeh ngua sorti di post impoku uniku: isti yo chomah Jardinggu Keninu. Yo lembrah tudu jenti gostah onsong sa jarding, onsong sa chang di floris kung albi; yo pun kereh kriseh ngua jarding di palabra nubu Kristang na Merlionsman. Post di Jardinggu Keninu logu sperimentah, figurah palabra nubu na fora di Jardinggu Kodrah Kristang; nang asih, isti palabra di yo sa Jardinggu Keninu nadi fikah "official" (igual di Jardinggu Kodrah Kristang), nyamas yo sa figurang kung sperimentu. Podih kuniseh; pun podih diskuniseh. Sigih Bernard: tudu pun podih :) Otru sorti di post logu yo lembrah.

Peskanobas dah rekadu mambes! Bos teng naki, gatu-pesi fikah alegri :)

At last, the time has come. After many years and many attempts, I have my own online space that I feel comfortable with. This is my workshop, my writing backyard, my open space for examining what the tide has washed in, and throwing back what belongs to the sea of the collective into the ocean: Peskanobas.

According to the Baxter dictionary, peskah nobas literally means to fish for news, and is very much equivalent to our English expression fishing for information or details. But I conceive this blog a little differently, as more a place for me to fish for information from myself; an exploration into my own Unconscious and that of the Collective. The Kristang language holds many secrets, after all, and Kristang people are no exception, even withholding secrets from ourselves. Researchers have already discovered that writing in any language is essentially applied metacognition; I hope therefore that this blog will not only serve as a place for me to rediscover my identity as a proud Portuguese-Eurasian and Kristang heritage speaker, but to get reacquainted with as many hidden facets of my psyche and life as possible.

Blog rules? Of course there are blog rules, since I am Singaporean, though these are mostly for myself :)

  1. All posts are written in Kristang first, and then translated into English.

  2. The Kristang and English versions of the same post should have the same general vibe, but the precise wording of the text may change, uh, slightly, and sometimes, uh, in quite an interesting way. (You try writing about the Unconscious in Kristang and then translating to English).

  3. There is no post schedule; I will write when I want to write.

I will also get into the swing of things by occasionally writing Jardinggu Keninu posts. I believe almost everyone appreciates the beauty of a little garden or green space to call their own, and this will be my little Kristang new word garden or green space, separate from the Kodrah Kristang Jardinggu. Like the latter, of course, none of these will be official Kristang words; again, Peskanobas is meant to be a space to experiment and play around with new ideas, and these similarly will be my own hybrid, rojak creations. Other types of posts may come later.

Welcome again to Peskanobas! You make this gay fish-cat so happy just by reading this :)


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