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Beng birah kaza

Bringing you back to life since 1992.

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2017 President of Singapore's Volunteer and Philanthropy Award (Individual—Youth)

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2017 Henry David Hochstadt Award for Outstanding Eurasian University Student

2017 Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement 

he is, in a sense, a Merlion, come by sea, defending the land.

Michael M. J. Fischer

Professor of Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies and Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, delivering the Clifford Geertz Memorial Lecture at Princeton University on 25 April 2019,

and speaking about me :)

and he is definitely not your average scholar, life coach and tutor.

But hey, that's not who you came here for, right?

A big and beautiful teng bong in my endangered heritage language Kristang to you and all those you love and cherish. My name is Kevin Martens Wong and I am a teacher, life coachwriter and independent researcher born, bred and based in Singapore and trained in Solutions-focused Therapy (IASTI CSFP). I am creole and mixed (Kristang / Portuguese-Eurasian / Peranakan / Hakka), gaygay married, non-binary, an emotional and sexual abuse survivor, and am nationally and internationally recognised for my award-winning work in linguistics, language revitalisation, creative writing and teaching and coaching, especially the language revitalization initiative Kodrah Kristang, and a new theory of the human psyche called Individuation Theory. I do my best to express myself fully, joyously and maximally in this uncertain and confusing time, and I'm out here ready to show you how you can too, if you're ready to be bold, brave, beautiful and brenas inside and out.


Such transformational teaching is something I have never experienced and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of truly passionate and committed teaching.

Mr Tan Le Kai

Eunoia Junior College 21-I4 / Class of 2022

Never have I seen a teacher as phenomenal as Mr Wong, nor was I ever so inspired by any subject before GP and Mr Wong.


gay teacher
brown scholar
creole life coach
nonbinary thinker
lion city lover
kristang writer
solutions finder
& your navigator


Book your sessions on the Online Booking page. Students from the 2022 EJC JC2 cohort and 19-A2, 19-A5 and 19-I5 should proceed to this page instead for the free limited services offered until 14 November 2022.

Go to About Me to, well, learn more about me! Here you'll also find my educational and professional qualifications and awards, a list of some of my past mentors and teachers, and a list of the places I have visited and/or called home.

Want to get your feet wet? Check out 1-on-1 Services for descriptions of my individual offerings, and Courses for my group classes and professional development courses tailored to your agency, institution or organisation.

Professional image still not good enough? Head on over to Testimonials to see what students, supervisors and leaders of Singapore alike have said about me, to Media to see what the BBC, Channel NewsAsia and many, many others have said and published about me, and to Writing to see what I have said, published and written about this beautiful world, both academically and creatively.

Still got questions about the gay thing, the body image thing, and the Kristang thing? Ngka nada; that's what the FAQs are for! Lotsa people also want to know about this mysterious Individuation thing, so get right into it at On Individuation and Writing, and the accompanying Summary Tables discussing how the theory is used in GP essay writing, the Application Question and grading and feedback.

Finally, need a bit more about my thought process? Don't worry, the Peskanobas / Merlionsman blog has got you covered, both in English and Kristang.

Welcome to your inner world. Hope you enjoy your stay as much as I have in mine :) 

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